Wilkinsburg Man Arrested In Clairton Police Shooting

CLAIRTON (KDKA) — Police have arrested another person in connection to the shooting of a Clairton police officer.

Investigators now believe 19-year-old Travis Evans, of Wilkinsburg, was involved in the home invasion that resulted in the shooting of Officer James Kuzak.

Charges were dropped against 21-year-old Myles Hutchinson after he was identified in a photo lineup by the victims.

Fred Rabner, Hutchinson’s attorney, says they had the wrong man.

“If an individual identified, for example, him from a photo that must have been three years old that had braids of cornrows and he hasn’t worn that hairstyle for a number of years then they’re looking for an individual that is not my client,” he said.

Rabner says his client fully cooperated with police and offered a complete account of his whereabouts during the time when the shooting happened.

It’s believed on the night of the shooting, Hutchinson was caught on video outside a convenience store possibly involved in illegal activity.

“Essentially, drawing out a map for them where he was, what stops he made and where he might be visualized on video cameras,” Rabner said. “What he was doing during those stops I really can’t speak to because I wasn’t there.”

Charges are now dropped and Hutchinson is back with his family.

The criminal complaint now identifies Evans as one of the two gunmen who forced their into a home, threatening to shoot the people who lived their during a robbery and eventually shooting Kuzak during their escape.

The criminal complaint says Evans was also identified by the victims in the home invasion. Police say the investigation into the home invasion and police shooting is far from over.


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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    With his rap sheet, We will see him again!

    1. Dan says:

      You just knew for someone to shoot a cop they were going to be from either Wilkinsburg or some stink hole in the city of Pittsburgh like HOMEWOOD

      1. rob says:

        ur no better than none anyone from wilkinsburg

  2. Dumb Criminal says:

    He denied that he was anywhere near the scene when Officer Jim Kuzak was shot while responding to a home invasion call…..wow i guess this keeps him from getting a murder charge

  3. Fed Up says:

    Well with the mother saying she nor her son knew the other suspect and the witnesses picked the new guy out that told police that he really wasnt around so thats why they let him go…why hate when the person they let go is innocent?

    1. Just Saying... says:

      Innocent? His alibi was selling drugs. I’m sure the weekend in jail won’t be his last.

  4. aarob says:

    You posters are clueless. This man is obviously innocent or his charges wouldn’t of been dropped on a cop shooting case.

    Pittsburgh do your job. You took a mans freedom away for something he hasnt done.

    Good luck to you myles.

    1. johnny69 says:

      Good luck to a drug dealing THUG? Maybe he will sell some to your kids! THEN will you wish him well?

      1. A-Mafia says:

        You’re an idiot johnny! Doesnt mean he was really doing it, and your comment “what if he sold to your kids” well what if your Kid was falsely accused of a shooting!” everything here can be thrown right back at one another. Innocent before PROVEN guilty…..

      2. PH says:

        I agree with you johnny 69! He is not innocnet of anything except this shooting! He is still a drug dealing THUG!

  5. Crazy Hats says:

    Obviously the video did show him “selling drugs” as he said because they did drop all charges & released him….this is a cop shooting, I’m sure they checked the video before releasing him….I’m sorry but this is somewhat funny to me.

    1. cinn says:

      its not funny! ITS HORRIBLE!

  6. thoughts says:

    But now they have video of him selling drugs. I know he is clear for murder but drug charges are the next to come.

  7. ron says:

    I’ll rather fight thump up drugs charges, then a attempted murder beef on a cop

    1. Jay says:

      Your grasp of the English language is second to none.

    2. dad says:


  8. em says:

    I don’t understand why they need a collection for this officer.. the city where he was shot should PAY for everything this MAN needs PLUS!!.. not his friends and family .. the blood drive is NEEDED but the city should take care of there officers..

    1. eminem says:

      Should and what really happens is a big difference.

    2. Bill says:

      He’s part time and only worked there 2 weeks. His work comp benefits are usually based off an avg. of your last 16 weeks of employment. I unfortunately know this first hand.

  9. stormie says:

    Myles Hutchinson looks nothing like Travis Evans, it sounds like the police were looking for anyone that fit the bill, just like the Crawford Village rent fraud scheme.just my opinion.

  10. eazytime says:

    Oh they used to say all you white guys look alike. Has the worm turned? Or a picture is worth a thousand words. Glad he was exonerated but selling drugs, we will read about his demise down the road, guaranteed!

  11. dad says:

    The port is such a huge city and he must not of been a big tymer if hes selln em on camera at a convenient store sooo who knows…… plus someones shot and all you argue about is an innocent man doesnt make sense, and another thing why do they keep pulling in suspects and actually charging them and then these suspects and family are saying they’re innocent, horrible police work.

    1. rob says:

      horrible police work i dont even think they care they just wanna lock someone up

  12. will g says:

    is Marty leading this investgation. something doesn’t seem right. he did it no wait he did it, well we know somebody did it. i hope the get the right guy because somebody is going to jail for a long long time. it would be a shame if was some inocent young man

  13. Free Tav!!!!! says:

    this is crazy they have the wrong man Travis Evans is not that type of person ive known him my whole life he is a sweet guy who is focused on goin 2 college and workin he has big dreams and this bs has ruied his life smh pittsburgh police do anything to get a conviction even if they are 100% wrong with the suspect…. Free Trav we love yhu

  14. Patrick K says:

    Hats off to the county police. Its unfortunate that the wrong persons were arrested based on a bad witness identification, however the police continued to investigate and cleared the innocent men. It sure beats going to prison for a crime they didnt commit.

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