PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Many local residents woke up to storm damage this morning after another round severe weather rolled through the area overnight.

Cleanup efforts are now underway after residents in Allegheny and Beaver counties began the day surveying the damage.

In Beaver County, Ted Holava says his wife called him this morning shortly after the storm moved through to tell him about a downed tree on their property in Ohioville.

“She says she [saw] the trampoline moving across the yard,” said Holava. “Next thing she saw was the tree come down.”

It was just one tree in hundreds that the quick-moving storm toppled. The big Pine barely missed the Holava’s home.

“We [would have] had a big issue if that would have happened,” Holava said. “I’m glad it fell where it fell. I’m glad it’s gone; I couldn’t stand cutting around it.”

If there is one image that captures the power of the storms that rolled through Beaver County, it was on Lisbon Road where a big tree fell to cut off access both ways. It also fell onto some power lines, leaving residents there without electricity.

But Carl Shank and a friend didn’t have lumber to clean up; instead, a land-locked, capsized bass boat was the problem but not a surprise.

“After the wind came through last night, it was pretty strong winds and woke everybody up,” he said.

Over in Monaca, Ed Metcalf had two 60-foot Pines come down on his property.

“It missed my house, it missed my truck, it missed my shed,” he said. “Unfortunately, it hit the Steeler Winnebago.”

His long-loved and well-traveled RV is no more after Mother Nature’s sacking of the Steelers express.

“It’s gone but we still look forward to the Steelers season,” said Metcalf.

Meanwhile, in Allegheny County, Mark Boyersmith’s car was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the storm moved through. When he found it, the vehicle was buried under branches.

“It’s totaled,” said Boyersmith. “It caved the whole roof in.”

Boyersmith says the storm passed through Marshall Township around 4 a.m., knocking the tree down, which in turn, smashed the house and the car.

“I never imagined that when I looked out the window I was [going to] see that tree down.”

Even after the big tree came down, one big threat remained as live wires became entangled in the branches.

“Heard this loud rumble, sounded like thunder at first,” added Boyersmith. “Then, the whole house shook, the power went out and I saw sparks out the window.”

Around the same time in Oakdale, another tree cracked under pressure. While it caused less damage, it did manage to rip the electrical box off of Mark Work’s home.

“To describe it, I never would have imagined it was the box, but certainly caught my attention,” he said.

Also, over in Shaler Township, crews were picking up the last sticks from a downed tree. Homeowner Patrick Hill says it just missed the bedrooms where his family sleeps.

“Very close call,” said Hill. “Like a couple feet, it would have went through the roof.”

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