Butler 911 Dispatcher Helps Boy Deliver Baby Sister

BUTLER (KDKA) — A newborn baby arrived on Ridge Avenue in Butler County as a bit of a surprise for everybody.

The call came in to dispatcher Shawn Pistorius at 7:02 a.m. Monday. “She said she was having a baby,” he said.

What the woman said next gave Shawn pause for thought. “She said she didn’t know she was pregnant,” Pistorius said.

The call was disconnected. When he called back, the woman’s 13-year-old son answered.

When the 42-year-old dispatcher asked how the boy’s mother was doing, he told him the baby’s head was already starting to show. At that point the mother was beyond helping herself.

“She just did a lot of screaming,” Pistorius said.

Referring to cards next to his console, the dispatcher and the 13-year-old worked together.

“Went through the questions, got him to get clean towels and it was just a couple of minutes later the baby was out,” Pistorius said.

Asking if the baby was breathing, Shawn told the boy to rub the newborn’s back. “And the baby started crying so that was a good thing,” he said.

The boy had taken his first step as a big brother. “He was real calm. He did a really good job.”

“All of our dispatchers are trained to handle these types of emergencies,” Butler County Emergency Services Director Frank Matis said. “It’s what we expect, but Shawn did a very good job.”

Though this was Shawn’s first delivery in his 18 years as a dispatcher, he is the father of a son and daughter.

Mom and baby girl remain at Butler Memorial Hospital. They’re doing okay.

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One Comment

  1. autismmom says:

    she didnt know she was pregnant?

    1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.”
      – Saint Augustine

      —— http://911essentials.com

    2. Chez says:

      It wouldn’t be the first instance of this that I’ve heard of. It seems odd, and it’s way against the odds, but it does happen.

    3. Princess says:

      Possible. Many babies have been carried and the person didn’t have a stop of period or weight gain.

  2. MsCynic says:

    Same thing I was thinking. She already had a kid, went through the pregnancy thing, and she didn’t know she was pregnant……

  3. PghProud says:

    Haven’t you ever seen that show, “I didn’t know I was Pregnant” on discovery. This is actually pretty common issue. These people lost weight, had their periods and never got sick or felt fetal movement. It’s crazy and most of them are already parents. Here’s the link: health.discovery.com/tv/i-didnt-know-i-was-pregnant/ it’s worth checking out before everyone starts judging this woman in this particular story.

    1. Ian says:

      Was she his mother or a baby sitter, a confusinf story!

      1. Jenna says:

        She was his mother.

        “The boy had taken his first step as a big brother.”

      2. ian says:

        So why does headline say Baby Sitter?

      3. Ladydeck says:

        The headline says baby sister, not sitter.

    2. margaret says:

      You are absolutely correct because I had the same exoerience. Did not have a clue until I was 16 weeks. Lost weight, periods continued no morning sickness, etc.

      1. Steve says:

        Title says Baby Sister not sitter

    3. Kim says:

      I found out I was 27 weeks while undergoing treatments for cancer. Did not know I was pregnant nor did my Drs until they sent me for an emergency ultrasound after feeling a mass near my liver which turned out to be my son. I was only 125 lbs at the time. It does happen! The brother is what this story is about, he should be commended for helping his Mom and sister.

  4. BannedByHuffpo says:

    “Quick, boil some water! …. Tear up some sheets!”

  5. BannedByHuffpo says:

    “Oh, and get me a bottle of whiskey!”

    1. om] says:

      I wish there was a like button….

  6. BobBobbins says:


    In most cases, a woman who gives birth without knowing she is pregnant is grossly overweight and hasn’t had a normal cycle in years. Although a few extreme cases may involve women of normal weight, it’s a pretty safe assumption that she was in very poor shape.

    1. Jan says:

      Wow, and thanks so much for your biased conclusion. She probably was a bigger woman but you don’t have to be a tank to be pregnant and not know it. If you continue having your cycle and experience some weight gain you may just attribute that to age or other issues. The fact is you don’t work in an obgyn so you just don’t have a clue BOB….

      1. Steve says:

        Most of the cases I have heard did involve a very overweight person. So there is some truth inwhat Bob said.

      2. BobBobbins says:


        So now I have to have my doctorate in a field to possibly have an informed opinion on a topic? Are you a large woman Jan? I didn’t think my original comment was phrased in a way to incite such an acidic response, unless of course it touched a nerve.

  7. Marsha says:

    It sounds crazy but some women not only don’t show but, will continue to have their period through the entire pregnancy, then suddenly out of the blue here comes baby. It happens more frequently than people think.

    1. dude says:

      You cannot bleed while pregnant. A period is when the uterine lining is shed and while pregnant there is a placenta attached to the uterine lining. Vaginal bleeding while pregnant is a very bad thing.

      1. Dudette says:

        In theory, you are correct. In reality, some women have spotting or a light period their entire pregnancy. Hormonal differences between women vary wildly and they don’t always play by the rules.

      2. Marie says:

        That’s not excactly true Dude. Spotting is a very regular occurance in many pregnancies. Women with lighter periods often don’t see the difference.

        At least thar’s my experience at the OBGYN clinic I work at. Where did you get your medical training?

      3. Dudette 2 says:

        Dude, how many times have you been pregnant? I can verify for a fact that women can have light periods while pregnant. I did.

      4. Dave says:

        @dudette 2. I can verify for a fact that you can NOT have a period while pregnant. You can experience vaginal bleeding/spotting but you can not have your period.

    2. Prawn says:

      Uh, no. You can have spotting, but nothing even close to a regular period. And if you do have spotting, it’s a very serious issue. Personally, I don’t buy this “didn’t know I was pregnant” garbage. Denial or mental illness, maybe. But otherwise …

      1. TRS says:

        My great-grandmother bled regularly each month the entire time she was pregnant with my grandmother. It happens.

  8. Dan says:

    Hopefully the 13 year old is not scarred for life. After watching the birth of my son, I think I would be afraid of vaginas if I saw that at 13…

    1. phillysmart says:

      Its been happening for millions of years….your too modern….birth’s never happened in hospitals most of human existence…the kid I’m sure will be fine just a quick lesson on the birds and bees

    2. BobBobbins says:

      Hah, my first though exactly. Even before it struck me that the this lady “didn’t know” she was pregnant I thought about the poor 13 year old who had to see that. There are VERY few things that would be worse than seeing your mom spreading.

  9. Doug says:

    Ok, did I miss the part where they said she’s a hippo? How the h*!! do you not know you’re pregnant?

  10. Joe says:

    ok, so we’ve determined she has a 13 year old (can we assume he’s the oldest?) plus two other kids.. and now a newborn. My questions are: how old is she, and how many fathers are there? I’ll guess she’s about 28 and there are at least 3 different fathers.

    1. AnonymousMom says:

      The 13 year old is NOT her oldest…her oldest is a 16 year old girl (who also has a 1 year old son of her own). She is in her 30’s, and the verdict is still out on how many fathers, as well as who the fathers are. It’s a sad sad story here.

      1. Taxpayer says:

        Let me guess, we taxpayers are supporting this lovely woman and her family.

  11. Former KDreporter says:

    Lots of low class, snotty posters here; what else is new?

    No one wises the baby girl well. here….
    Nor her great big brother, who’s already called him self proudly a ‘brother’.
    Nor the mother

    Just snotty comments with no evidence. Good, stupid Pittsburgh.

    1. AnonymousMom says:

      Maybe nobody wished the baby well, but I am pretty sure that none of the posters on here do not wish that. As for the big brother, I’m sure we all feel bad for him for having to witness such a thing. That’s horrible. It is incredible that he was able to get through it like he did, but that poor boy is probably traumatized now. I do know the family and I feel bad for all of the children involved.

    2. Martha Anne Zim says:

      I wish the baby girl well, but, honestly, what chance does this child have? Her 16 year old sister already has a 1 year old child. No evidence of any dad around, working or otherwise. Welfare family circle. How terribly pathetic for all involved and us as taxpyers.

      1. AnonymousMom says:

        Well said Martha, you are absolutely correct

      2. J.D. says:

        What chance? What chance does a child born to a teenage mother, with multiple siblings by multiple mothers and fathers, abandoned by his father, then abandoned to his grandparents by his mother, what chance would you give a child like that, to make something of himself?
        (And I’m not even one of his fans!)

  12. Toady says:

    Eh … where was her husband?? Or is this just another baby mama the government is going to have to support?

  13. usnret says:

    Yeah, shut-up until you know all the facts!

  14. Grateful says:

    People often don’t realize how intense and stressful being a dispatcher can be. Kudo’s to Shawn for a job well done and thanks to all dispatchers everywhere for your hard work!!

    1. John says:

      Indeed. Its shows again that EMD works!

  15. PTS says:

    Good job big brother. Welcome to the world little sister – who’s your daddy?

    1. Missy says:

      LOL sorry but your comment made me laugh!

  16. Ryan says:

    I’m sure it was bittersweet for this junior high boy to be part of this=
    Joy: witnessing the arrival of a younger sibling
    Horror: witnessing the business end of your mom

  17. Fatty Lover says:

    Must be a fatty then!

    1. Missy says:

      LMAO! My goodness this sarcasm is cracking me up!

  18. tmc says:

    oh you hill people. lol. Everything you list here is a lie. You’re just an uneducated man who selfishly wants everything while giving no one else anything.

  19. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

    We will see this baby’s birth-certificate, before we ever see Obama’s! http://www.BirtherReport.com

  20. Dan says:

    taumatized?!?!? what a ridiculous society we’ve become. Dude, mom was pregnant, the boy stepped up and did an amazing job. Oh America….soft and weak. Where are the cowboys? long gone, yes indeed.

  21. golden rule says:

    Judgemental idiots… God bless little baby girl, hero big brother and mama, regardless of their financial, marital status

    1. Ruckus says:

      No …God bless the taxpayers for having to support this dysfunctional family

      1. Not Judgmental...Not an Idiot! says:

        That’s right Ruckus. Taxpayers make sure she has a roof over her head, food for herself and her kids and clothes on their backs while she is busy doing drugs, having unprotected sex with who knows how many men and relying on everyone but herself to take care of her and her kids. Her (now 3-year-old) daughter was taken from her at birth because the baby was tested and there were drugs in the poor little thing’s system. I cannot show any respect for someone that has no respect for herself. I feel bad for the kids that she keeps bringing into this world and not taking care of! No child deserves that kind of life. So God bless the baby girl and the big brother…but the mother needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions and take care of her children!

  22. Richard T says:

    I don’t know nuthin ’bout birthin no babies!

  23. Sabrina Hinkson says:

    I do know this person. She is also known as a drug user. We believe she knew she was pregnant and was using during her pregnancy. We do wish the baby well all things considered.

  24. lisa says:

    Funny how the people who “know” the family are anonymous and yet the “facts” they spew are easily accepted and embellished. We don’t know anything about this family other than a big brother delivered his little sister and that will create a bond between for life. Good Job!

    1. AnonymousMom says:

      Yes, I do prefer to stay anonymous, because I would rather not have any altercations with this drug using mother, as we live in the same community. That does not however mean that I do not know the mom/family in this story and their situation. Theirs is a very sad story for the children, all brought on by VERY poor life decisions made by the mother. She does not deserve to have children.

  25. MrJay says:

    What a horrible job of babysitting!

  26. Joe says:

    “What chance? What chance does a child born to a teenage mother, with multiple siblings by multiple mothers and fathers, abandoned by his father, then abandoned to his grandparents by his mother, what chance would you give a child like that, to make something of himself?
    (And I’m not even one of his fans!)”

    Ironically, that is a close description of Barry Obama. The difference being that Barry’s mom quickly hooked up with another foreigner after she was abandoned by Barry Sr.

  27. Joe says:

    “Funny how the people who “know” the family are anonymous and yet the “facts” they spew are easily accepted and embellished. We don’t know anything about this family other than a big brother delivered his little sister and that will create a bond between for life. Good Job!”

    Lisa, you don’t “know” anything about whether there will be a bond between the brother and his sister. Which infers that you don’t know anything at all.

  28. GS says:

    Great job dispatcher and son. Hateful comments don’t degrade the people who needed help in this emergency but they do illustrate the mean-spiritedness of the writer. You’re talking about a new little life, here. Probably most of you would call yourself “right-to-lifers.” Right to a life of being insulted by the likes of you? Shame.

    1. JAK says:

      It’s not the new little life that people are talking about here. It’s the adult that isn’t taking responsibility for her actions. Everyone deserves the right to life…it’s just too bad that this little life will grow up in the environment that she will instead of being given to a good decent family that will show her a good life.

  29. show compassion says:

    stop being judgemental and pointing fingers…we all have skeletons in our closet…and we sure do hate when people find out and they start bad mouthing. who cares if you know them personally…its still none of your business. we the taxpayers are dishing out money for alot more frivolous things than helping a fellow human being in need…if you were in her shoes you would want someone to help you out….I seriously get tired of hearing people carry on about supporting people with out tax money! Show some compassion…why would selfish people send money overseas to countries who terrorize us but not help one of your own….PATHETIC PEOPLE!

    1. Toady says:

      If it’s my tax money, it IS my business. Excusing the baby mama lifestyle is not compassionate – to the contrary, it encourages more of it.

      1. show compassion says:

        so keep boo hooing…just remember how calouse and self asorbed you seem…especially when theres nothing you can do about it but boo hoo and gripe and carry on..sad strange little people….keep working at your dead end job pumping more money into the system…in the end we pay more money to the sad politicians who can’t keep our country afloat than the underprivledged. in the end the reason why there are people living off our tax dollars is because the governemnt is stupid and greedy….no one can afford to go to work and pay so much taxes and get nothing back…so they lived off the governement. stop blaming it on the people and blame it on our sad excuse of a government.

      2. God of the Gaps says:

        Show compassion;

        The only callous and self absorbed people here are the baby mamas and baby daddies who deprive their children of a stable family structure and thus set them up for more difficulties in life. The government didn’t impregnate these women. Get a grip and put the blame where it belongs.

      3. show compassion says:

        Oh I have put the blame where it belongs. I’m not worried there…keep on being judgemental…it will all come back to you in the end. America’s problem is everyone thinks they are all powerful and nothing can touch them. They have the unrealistic thinking “I live in a free country.” Everyone has let power go to their heads and the whole country is suffering. You’re blaming it on people having children and that they aren’t giving them stable family environment…how do you know that? We don’t. We speculate and assume so we can point our crooked fingers at everyone else. I know why too…simply to take the attention off themselves and what they are doing wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we live in a messed up society and everyone thinks making people stop having children will correct it.

  30. Andy says:

    please we have better things to talk about. pple are dyin and going to hell everyday. go to church pple and leave everyone else’s bussiness alone, worry about yoursleves

    1. Princess says:

      You…have issues. This is the 2nd post that I’ve seen from you that says the exact same thing.

      “Worry about yourselves” (misspelled)…

      …How can we “worry about ourselves” when we got you do it for us through posting the same dang post! All the time! Stop same posting!

      1. Andy says:

        Go to church!

  31. Nick says:

    who’s yur baby daddy….?

  32. Big Daddy says:

    That kid will be scarred for life after seeing his mother’s exploded vajayjay and family falling out of it.

  33. mtnescape says:

    Nevermind all the catty negative comments…. The dispatcher needs a bonus and the kid gets to know his sister from the moment she was born. He’s kind of a hero in my book. There should be a very special bond between those two children…

  34. TheSystem says:

    “Giving birth is a beautiful thing” … until the mother defecates and/or tears. I sure hope this wasn’t the case for the brother.

    Interesting (gross) fact:
    It seems that defecation during birth is not only due to the great intra-abdominal pressures generated, but actually has a physiological purpose. It colonizes the baby’s GI tract (which is sterile) with the same bacteria as the mother.

    1. gag says:

      I just threw up in my louth a little……thanks

      1. gag says:


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