Strong Storms Closing In On Western Pa.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A strong line of thunderstorms will move into the Pittsburgh area Monday afternoon.

According to the National Weather Service, the line of storms is expected to arrive in Pittsburgh between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Gusty and damaging straight-line winds, heavy downpours, hail and even a tornado are possible.

As of 6 a.m., the line of storms was moving through Michigan and western Ohio.

According to KDKA-TV Meteorologist Dennis Bowman, a low pressure front up north that stretches into the Ohio Valley is pushing the storms our way.

Sunday’s high of 82 tied a record set back in 1978, but much cooler air will be moving in, which will trigger Monday’s storm activity.

Today’s high will be 76 degrees with an overnight low of 45.

Lightning is associated with this line of storms and Bowman has some tips to help keep you safe:

  • Stay away from windows
  • Do not use a telephone with a cord
  • Do not shower or bathe
  • Avoid any contact with metal pipes

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One Comment

  1. Truth! says:

    Hurry run to the store RUN!!! This may be your last chance to buy milk bread and toilet paper for at least 24 hrs! RUN! DO IT NOW WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME!!!!

    Good lord… It’s gonna rain.. get over it.

    1. Hoss says:

      Tell that to the people in Hempfield that lost their homes during the recent storm. Hope your house is spared any storm damage today. Stay classy, Truth.

      1. dawn says:


      2. Sam says:

        Yes… Hoss…. My God TRUTH, you sure don`t speak the truth.

    2. Lou Gaglardi says:

      As Hoss said, you can come tell my neighbors across the bridge that it’s “gonna rain..get over it.” Then watch as they have to come out of hotel rooms to beat you over the head because their house is gone.

    3. Humor says:

      Love the humor! I, of course, agree wholeheartedly. And who wants milk anyway if there isn’t going to be power? That’s what I always wanted to know.

  2. yellowbeard says:

    @Hoss,dawn,Sam. What good is milk,bread,and toilet paper gonna do anyone if they LOSE THEIR HOUSE? You all missed Truth’s point because of low brain power.

    1. dawn says:

      we aren’t saying she buy milk stupid, we are saying she needs to stop telling folks to get over it. go dye your beard blonde dummy!

  3. Mission11 says:

    I have homework to do, so I am sitting here and doing it.. be safe everyone! :o)

  4. PGHguy says:

    I agree with Truth to a certain extent…stop panicking over the weather. No one can control the weather, so why stress about it. What is going to happen is going to happen.

  5. Humor - Again says:

    Really? I don’t understand all of the backlash at Truth. I don’t see that they he/she is downplaying any of the misfortune of people who have lost their homes to storms; Truth is simply pointing out something that some of us find funny every time we go to the store after a storm warning to find all of the bread and milk wiped out. It’s humor, people. Comedians use it all the time. Makes our lives a little less dull. 😉

    1. Jonny says:

      Right on.

  6. Charles says:

    Better watch out Obama and his clan are sending storm this way He controls the weather and he want more votes and money so he can be a world leader better run while you still can

  7. ParkwayEast Driver says:

    Oh good… right at rush hour.

    1. Make It Stop Five says:

      Yeah, the weather gods seem to have a sense of humor. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love people going through the Squirrel Hill tunnel at 2 miles an hour in 5 o’clock rush hour traffic just because it’s raining?

  8. Mission11 says:

    Oh I almost forgot! Last time we were caught in the storm, we were at “Jine Iggle” some of the older people did not have umbrellas or anything to protect them from the rain– so me and my kids used ours when the rain slowed down.. we took them one by one to their cars .. some young mums and their kids .. it was great to do a Random Act of Kindness even during a funky storm!.. It sure was great to see the smiles of appreciation that a little bit of time and care for another person could bring. ~~Be kind and smile during everything, you never know who is having a worse day that you, and if someone does lose something during a storm, take them the loaf of bread or milk from your house, so they may not go hungry- watch them smile and you will be blessed~~ :o)

  9. Bea says:

    Seems like most of you folks, including Truth, are saying you don’t think there is any big deal with storms that may produce dangerous conditions. So, WHY DID YOU ALL CLICK ON THIS STORY & READ IT? I would think with your attitudes, you’d pass right over it. After all, it’s no big deal, why bother having the info? Instead, you should take a shower, drive 60 on the parkway, go out and play some golf, get out on your patio & video tape it. It’s only rain.

  10. Mission11 says:

    Dear Bea~

    No, not at all sweetie, it is important that we are aware and consider conditions such as these; also to act accordingly (with caution). I saw the aftermath of the accident on I – 79 yesterday and it had nothing at all to do with conditions! It was sad to know that again young people lost their lives so tragically.

    But since you raised the question if it is no big deal or not, it is a big deal, yet I am not afraid- I know and love Jesus! If my time were to come, I will meet him and others that I have lost, so please don’t judge those who merely have an opinion or a statement- perhaps someone just needed a moment to vent, or seek a word or even some humor to get through their day?

    I love storms, have since I lived in Indiana state- the experience is harsh but still fascinating– Mother Nature is powerful indeed! I miss Patrice King Brown.!!

  11. Stormy McBeam says:

    What is humorous is the hype and droning of the Big 3’s Weather reporters. Weather and Steelers is it. They outpace the wars and the nuclear meltdown in Japan. Probably would push the 2nd Coming to the second half of the newscast as well.

  12. Mort Goldman says:

    i run to the store to buy toilet paper when a big storm is on the way because thunder scares the krap out of me and i have I-B-S.

  13. Kim says:

    OMG Mort, you are hysterical! Thanks, I needed a good laugh!

  14. Stormy McBeam says:

    Mort, I bet you have that problem when it isn’t storming as well. I can tell by looking at you through the internets.

  15. Joseph Puskar says:

    thank god i live in a mobile home… im parking it up at walmart tonight just in case 😉

    1. Stormy McBeam says:

      Don’t forget your kite and key too. lol

  16. Stormy McBeam says:

    Just got a little bit of drizzle in my area of NE Alleg. County. I want my big storm. Where is it? Time to send the weather crew back to their magic 8 ball.

  17. morons says:

    You morons blew it again

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