Hammer Attack Suspect Released From Detention Center

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A young man accused of attacking his girlfriend with a hammer has been released from a juvenile detention center.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a judge has allowed Robertino DeAngelis to return to his parents’ home in Mount Lebanon.

However, he has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet and get psychiatric evaluations.

DeAngelis allegedly attacked Sarah DeIuliis four years ago.

Her parents’ begged the judge not to release DeAngelis because his parents’ house is only two miles from their home.

The judge ordered a monitoring box be placed in their house to alert them if DeAngelis were to leave.

The judge also ordered the DeAngelis family to create a plan for him to stay elsewhere when Sarah DeIuliis returns from college for weekends or holidays.


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  • marilyn

    What a mistake! This man hasn’t changed, look at him. ” The judge also ordered the DeAngelis family to create a plan for him to stay elsewhere when Sarah DeIuliis returns from college for weekends or holidays.” What kind of sentencing is that. He will be back in the news in another two years. Feel sorry for the victim.

    • Sherry

      This young man was found delinquent of attempted homicide. He didn’t just attack her. The judge said that Robertino DeAngelis attempted to kill her. Now he is sent home to within striking distance of his vicitm once more?

    • Kim

      May God help our community, our daughter and our family. Mt. Lebanon Commissioner Joe Deiuliis has fought so diligently to protect his constituency and his family. The psychiatrists say attempted murderer has only “increased anymosity”; investigators testified that his plan was allegedly rape and murder in an underground storm drain.

    • johnny69

      He is ready to SWING that hammer again! HAMMER TIME…Na na na na-nana-nana-NA na na na-nana-nana

  • ace of spades

    They can’t hold him indefinitely, being that he was tried as a juvenile. The most they could of held him would of been for another 2 years. Would 2 years really of made a difference? The fact of this matter is he wasn’t tried as an adult!

    • Grace DeIuliis

      Too bad he can’t spend that next 2 years at your house.

    • Tri Angle

      Guess the two years made a difference to him. He wanted out. And I guess we can all bet “the two years” will make a difference to his next vicitm. No one will be able to claim that any future crime is a surprise. We now all know what he is.

    • BGJ

      The only upside is that the parents will have to support him and no longer drain the finances of the tax payers! But, oh wait, he is mentally ill! He is now eligible for FREE health care, food stamps, and the list goes on!

  • Larry

    Unfortuantely many Judges are SO out of touch with criminals. It’s obvious that this judge is a defendant’s Judge. Usually they are proved wrong, but it creates many unnecessary victims in the meantime. Judges would rather put people in harms way than be overturned on appeal. You can thank defense lawyers for this mess…very few criminals can be held accountable. Lawyers should be so proud of themselves.

    • Tom

      Absolutely. I have worked in the legal system for about six years now and judges are both afraid of their decisions being overturned on appeal and even looking “bad” in the eyes of higher judges because they didn’t resolve the issue themselves and pushed it upon them. Moreover, judges have absolute immunity so they cannot be held accountable for anything that results from their judicial incompetence or malfeasance. Thus, we see the calculus that leaves judges out of touch with a dangerous reality.

      • Plain Truth

        Bet that girl and her family have larger concerns that the criticism of a higher court.

    • ace of spades

      Do you honestly think 2 more years would of made a difference? You blame the judge, when in reality it is the D.A.’s fault for trying him as a juvenile! If he would of been tried as an adult this conversation wouldn’t be happening, because he would be locked up for a long time. I’m no fan of judges or this sick individual, but blame the right person, not the judge!



  • Martin

    Now that this POS is an ‘adult’, some adult should smack that grin off his face.
    His ‘to-do’ list that fateful day included a hammer attack only because he couldn’t get a gun fast enough.
    Congratulations Judge Kim Berkeley Clark – you’ve done society proud.
    The blood from his next victim will be on your hands.

    • ace of spades

      You people are so stupid to blame the judge!!! The true idiot is the D.A. If this kid would of been tried as an adult this conversation wouldn’t be taking place. By law, when a juvenile is convicted of a crime in juvenile court, they can only hold him until he turns 21. So the judge decides to release him 2 years early, do you really think 2 years would of rehabilitated him?

      • Tom

        Yes — two years is a big deal. That’s two more years that the family need not worry about this idiot coming to their door. And rehabilitation? You clearly have learned your facts of life from a textbook. If you even had a shred of first-hand knowledge of the legal system or society in general, you would not be so apt to make such ridiculous comments.

      • D D

        It was a judge who sent it to Juvie instead of a real trial. And rehabilitation?? We’re way past that – we’re into punishment from here on out. 2 years means something…ask the victim and her parents.

    • Kristie Blake

      The blood of the victim will be on the hands of Judge Anthony Mariani, who DECERTIFIED this POS as a Juvenile because mommy & daddy have money.

      • Grace Patterson

        Two years means a great deal. To our daughter, to our community, and perhaps to his potential next victim. Two more years of restraint of an attempted murderer that is a big issue.

  • marilyn

    Thank you Martin, I agree!

  • Mom of Teens

    I live in this community and fear for all who do. He tried to KILL A GIRL!!!!! this is not game.

    • Mt. Lebanon resident

      Citizens of MT. Lebanon, time to rise up and be heard. Robertino DeAngelis is a resident of Sunset Hills Mt. Lebanon and may walk to any home, park or school in MT. Lebanon. If you have sat quietly shaking your head over this matter, best speak up and be heard…Judge won’t keep him on a chain for much longer; he is already home.

    • Bubbles

      Then who was phone?

  • A-Mafia

    Not good he lives soo close, if anything his hatred bottled up for 4 years and is even worse……. also the parents paid alot of money for a lawyer so its not really judge or da’s fault per say BUT if i were the victims family I’d move or buy my daughter a gun or just send some goons to hammer him…….Easy!

    • Laureen O

      Why should the innocent victims have to move??? Why can’t they live in a safe neighborhood, where their children have lived all of their lives if they want to?

      The problem is the criminal not being punished to the extent of the law for attempted murder.

    • Terry Leaston

      Parents are sane, rational people that obey the law, in other words, helpless.

  • Russ

    Have him join the Army and after training send him to Afghanistan. Let him prove how tough he is over there. Don’t forget to give him a hammer.

    • FixPGH

      Yeah, that’s a good idea. He would then turn on his own troops since he seems like a pretty stable guy. It is always funny when people make comments like this about criminals and people like this punk who beat a girl.

      • Tom

        There are so many dirtbag people in the military as is. We don’t need any more.

  • sharon

    Even if her were an adult he would have gotten out. I was beaten with a baseball bat by my ex. He spent 4 1/2 yrs in prison. He was recently released and lives in the same city as me. Bottom line is they can’t be held for ever. I refuse to live in fear.

    • johnny69

      You should get a gun…if he comes near use it until it is empty

      • Kim

        If they don’t hold attempted murderers for the full term until age 21 in the juvenile system, who do they hold? Releasing him without even an updated psyche evaluation…come on.


    Psychiatric evaluations? I’ll help out here, HE IS A FREAKING LUNATIC ! He looks as though he could snap again at anytime. Actually looks like Latka from Taxi. E BE DA

    • Poopsy

      He should be called Roberdicco

      • Kate

        He was labeled by the MT. Lebanon School District as “socially and emotionally disturbed’….walking the halls with those defenseless kids every day.

  • Misty

    I’d love to smack that grin right off his face. According to the Post Gazette her parents are putting their house up for sale so they don’t have to live anywhre near him. Nice going Judge Clark the 2 years would have given this family some peace of mind now they feel they must leave their home? Shame on you.

    • MsCynic

      Unfortunately he was going to get out sooner or later, I would have been ‘looking’ for a house even as he was locked up (since his parents haven’t moved). The kid is twisted, the family HAS to know it. This will not be the last we see/hear of him…. Judicial system is a bit of a joke, albeit a sad one and not a funny one. These kids are more violent and at a younger age, and stalker/violence is more prevalent than ever before.

      • Johnny b good

        The attempted murderer Robertino DeAngelis is alleged to be diagnoised by psychiatrists as narcisstic and hystrionic. Regarding his parents, one must ask whether there is a genetic component to these disorders?

    • BGJ

      Obviously the judge in this case has concerns over Sarah’s welfare, or he would not have DeAngelis stay elsewhere when she is at home! If the judge believes he is still a danger to Sarah why did he permit his release? Her family should sue the Judge and the DeAngelis’ family for relocation expenses!

  • Things that make you say Hmmmm

    This is seriuosly a joke. Yet another example of a rich punk from Mt. Lebo utilizing his parents money to get out of a crime he committed. One thing that needs to change after all this, the Trolleys need to be heavier and travel faster.

    • Really

      the parents are not rich

  • Jonny's brother

    Should be a wrestler – Rob “The Hammer” DeAngelis!

    • Louis

      Wrestlers fight against men…not this attempted murderer’s style.

  • Black Cat

    So—who is the judge in this case? Is there an Assistant D.A. who wanted him tried as a juvenile? Names please?

    • Thomas

      Judge Anthony Mariani sent this case to juvenile court where there are no adequate penalties available. Is Judge Mariani buds with defendant’s Uncle Guido?

  • Dirty Harry

    Give that “adult” some time in the general population at an SCI facility. His attitude needs an “adjustment”.


    i think he paid hid debet and yes i feel sorry for the girl but he need to start his life over and not make us pay for him so iam happy the judge let him out and yes the girl iam going to say she is worryed about him being out but i think he will stay away SO PLEASE GO START YOUR LIFE BACK OVER AND DONT BLAM NO ONE FOR WHAT HE DID WE PARENTS CANT BE WITH OUR KIDS 24/7 SO IAM SO SICK OF PEOPLE SAYING PUT IT ON US

    • BIG RICK is a HICK

      Good God, I hope that if you have a child that they spell a tad better than you. Wow.

      Here I will type it out in the spelling that you use.

      God Gd, Me hpe tat f u have a chld tat day spel a tads beter than u.

      There you should be able to read that.

    • Laureen O

      YOU think he will stay away? Based on what? It’s not your daughter at risk.

    • Latka

      You think he will stay away…based on what. The fact that it is not your family member at risk. What would you say if you learned this was not his first run in with the law? tick..tick…tick

    • Dynomite

      Big Rick,

      You really need to go back to school and learn how to speak. Sum gud booklearnin’ mite do yinz sum gud.

  • mark

    The DA is to blame the most This punk tried to kill this girl period.Try him as an adult and send him to the gray bar hotel for 10-15 years. His damn smirk in the photo should cause him to get his ass beat till he can not even stand up. I hear ACE hardware is havin a sale on sledge hammers and thats what this POS needs up side his smart ass head. He will offend again guaranteed….. Sad for the young woman and her parents…………..M.D.

    • James

      “Sad for the young woman and her parents” and DANGEROUS once more they are defenseless and on the front lines.

  • redrock100


    • Joan

      Heard the Father Joe Deiuliis is a Republican Mt. Lebanon Commissioner. Thie safety of our children is not a political issue.

  • complete bull

    this is complete bs. this guy and the judge should be beat with a hammer.

    • Kristie Blake

      This is Judge Mariani [The Adult Criminal Court Judge who DECERTIFIED hammer boy — Judge Clark is the Juvenile Court Judge that has to basically hear it as a Juvenile case & attempt to issue some form of justice that Judge Mariani ignored . Just another example of the rich getting speical priviliges.

      • Lisa McCoy

        My information is that he spent most of his sentence at Grandmother’s house in Whitehall. So who is this kid related to that got it sent to juvenile court and kept him out of a real jail?

  • Things that make you go HMMMMM

    I wonder if it is purely coincidental that there is an Allegheny County judge named DeAngelis

    • Kim

      Perhaps not; we were told by the MT. Lebanon Magistrate that the DeAngelis Family calls Judge DeAngelis, Uncle Guido. Was this the true reason why this violent predator ended up in juvenile court with no adult penalties available for his crime of attempted murder?

  • Pul the trigger

    The cop that stopped this attempted murder would have done us all a favor if he would have shot and killed this piece of trash.

    • ifUknewWHATiKNEW

      Hero Homicide Detective Larry Carpico only had his pet dog to protect him when he stumbled upon Robertino “Tino” DeAngelis’ attempted homicide in progress. He was off duty so no gun.



  • Ted

    Fact: The parents have money
    Fact: He will strike again!!!!!


    He gets released after 18 months….not surpirsing. These gross injustices occurr on a daily basis in the juvenile system – especially in Allegheny County. I really hope the citizens and especially the media opens their eyes and realize that most hardcore adult criminals did not just decide to start committing crimes….take a look at what a joke the juvenile court system is and you will understand why these people continue to sell drugs, tote guns and enage in violence. THEY ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE AS JUVENILES when they might of had a chance…..and it all starts with the judges.

    • Shawna

      Again, why did the local magistrate allege that that violent predator call a sitting judge “Uncle Guido”? Are there any investigative reporters left in the world?

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