Pitt Adds Recruit For Class Of 2011

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- Two months after National Letter of Intent Day, Pitt football coach Todd Graham has added his 21st recruit.

Wide receiver Josh Brinson paid a visit to the Pitt campus this weekend and he must have liked what he saw. The junior college wide receiver committed to Pitt on the spot.

Brinson, 6-2″ 195, is a wide receiver from El Camino College in Torrance, Calif.

He originally signed with UAB after his senior high school season at Miami (Fla.) South Dade. However, academic issues forced him to attend junior college instead.

Brinson will have two years of eligibility plus a potential redshirt year at Pitt.

Brinson will be the 21st recruit for Graham in his first recruiting class at Pitt.

  • Dan

    new PITT recruit = someone just released from prision

  • Really?

    El Camino college????? That must be a first rate school to be named after the legendary car/truck


    Great another “junior college player” He probably cant write his name, but I’m sure he will be able to learn the plays….Pitt just doesnt stop looking like fools…And this is great news is the worst part….Thank god Mr. Brinson cant read this!

  • GPA

    I heard they knew Brinson was soooooo dumb lied to him and told him it was Fla state when he visited and thats how they got him to sign


    2+2= kat

  • Pitt alum-ashamed

    This was best Pitt could do??????? I can’t say i’m surprised. After hiring a black coach for looks, and them him beating his wife to a pulp…Oh and the gangs of felons and guys like this who can’t even get into college who go there already and get arrested on a monthly basis….Pitt should just save their money and drop the entire football program…They are a joke and will never get any better without consistency and standards.

    • Mike Butler

      Thats a pretty bold statement about the first coach they hired, but I have to agree with you completely !

  • JOE PA

    Pitt what a JOKE !

  • Ron De Mino

    If you guys don,t like Pitt then why don,t you move to WVA.

  • El Pun

    Im pretty sure it makes sense you can only walk-on to El Camino college.

  • Atwood Prowler

    Someone forgot to tell Coach Graham he can start recruiting blue-chippers now, not more sloppy seconds.

  • Not A Dumb Yinzer

    This shouldn’t be a headline story but good things can come from JUCO players, i.e. Jeff Otah. Also some Heisman winners were JUCO players: Cam Newton, OJ, and Staubach.

    Also, the haters fail to mention R. Shell, currently the 2nd best RB prospect in the nation has Pitt in his top-5, but seems to neglect PSU and WVU. But instead lets just keep being dumb yinzers and making comments about things you have no knowledge about.

    • Duh

      boy OJ was a junior college player…surprise surprise

    • who?

      jeff otah ????????????

  • tocchet

    he must have just got out of the joint

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