3 McKeesport Families Displaced By Crumbling Building

MCKEESPORT (KDKA) — Three families have been displaced after their apartment building began to crumble.

It will be a month before they can return to their homes on Shaw Avenue. They are allowed to go inside to remove their belongings.

David Brown, the building’s owner, says the McKeesport building inspector told him the problem can be fixed.

“He told me that I need to get in touch with an engineer, come out to see how we can fix the problem,” Brown said. “I did have a couple people come out to assess it. I’m still taking contract bids, but right now, they [are looking at] anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000.”

Six adults and five children were evacuated Tuesday in a hurry and now they have to find somewhere else to live for at least a month.

Brown said he’s concerned about his tenants.

“We had the mayor of McKeesport on scene yesterday,” he said. “So, I’m hoping maybe he’ll reach out to some of the public housing out here and speed up their applications because I know a couple of them have already been on the waiting list … and now they’re homeless.”

Brown says he will get the required work done on the building.

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One Comment

  1. tax payer says:

    McKeesport is slum lord heaven and they have the nerve to over charge people for rent. You can bathe in the water but can’t drink it, seems like the mayor and his cronies would stop fasely arresting the Crawford Village residents for rent fraud and help the tax payers live better. The senate and the local Grandview Tavern should not be more important than cleaning up the city.

  2. Ida Slapther says:

    Sadly McKeesport is a vast wasteland of housing projects and section 8 slums. It looks more like a Third World country than a modern American city. Unless the city and county stop importing the poorest residents and placing them in these situations, stories like this will be a daily occurrence.

  3. Joann says:

    it is a shame. it use to be nice. But when you live off the goverment then they don’t care it aint there money paying for everything

  4. Mr Soho says:

    Bulldoze it down

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