Car Crashes Outside Plum Restaurant

PLUM (KDKA) – A car spun out of control and nearly crashed into a restaurant in Plum early Monday morning.

The accident happened in the 900-block of Presque Isle Drive around 2 a.m.

A car lost control and hit a utility pole outside of the Kings Family Restaurant, which brought down power lines.

One person inside the vehicle tried to flee the scene and there are no reports of serious injuries.


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One Comment

  1. Dena K says:

    Female bash much lxnot? More than likely it was a male who was either driving without a license or was intoxicated.

    1. Dave says:

      Male bash much Dena? hypocrite.

      1. Dena K says:

        No I love men, I’d never bash them. But certain things relate more to males. lxnot said what he said to demean women. I said what I said because statistics show, women very rarely try and flee from an accident. No gender bias here, just going with what makes most sense. And when “his” name is published, I won’t even say “I told you so.”

      2. Dave says:

        Fair enough…

    2. Matt W says:

      Actually it was indeed a female driving. quite blaming it on men hypocrite

      1. Dena K says:

        I am no hypocrite, look what lnot wrote and what I wrote. His post was insulting to women, using the adjective “stupid”. No where in my post did I insult men. Going by what little info was in the article I simply stated it was probably a male because females rarely flee the scene of an accident.

    3. Breanna says:

      please shut up. You guys are annoying. So immature. You dont even know if the people in the car are okay? ignorant. they could be dead, and you want to discuss weather they were intoxicated, or if it was a male or female? dont worry about it. Be happy that they are actually okay. pray for them? make yourself usefull. to let you know, that was my sister.

      1. Dena K says:

        Yes I do know they are ok. You like others didn’t bother reading the 4 sentence article. The last sentence stated there were no reports of serious injuries.

        And the word is “whether” not weather.

      2. oh wow says:

        how is praying useful, last time i checked, it does nothing.

    4. Sisco says:

      it was a girl im friends with the person that was driving

  2. Dew says:

    It was a male that tried to flee. The woman was trapped. They were both underage.

    1. Breanna says:

      Nobody tried to flee the seen. That’s completely false. No one was trapped. They were not underage. There was a man who is 20 and the driver was 16. Dont post on here like you know what you’re talking about? especially when its MY sister.

      1. Dena K says:

        16 is underage, as is 20 in terms of alcohol consumption (if any was involved). And we really have no idea if it was REALLY your sister. People can come on here and make any claim they want.

      2. Sisco says:

        the girl that was driving is 18 and i dont know about the guy

      3. Sandra Henretty says:

        ur sister is f stupid for doing what she did if that was sister nstead of defending try and tell her what she has done she was drunk irresponsible and had poor judge ment if that was me i wouldt be out in school she should be in a tremendous trouble for her actions

  3. Dena K says:

    Good hypothesis Shockly…lol….thanks for the chuckle.

  4. Dave says:


  5. joe says:

    i was the one who called 911. no one tried fleeing the scene you got it all wrong

    1. breanna says:

      exactly. thankyou for not being annoying an immature.

  6. JAUN says:


    1. breanna says:

      but shutup, that was my sister.

  7. alexis Brown says:

    oh wow how she is ok

    1. breanna says:


  8. alexis brown says:

    Oh wow i Hope she is ok

  9. Mike says:

    It’s a shame, these kids should stay put if their going to drink (and yes I know they are kids and I know they were drinking) and they sould NOT be drinking al all – thank God that no one got seriously hurt or killed.

  10. breanna says:

    maybe you’re a loser with no life so shut up. 😀

  11. toshia says:

    Seriously? How do you know if they were drinking? And go argue some where else if you wanna talk about who is a hypocrite, this article only tells you so much. Don’t make crazy assumptions until you get the fully story. Be glad they are ok. how do you people sit here and crack jokes about something this serious? I happen to know one of the people, so chill with rude,not funny, insulting comments.

    1. Dena K says:

      Toshia, lighten up! The last sentence in the article said “THERE WERE NO REPORTS OF SERIOUS INJURIES” Then again, you probably didn’t even bother to read the 4 sentence article.

  12. Rob says:

    No one got caught or even attempted to flee the scene after the accident happened. You all are stupid, including who ever wrote this article. This is coming from someone who was at the scene from start to finish.

  13. joey says:

    actually it was a 17 year old girl drunk driving and the guy had a kid and did try fleeing the scene

  14. Michelle says:

    Sandra Henretty

    ur sister is f stupid for doing what she did if that was sister nstead of defending try and tell her what she has done she was drunk irresponsible and had poor judge ment if that was me i wouldt be out in school she should be in a tremendous trouble for her actions

    Coming from the pathetic henretty family,,

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