Former Pittsburgh Police Detective Sentenced To 4 Years Probation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A former Pittsburgh Police detective has been sentenced to four years probation for assaulting another driver during a road rage incident.

Bradley Walker was given two years of probation for simple assault and two years of probation for reckless endangerment.

Walker got into a fight with another man last year after a fender-bender on the Parkway East on May 1.

Police say Walker is accused of getting out of his car, punching out Fate’s driver’s side windshield and side window, and then choking Fate and pulling a gun.

The city fired Walker from the force in August.

Three years ago, Walker was charged with assaulting his wife and son.


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One Comment

  1. lol says:

    This can’t be right, Pittsburgh police don’t do anything wrong, they were framed with the Jordan Miles case and now this one too!

    1. Dan says:

      Jordan Miles is a LIAR ! That will be coming out here soon!

      1. insider says:

        the Jordan miles cops were framed !

  2. Morris says:

    See? Bouncers CAN become cops!

  3. Dr. Heffner says:

    That’s real smart, leave a creep like this out on the street. Somebody should take a good look at Zappala’s office

  4. 'Burgs finest says:

    The Department fired him last August……………..roughly 2 1/2 years after he beat his wife and son. Nice work. He is probably in line to become a fireman. All he needs a little work on his drinking and bang, Pittsburgh fireman.

    1. Lt. Eugene says:

      ‘Burg’s finest, you are obviously a donut eating pig. Having to throw firmen into the fray to deflect the blame from your own stupid actions. No, the police never do anything wrong, like drink and drive, beat their women, or even dumber, rob people at the car wash while being filmed on security cameras. You have enough problems of your own,don’t throw others into it. Practice your restraint techniques, as they aren’t up to snuff, as seen at pnc park. Heros, yeah right, worse than the criminals.

  5. To serve and protect says:

    Wow, KDKA is allowing comments on City cops. Did someone forget to block it?
    Probation, yeah, so severe. If it was an average Joe, they would be looking at time in the Pen. Justice, right!

  6. Disturbed says:

    Wow! So many haters out there. What would you do without police?

    1. To serve and protect says:

      I don’t hate cops. I hate bad cops that get away with abusing their authority. They are officers of the law. NOT THE LAW. There is a difference. When the City and courts start to hold the bad actors to the same standard as everyone else that will be breath of fresh air. Truthfully cops and firefighters should be held be held to a higher standard, but as a start lets start treating them like everyone else.

      1. Dan says:

        Lets hold cops and firefighters to a higher standard…that doesnt sound like discrimination at all….Were you thinking at all when you wrote that? Do you also think people should be held to a higher standard because of their race???/ Your amazing!

      2. Disturbed says:

        They’re not treated like everyone else. They are held at a higher standard.You are probably one of the people that wouldn’t treat them like everyone else. You would crucify them to the fullest extent of the law for something minor say a parking ticket. They can’t win. They do their jobs well and get in trouble – they don’t do their jobs and they get in trouble. What would it take for people to treat them like EVERYONE ELSE?

      3. I'mdrunkandyou'renot says:

        Hey Dan – Why not? I have a CDL and I’m held to a higher standard – DUI @ .04 in my own vehicle – non CDL DUI @ .08

  7. stupid says:

    Yeah, people who go to church should also be held to a higher standard, along with people who have been in the military and college…

  8. will g says:

    you committ a crime with a gun, and i pretty sure that’s a manditory 5 years. i bet if that if it was the outher way around that driver would be in jail right now.

  9. j says:

    Anybody remember Gammage? I think that was the fellas name. Jordan Miles got off lucky!

    This ex-cop is way to angry and aggressive to represent the public.

    Didn’t the Pgh Police just end up on Youtube, night sticking some poor drunk upside his head?

    With out the Police we’d be the 1st responders, but we need them to be better managed and responsive to the public.

    Has anyone seen the site

  10. Luke R says:

    This is one angry man, just looking at him gives me the Willies.

  11. dan says:

    He should be in jail.

  12. Lynyrd says:

    Mr. walker, Ahh will hear from him again.

  13. citizen says:

    If they’re not fit to wear a badge, get them off the job, but do not go judge all police officers by a few bad ones. There is good and bad in everything. The other thing that I notice is that many people judge a situation without knowing the facts. Until you’ve walked a mile in another persons shoes, you should NOT judge anyone. You have to realize people doing bad things do not like the police and will do anything they can to make themselves look innocent. Police do not want to go around arresting everyone for no reason. We have laws for a reason.

    1. Sage says:

      Well, that’s a nice thought, but you’re kind of suggesting that the public has no right to judge those that are charged with upholding those laws. If the public believes they did a terrible job or overreacted, why do they not have the right to judge? It’s not necessary to “walk a mile” in a cop’s shoes to know they are the ones with guns and badges, therefore are expected to be at a higher standard in society. Right or wrong, they are judged in everything they do. They aren’t working at a convenience store or as a bank teller. You are right in saying people doing bad things don’t like the police, but…more and more people are becoming afraid and resentful to some that are way too quick to tase or beat someone. There are hundreds of examples on you tube. And before anyone says the video doesn’t tell the whole story, remember, it wasn’t that long ago that these stories weren’t told at all.

  14. ticked off says:

    zappalas goons strike again these goons do whatever they want ,whenever the want they can do no wrong when is the public going to demand we clean house including zapalla who is part of the problem. we need cops who have right temperament and some intel. not ticket writen goons.

  15. redrock100 says:

    4 years in the jungle with tarzan more like it

  16. Slap On the Wrist says:

    He’s built like a giant chimpanzee

  17. PghProud says:

    Not to mention this drunk guy decided to knock out an usher during his booze rant. He elbowed him in the head! How is that appropriate? If I had a family in the stands I would want this nut job removed and arrested as well. The police were doing their job. It’s alright if they subdue someone robbing your house, in this manner, but not for resisting arrest, defying officers and knocking out an innocent usher? Where exactly should we draw the line? I’m thankful officers put themselves on the line to protect the public. There are bad cops, there are exceptional cops out there. The quality of a person plays a significant role in what time of officer one becomes. My grandfather was a Pittsburgh Police officer and had 39 medals of honor in the late 50s-60s…i’m guessing he wasn’t a neanderthal.

  18. Al says:

    I wonder if KDKA will ever mention their drunk producer’s actions at PNC?

  19. Zeeky says:

    All I know is this dudes a monster!! I mean look at him he;s a straight beast! If i was famous or rich Id hire him in a heartbeat to be my body gaurd!

  20. Good luck says:

    He’s a good man that made a mistake. He’s a veteran of the US military in which he served his full tour and was honorably discharged. He’s no monster. Simply a man that made a mistake. I do feel empathy for the victim. He must’ve been frightened.
    And as a matter of fact, his charges and the sentence as a result of the criminal proceedings were consistent with other similar criminal proceedings (meaning the sentence was the same). You must commit a VERY heinous act to receive a prison sentence for an incident in which the defendant has no prior criminal history. I wish him luck in his future endeavors.

    1. Sonnytree says:

      how many mistakes are you allowed to make??? He should know better being ex military and ex police…maybe when he does this to your relative or sister you’ll change your mind.

  21. Concerned says:

    More should be done to this person. He was a public figure, nothing more than a thug. Much more needs to be done to eliminate cops and anyone else who conducts themselves like animals. Get rid of them all and start over.

  22. Sonnytree says:

    the protects another one of its own……

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