WASHINGTON, D.C. (KDKA) – It’s been a big question for Facebook. Among 600 million users, how do you keep the youngest safe?

Parents have several key concerns about the social networking website such as, should they be friends with their child on Facebook? Should they know their password? How should they talk to them about Facebook?

On Tuesday, the website rolled out a revamped family safety center, where parents can visit for tools and tips on safety and privacy, even if they don’t have a profile of their own.

There’s also a special section aimed at teachers. They said a downloadable guide to Facebook in the classroom is on the way as well.

One Internet safety expert said it shows a virtual community evolving and responding to real-world demands.

“When you create a platform where people come and they interact with each other, you are actually creating a real-life community like a town, or a city,” Hemanshu Nigam said.

That includes more education, and more policing.

The new features include an expansion of the website’s social reporting tool, which will now allow users to flag offensive or inappropriate content on profiles, pages and in groups, not just to the website, but to a friend within their Facebook network as well.

Regardless of privacy and protection policies by Facebook and other social networking sites, it’s parental involvement that can be most crucial.

Parents are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting their children and their teenagers.


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