Motorists Move Signs To Cross Closed Bridge

BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) – PennDOT has closed one small bridge in Bridgeville because it is structurally deficient.

However, police said people have been moving the signs and driving over it anyway.

KDKA-TV cameras caught one driver taking it upon herself to move a sign blocking the entrance of the McLoughlin Run Road Bridge Tuesday morning.

“Someone’s waiting on me. I’m a caregiver,” the woman said. “There could have been a sign notifying me.”

The Bridgeville Police Chief said at least seven citations were issued for people crossing the bridge over the weekend.

Neily Rosko lives right beside the bridge and said a lack of noticeable signs leave people using her driveway and sidewalk as a place to turn around.

“People are busting up the sidewalk, driving on the sidewalk, tractor-trailers are getting stuck between the houses. This is a major thoroughfare,” Rosko said.

Construction began last week to demolish and replace the century-old bridge. Rosko said she’s started to reprimand drivers and wants PennDOT to put up additional signs.

“They say, “McLoughlin Run Road Detour.” But, they really should say the road is closed or have something at the end that says ‘Local Traffic Only.’”

PennDOT Spokesman Jim Struzzi said more signs may be added and he planned to speak with the project manager.

However, he said that no one should be removing signs to use the bridge.

“They’re working underneath the bridge. It’s unsafe to cross. It’s unsafe to travel across. We are going to put up concrete barriers on both ends to prevent people from going across,” Struzzi said.

The barriers should be in place later this week and they hope to complete the project in September.


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One Comment

  1. Slyfox says:

    You are a MORON if you move a sign to cross or gain access to a bridge or road that is closed. I would never do that. These people would be the first ones crying if they went through the road and ended up hurt.

  2. Tom kat says:

    The same people who move the signs; probably voted for Obama too!

  3. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    Way to go PennDOT. Concrete barriers will do the trick! Let them try to move them!

  4. eb says:

    jersey walls are harder to move, will it really prevent trespassers from uturning on private property? i love the town could generate funds, pass out those tickets, leave an officer there 24/7. even during this live clip traffic was steady flowing behind the lovely Heather.

  5. Dynomite says:

    Survival of the fittest. Let ’em drive over the bridge!

  6. Richard says:

    I agree that if they were to use concrete Jersey barriers the problem would be solved. However, I also believe this is ‘natural selection’ at work. If you are that stupid, go ahead, tempt fate.

  7. Hoss says:

    “Someone’s waiting on me. I’m a caregiver,” the woman said. “There could have been a sign notifying me.” You mean like the sign you MOVED to get across the bridge? The SIGN that says “Bridge Closed”? What a genius. I have a sign for you, sweetie. It’s the type of sign Jeff Foxworthy hands out.

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