Printed Social Security Statements To End

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The annual Social Security statement, mailed out annually a few months before your birthday for all workers over age 25, will soon be a thing of the past.

The Social Security Administration says it will stop the paper statements soon, expected to save $70 million a year.

“It’s very crucial to save money wherever we can, so if that saves money then I’m for it,” says Mandy Webb of Crafton.

The paper statement outlines what your monthly benefits will be at age 62, age 66 or 67, and at age 70. It also details your earnings record.

Younger taxpayers often think it’s junk mail.

“Do you look at that statement?” KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano asked.

“No, not at all. It just goes right in the trash recycling bin,” says Chris Atwood of Penn Hills.

The agency hopes to provide the same information online by the end of the year, but that will require Americans to have a computer to get on to the Social Security website.

And some worry about the security of that.

“If it’s online you would somehow have to use your Social Security number,” says Webb. “That would be a little scarier than getting it in the mail.”

Social Security says it’s working to develop a secure online system, but young workers may not even log on to that.

“We’re probably not going to have Social Security, so my 401k is more important than what Social Security is going to give me.”

That’s a common view among younger taxpayers, but it’s hard to imagine politicians in Washington ending the Social Security program.

But these printed statements are most beneficial to those 50 and older as a tool to prepare for retirement.

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One Comment

  1. Sara Sams says:

    I read my statment every year so I count on it . But on the other hand I doubt it will be there in 7 yrs when i can file for the money i have paid in.Social Security needs to investigate the people who receive S S I checks. i know a lady who receives a check because she has a Sleeping disorder. I have high Blood Pressure and prone to Blood Clots but I get up and go to work every day. i dont think the goverment should send me a check, I know a kid on S S I because he has Acid Reflux and claims he cant work.Give me a break that is where all the Tax payers money is going.. So sad for the working class..

  2. Heide says:

    I requested a statement one year because I never had recieved one. I found several years of income that were not posted. I called SSA and in turn had to submitt my w2’s for those years. My statement was creidited. It is important to verify that all of your earnings are accurate.

  3. Pitiful says:

    I agree with you Sara. SSI for acid reflux is ridiculous! They need to make some serious changes with the whole program. They hand out checks to anybody for anything, and wonder why people won’t go look for a job. Why would they if they know they get tax free money every month? Alcoholics and drug addicts get SSI. If you have a premature baby, you get SSI. Unbelievable…

    1. REALiTY says:

      Alchoholics and Drug Addicts do not get SSI for that reason

    2. LB says:

      Actually, I had a premature baby and no I did not get SSI. That is actually false. You have to have a condition. Or the baby has to have a condidtion that would impair his/her ability to work and function normally.

  4. Laur says:

    I Prefer statements. I will ask to have it printed and mailed to me.

  5. Ricochet says:

    On-line would be great. Remember 1 thing that we the tax payers contribute to SS so the money came out of our pockets.

  6. o. lacaridad says:

    sara… ss is fully solvent until 2037 even if no changes are made to the system as it works today…also, ss holds 2 trillion in treasury bonds for all of the money that the federal govt general fund borrowed from ss over the years… cashing in some of those bonds would put the federal govt into a pickle … but that is another issue… ss does not have anything to do with federal deficits… you should keep track of your acct so that you can protect your financial identity and their record of your work history…. ss will be around for a long time… politicians like to manipulate it for their own reasons…

  7. whiskey6 says:

    need double shooting tonite. Homewood

  8. 1990 Dave says:

    Oh no! this is terrible news. What’s next? Stop printing phone books?

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