20-Year-Old Woman Rescued At West End Overlook

ELLIOT (KDKA) — Emergency crews rescued a woman at the West End Overlook Wednesday evening.

Kristi Demel, 20, of Brentwood, was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital in stable condition.

She and two friends were walking on the hillside, just below the Overlook, when they went past a three-foot high railing. She lost her grip, slipped and fell vertically off a rock, landing on a ledge, about 20 feet below her.

“She was conscious and alert and it appeared she had a fractured leg and possibly a foot injury,” EMS Division Chief Robert Farrow said.

It took just over an hour and 15 minutes for paramedics to rescue Demel after they reached her. First, they climbed down a ladder and gave her pain medication.

They then placed her on a board and in a stokes basket to prevent further injury. She was finally lifted to safety just before 6 p.m.

“She was given some pain medication, gave that some time to work so we could move her without her being in any real distress; placed her in a stokes basket, moved her horizontal across the hillside,” said Farrow. “She’s pretty lucky. Fortunately, she fell 15 feet, there’s areas up here where you could fall a good 50, 60 feet.”

One of the friends she was with, Paul Hagerich, also of Brentwood, told KDKA TV: “We were just looking at the view. We wanted to stand on a rock … and she fell.”

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One Comment

  1. chrisp says:

    When you don’t follow the simpilist rules then stupidity happens!

  2. Mary says:

    Now she’ll either sue the city, or cry to the news when she’s cited for trespassing, as she should be.

    1. Don says:

      Sadly you’re probably right. The correct ending would be that she has to pay the costs for her rescue. It’s a shame we can’t tax stupidity.

      1. anon says:

        You have no right to say what she should or should not pay. For saying things like this maybe you should have to pay for this. It would have been a different story if that would have been you, right?
        Its a shame we have people like you in the world.

        Shes not stupid, just clumsy. Let the girl be.

      2. Annie says:

        What next?….posting signs…”Falling from rocks may kill you.”…

    2. niki says:

      the fence is not a metal barricade… it’s open on one side so it kinda calls people to the rocks….. there are no trespassing signs posted, and the fence is open so she shouldn’t be cited for trespassing… every one growin up by the overlook has sat or stood on those rocks, it’s actually really peaceful sitting on them. i’m just glad she’s ok!

      1. Mary says:

        Fence, barricade, call it what you want. It’s pretty obvious where you’re supposed to stand and where you’re not supposed to stand. Several years ago a few drunk guys decided to climb the hill after realizing they’d missed the last car & the incline had closed for the night. He was charged with trespassing since the rescuers were put at risk. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/cityregion/s_543858.html

      2. anon says:

        Yeah, that guy was DRUNK and trying to climb down it. This poor girl had no intentions on falling or climbing anywhere. She probably just wanted to see the view like may other people have at the same spot. Doesn’t everyone realize that she and that man are not in the same category?

    3. Kristi says:

      Why would I sue the city? Its my own mistake and why should i be cited for trespassing if theres no sign that indicates otherwise? I’m paying more than enough in pain…but it actually hurts more to have to read what inconsiderate people like you have to say about me.

      1. Jeanie DeNuzzio says:

        Perhaps because you think you have to have a sign to warn you against your worst enemy, you? You could have been killed. If you would have, I have no doubt your family would have sued the city. There isn’t a sign telling you not to jump out into moving traffic, do you do that too? The railing is there for a reason. So now a beautiful place where people get photos will have to get ugly signs because of people like you. Who gets to pay all the emergency response teams that were there because of your lack of judgment? Forgetting the fact that they were put at risk because you feel it was ok to be there because of “no sign”. That logic makes no sense. In that case, there wasn’t a sign telling you that you could either! Please tell me you are on birth control and that yo don’t bring a child into “your” world until you get your head out of the clouds.

      2. Amy says:

        this is to that jeanie girl,,,you have NO reason to say that to her! I’ve been living up here for all my life and i’ve been on those rocks before they can be very slippery! and to say for her not to bring a child into this world is just plain right rude. she has as much of a right to be on those rocks as you do to breathe. so if you’re going to unsult a girl like that for an ACCIDENT then don’t.

      3. Thomas J Duttine says:

        I have to commend you. You made a mistake and aren’t blaming someone else. Everyone make mistakes. You are only stupid if you don’t learn from them!

      4. Jeanie DeNuzzio says:

        TO AMY! Her “excuse is because there is NO SIGN! Anyone with an IQ over 60 can tell the fence is there to keep people on ONE SIDE OF IT!! She put rescue workers at risk for being DUMB! And in her own words “BECAUSE THERE WAS NO SIGN” Which means she lacks common sense . I stand by what I said. Was it suppose to be mean? YES!! So that maybe others would think before being so stupid!!!

      5. jenn says:

        Kristi, get better girl, accidents happen, as Jesus said in the Gospels, let the first one who has not sinned cast the first stone….. they all walked away. You are alive for a reason, and thank the Lord for saving your life. We all do things in our life that are not smart…. but we also learn from them. You made a mistake and you paid for it. Take care and ignore the haters.

      6. Ryan says:

        You people really believe this is actually the girl? wow.

      7. anon says:

        Please Tell me Jeanie… if you were in this situation would you feel the same? i know what you would say i would never let something that stupid happen BLAH BLAH BLAH. Shes twenty years old for god sake, not 50 like you probably are. Let her make her own mistakes and learn from them without inconsiderate people like you saying things that most likely will hurt her. I’m pretty sure she feels awful to start with.

        SO your saying that every accident that needs a rescue team doesn’t involve a lack of judgement? ITS CALLED AN ACCIDENT. I’m sure your so perfect and you’ve never had a lack of judgment. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. Everyone makes mistakes, even you.

        Oh and please tell me that you don’t have kids… because having a mother like you I would be completely ashamed. You have no compassion for others what-so-ever.

      8. Jeanie DeNuzzio says:

        Anon, no I’m not 50 But I”m not 20 either …. the fact that she choose to climb over the fence that is there to PROTECT her from the rocks shows a lacks of intelligence. REGARDLESS of her age. It wouldn’t have happen to me, why you ask? Because I don’t go where I”m not suppose to be! But I know, there wasn’t a sign to tell her no to climb the fence… so we all should be “awe, poor thing”. That I can’t because she is 20 not 5!

      9. anon says:

        Jeanie, I didn’t jump over any fence. Maybe if YOU had a sign of intelligence maybe you would know that you can simply walk around the fence. I guess no one taught you the golden rule. “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” cause you obviously have no manors WHAT SO EVER. Did you want me to die too? Would you be happier if i did? Thats what it sounds like to me.

        I know that the fence is there to save you from the rocks, I completely understand that. However, I am not the only person to have ever sit on those rocks before. I might have been the only one to SLIP off of them, but i did not do it intentionally.
        I made an illogical decision. I really don’t care if you don’t go places you shouldn’t. Which is most likely a lie, are you telling me you’ve never done anything you shouldn’t? Everyone has.

        How do you know that it couldn’t have happened to you? Your not a psychic. You could fall anywhere and break the same bones like i did. It doesn’t matter where someone falls. It can happen, ITS CALLED AN ACCIDENT.

        And another thing, why would I want YOUR pity? — I could really care less what you think since you obviously really don’t have the slightest bit of compassion for others. You don’t matter to me or to anyone else for that matter. I know your allowed to speak your opinions or whatever but just tell them to someone who cares cause I don’t anymore.

  3. David Roth says:

    So why is there no video on this story?

  4. Mark DeNuzzio says:

    Niki, you and this woman are the reasons they have to put “DO NOT USE IN THE SHOWER” on electric toasters.

    1. Jayd says:

      So true!

    2. Kristi says:

      Since when are you not supposed to take an electric toaster in to the shower?

      1. anon says:

        People like you should be ashamed. Joking about things like this isn’t FUNNY. Kristi
        really did not say that.

        If you were in her situation I’m sure your hurtful sense of humor would completely change.


  5. niki says:

    the city needs to close off the end thats open so you can’t go around and walk 10 ft to the rocks. there are a lot of young kids who sit and stand on those rocks. we’re in the west end so why spend money on 15ft more of a fence. the city made sure mt. washington was safe, not us. our neighborhoods on the west side of the city are always neglected, that fence should not have been.
    mark, i’m not that stupid. i’m sure you’ve wanted to do things before that most people would not do. think about hiking and finding a waterfall or a stream below you, there are lots of rocks and you normally do sit or stand on them to take it in, same difference. i would never place a radio at the edge of my bath tub while i shower, now, sitting on a rock thats big and sturdy to take in a view or just have a peaceful moment, yes i would do that… i’m sure most people would and have.

  6. JOSH says:


  7. tax payer says:

    maybe you and half of the others in elliott should donate some of your section 8 checks to put the fence up

    1. jenn says:

      Hey I am from Elliott and I work and have a good job, so does my son and we have a nice house, not everyone is Section 8 in Elliott. There are still a lot of good families that stayed there.

  8. Christine says:

    “@MaryFence, barricade, call it what you want. It’s pretty obvious where you’re supposed to stand and where you’re not supposed to stand. Several years ago a few drunk guys decided to climb the hill after realizing they’d missed the last car & the incline had closed for the night. He was charged with trespassing since the rescuers were put at risk.”

    The West End Overlook is in WEST END, This is not the same place where where the incline is llocated

    1. Mary says:

      Thanks for the geography lesson, but I already knew that. I was using it as an example. Obviously you didn’t catch that.

  9. "falling over the rocks" says:

    Maybe the city should put up signs with pictures of fpeople falling.It seems like there are too many illiterate people who aspire to be mountain climbers ..
    Maybe falling down the rocks will fix stupid.
    I like the idea of section 8 people contributing to put up a higher fence…maybe they can help install it too..that is if they know what side of the fence to stand on

    1. anon says:

      Wow, you should feel ashamed of yourself. Joking about others misfortunes inst right. How would you feel if you were in this situation?
      .and Who said she was trying to climb the rocks? your the illiterate one, get your facts straight before you call anyone stupid.

  10. Bea says:

    She was probably on her phone or texting when she went to far. Nothing stops the people doing that, they just keep going with their heads down, in the phone. When I see them coming I don’t move out of the way, I just stop, & they run right into me! Seems none of her friends managed to fall over the hill. So where were her eyes.

    1. Kristi says:

      I’m glad to inform you that, no in fact i was not on my cell phone. Where were my eyes you ask? They were pretty much focused on the life that flashed before my eyes. Maybe one day you’ll understand how i felt, and how I’m feeling now.

  11. Joe Orbovich says:

    The West End Overlook is located in ELLIOTT… And there is no way to close off the end… I grew up there… We used to cut through a path under the rocks to get there… ANd when all else fails… Flip over the 4.5 foot fence and your on the rocks!

    1. jenn says:

      I used to climb down on those rocks, back in the day…. also there was never a fence there when I was growing up…. Fourth of July we would all head up there and sit on the edge of the hillside and wait for the fireworks to begin.

  12. Ian says:

    We should just send EMS, fire, rescue etc to attend to people who seem to have gotten hurt by being in the right place at the wrong time…..
    uhhhh… what.

  13. Alysha says:

    theres a fence but it’s not very hard to walk around it. I go up there all the time cause my family lives up that, i grew up there and i always sat on the rocks and i still do. But if i am going up to sit on the rocks then i am very careful. I know the place and i know how everything is. This girl was just really dumb because she tried to jump to the next rock in flip flops and missed. It’s nobody else’s fault except hers. And don’t talk about the people who live up there like that, because my family is white and very hard workers and probably have more money that a lot of you. they are trying to fix the neighborhood up. So obviously you don’t know what your talking about so don’t talk.

  14. PERFECT PEOPLE says:


  15. tax payer says:

    your not the only one who grew up in elliott beleive me,
    also beleive me when i say you will be the next one they have to carry back up the hill
    and if you read my last statement it said most people not all sre on section 8

    1. Alysha says:

      I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to have to, when I go down there, I go down when it’s not raining and I just go sit on a rock, I do t go jumping around on the rocks, I am careful. If you go down there you just have to be safe and not dumb. I’ve been down there for many years and I know what it’s like.

      1. Alysha says:


  16. Anon says:

    There is absolutely no reason to be rude. This is one of my best friends, so try to be a little more empathetic to the people who actually know her, and her family. She’s not “stupid” by any means. It’s offensive to me to have to read the cmments made by people criticizing this girl for having an accident. As previously stated, most people enjoy a scenic view on a nice day. Not all people are professional mountain climbers so this is the result. It was an accident, I’m just so grateful that she is OKAY. Ever think of that? The comments on this are gross and I’m sure they would be hurtful towards her. This just teaches a lesson that we need to be more careful sometimes and be more aware of our surroundings.

    1. Anon says:

      We didn’t realize that she accidentally went around a barrier that was set up to warn people of the dangers of going around it. Seems rather intentional.

      1. anon says:

        Intentional? So any fence/barrier in general is used to warn people? All of them?
        I’m sure Kristi knows what she did was wrong by WALKING AROUND THE BARRIER. However, why would any person want to harm themselves and put others in danger intentionally? Shes paying for her mistakes so just leave her alone.

  17. Anon says:

    P.s. she’s a pretty responsible girl, she’s not going to try to take advantage of the city and the tax payers, God forbid. She’s a tax payer too, we’re all the same. It’s okay to set your ego aside for a second.

    1. Anon says:

      > responsible

      Like not going around a barrier?

      Yes, we’ve all made mistakes. And when the mistakes are stupid, they are what they are. Just because we’ve all made mistakes doesn’t make them any more stupid.

  18. Alicia says:

    A “pretty responsible girl” wouldn’t break rules and walk around a fence and get themselves into a situation like she did. She could have DIED and for what??? Common sense(which sadly isn’t as common as we’d like it to be) would tell someone not to go on the other side of the fence…hell I think my SIX year old would even grasp that concept. It’s a good thing this young lady didn’t lose her life, she needs to stop making stupid choices

    1. A says:

      I kind of agree with you. I don’t think the problem is going around the fence. If you just sit down and relax and you don’t goof off, which most of the people do that grew up there do, you would be fine. If you go around the fence you just sit down and not goof off, your fine. The problem was that she did goof off, she jumped from rock to rock. When there’s a cliff right by you, you don’t do that.

      1. Jan says:

        The problem is “going around the fence.” The fence is there because beyond that then any ‘stupid’ action can lead to this. And if someone is going to show bad judgement by going around the fence then it’s not surprising that they’ll make more bad judgements. If a fence is put up for this reason, then it’s not up to the individual to decide that it’s okay to trespass. The fact that this rescue had to happen is proof why people should not go around the fence. Yes, your point is that most that go around the fence don’t do something even more stupid that makes them fall. But 100% of the people who don’t go around the fence never fall…

    2. ALICIA IS WRONG says:

      WHAT RULES DID SHE BREAK? AND SO WHAT? People make stupid choices everyday… like for instance you having children was a pretty stupid choice, eh? DONT CRITICIZE UNLESS YOU CANT HANDLE IT.

  19. niki says:

    I work and pay taxes… I also do not get anything from the state. Take ur crude remarks and find somebody that doesn’t pay taxes and boo hoo to them

  20. tax payer says:

    niki single mom i bet ………….. nevermind
    anyways yinz stupid people who think that by sitting on the rock instead of jumping on it that its any safer then why dont the city put the fence around the rock so you can stand on it……….. let me tell you those rocks are the same type of rocks that constantly fall on route 28……… one year they are solid and safe the next year they are rollin across 28 stuff like that isnt safe standing sitting or jumping

    1. Wow... says:

      I don’t agree with niki but that remark was just rude. Everyday there is somebody on those rocks. They fall not because of the rocks but because she was jumping. A few years ago there wasn’t a fence, they put it up because they redid the overlook, nothing special happened to put them up and it was never considered that dangerous, if it was then there would be a better fence and the cops would kick people out of there which they don’t. You don’t see the overlook everyday, so you don’t know what’s really going on up there.

    2. niki says:

      Tax payer- Woman hater, i bet!
      I am a single mother of a wonderful soon to be 5yr old daughter… just because i didn’t marry the man I had a child with doesn’t make me a bad or STUPID person. LIKE I SAID, I work, pay taxes and am a single mother who does not get help from the state, and i’m proud of that… i vote and care about the community i’ve lived in for over 20years. Me being a single mother has nothing to do with the fact that I love OUR overlook and lots of people sit on those rocks. So sorry you just can’t grasp that! So please put ur wife beater on and grab ur beer and fall asleep on ur recliner and please stop with your remarks. I’ve gone to that overlook for over 20years and those rocks havent moved an inch… actually where she fell isn’t ever where i’m talking about, she hopped the fence where there is a drop. any who, I thank God she’s ok, and you should as well!

      1. anon says:

        There was no fence hopping involved, you can walk right around it.

  21. tax payer says:

    wow there has been a fence for as long as i can remember….. niki i am proud of you also. not that you need my approval but who cares….but i am interested to know if your one of these fine people of our city that had a child when they were 15 …..16 maybe that will help me put a face on your name humor me a little please. and i guess because i dissagree with you i beat my wife and drink beer? makes sense to me when did you graduate from langley just curious

    1. StacyJ says:

      What does that matter? Obviously you are one of those uneducated people that cannot read. She told you to go put on your wife beater. Not go beat your wife. You are no better than her or anyone else on here. You need to get over yourself! Bigtime! Just because a 20yr old girl made a mistake….Seriously…I’m sure you’ve never done anything reckless in your life.

    2. niki says:

      tax payer i wasnt 15 or 16. me giving birth to a child has nothing to do with anything i’m saying any way. yes there are a lot of people that have kids too young but a lot of them are productive members of society. when you’re that young it doesnt make you a bad person or mother. its all about the sacrifices us woman make to take care of our children after we see we cant stay with the father because its not healthy to do so for the child or if we are very young. it takes a lot and since you are a man you really don’t understand what woman face having a child and raising it alone. i’m not saying because you disagree with me that you need to put ur beater on and grab a beer, it was a joke, because you kinda were like LET ME GUESS UR A SINGLE MOTHER… yes i am, whats your point? it has nothing to do with anything that happened up there. oh and the fence they replaced it when they redid the overlook. its better than the old one.

  22. UM Yea says:

    just one question, why is this news? well anyway glad shes ok .

  23. Ridiculous says:

    This story is just a shame. I am happy she is okay, but it climbing over a fence to get a better view worth a life. She was lucky she got out with a few broken bones, there are places on that hill they would have been hauling up a dead body…all because she was too “responsible” (as was previously stated) to follow simple no trespassing signs. Whether the fence was there for as long as Pittsburgh has had an adaquate population or not, the fence IS there for a reason. That reason is so people dont fall to their untimely deaths daily. She clearly was not a rock climber and therefore should not have been hopping along pretending to be, balanced precariously on the side of a cliff! She does deserved to be charged with trespassing and even putting the rescuers lives in peril. After all I do not believe this was an “accident.” Accidental would mean the fence giving out as she was leaning on it. Slipping and falling while rock hopping on the wrong side of a barrier with signs stating no trespassing is no accident.

    1. StacyJ says:

      Get over yourself! It is the exact definition of the word. And here…I’ll even help you out with that sence you claim to know what an accident means. accident – An unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm… How about educating yourself!

      1. agree with redic says:

        This is no accident. This is an act against better judgment or common sense as its ‘commonly’ known. Most all accidents just happen, a freak of nature event and cannot be helped. THIS however could have been prevented if she would have stayed on the pavement where even if u slip you get a hurt ass not fall 20 feet.

    2. anon says:


  24. raul says:

    cute toes.

  25. get a grip says:

    OMG you people are rediculous, It was a friggin freak accident and now the young lady is suffering the consequences of her actions. when the young lady fell up in McConnells Mills and a man died trying to rescue her, i did not hear of the bitter comments. She too “broke” the rules. Go up to the overlook on a day there is fireworks. there are hundreds of people sitting on those rocks and the ploice are generally standing near by

    1. get a grip says:

      police even. dont blame me for the site constantly jumping before you can finish a thought.

    2. Alysha says:

      I so agree with you, this never happens, in all the years, this happened once because she was jumping the rocks. Fireworks day people are all down there and cops don’t say anything, when the cops are there on a regular day and people are down there, they never say anything, as long as people are sitting and not fooling around.

      1. anon says:


  26. StacyJ says:

    My Goodness…some of you need to get a grip. She made a mistake, it was a stupid mistake and she is paying for it. Get over yourselves! I can garauntee that you have ALL made mistakes of some kind. And to the people so sure that she would sue the city…just because that’s what you would do doesn’t mean she will. And lastly if you feel that she should pay all of the costs of the rescue then fine, but that means if you are ever involved in an accident of any kind and you are at fault then you should pay for all the fire and ems that come and clean up your mess.

    1. Casey says:

      If I was involved in an accident of any kind that was entirely my fault, such as this one, then I would expect to pay for the disaster myself. Its no ones fault but your own, and I don’t know about anyone else but that would wear on my conscience, no one else should need to pay monetarily or otherwise for my mishap.

  27. Annie says:

    Why should we feel sorry for her and her broken leg?Because of her defiant reckless behavior(she’s 20 not 6),our safety officers risked their own necks to get her out of there..If she had died would not her family try to sue our city for being unsafe?Then why is she not being fined for her negligent recklessness?(why bother saving someone from jumping from a tall building…..they shoot horses don’t they)

    1. StacyJ says:

      I didn’t realize you knew her family so well…Is that what they told you? Yes, the emergency service personel were at risk…it’s something that they willing know when they first go into the program. I am completely aware that I may get sent on a call where someones accident or stupitity puts me at risk and I’m okay with that. It wouldn’t be the first time nor the last. Just because you are so obviously perfect, lol, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is.

    2. anon says:

      Yeah Annie, i didn’t realize that you knew everything?
      Since when do people like you think they have the audacity to say her behavior was reckless? I’m almost positive that she had no intentions on harming herself and putting others in danger. PLUS THOSE OFFICERS ARE DOING THEIR JOBS, THATS WHAT THEY GET PAID FOR, SAVING LIVES.

      And why aren’t you being fined for having negligent compassion? i pity your children.

  28. Kristi says:

    Anybody want to go rock climbing with me today? I’m headed to the Mount now. The West End Overlook owned me!! At least I got some good pain pills.

    1. anon says:

      Wow. Really? Your an idiot. This is NOT HER.
      People need to quit with this disgusting humor. It makes me sick.

  29. HooDatIS? says:


  30. Annoyed says:

    Hey Kristi, Glad you’re ok! You’re not stupid! It’s sad how a lot of the people on here are on their high horse as if they have never made a mistake. It’s real easy to cast judgement behind the safety net of a computer screen.

  31. Diane says:

    Wow, people, shame on you!!!! Lighten up!!!! My God, how people are judgmental. Like any of you have never done something like this when you were young. Just a few young kids enjoying the nice weather and made a mistake. Give them a break for God sakes and be thankful she didn’t have more serious injuries! I’m sure she learned a valuable lesson. That’s what life is all about.

    Hope you get well soon Kristi.

    Diane from Brentwood

    1. jenn says:

      I agree Diane, I replied to the bottom of Kristi’s comments. She made a mistake and she paid for it, thank the good Lord that she did not pay for her life.

  32. 1-2-3 says:

    I wonder if Insurance covers stuipity or if she even has any Ins., if not, her injuries are on the taxpayers dime. If they wanted people to stand on the rocks they would have put steps, not a fence.

    1. anon says:

      Thank you Mr. Obvious.
      Let the girl heal, she doesn’t need people like you making her feel worse than she already must feel about herself. How would you like to be constantly ridiculed like this if you were in her shoes? She made a mistake and now shes paying for it, so just leave her be. Plus, its actually none of your business whether she has insurance or not. You should just be happy that you do, and worry about your own problems.

    2. annie says:


  33. tax payer says:

    great now we have another pill popper in the streets

    1. anon says:

      wow, pill popper really? how inconsiderate of a person can you be?

  34. Yodog says:

    Kristi I had problems like this too – when I was about two years old. Lol

    1. anon says:

      HA yeah, thats why your humor lacks the whole concept of funny. Keep your day job.

  35. Mrs. Jones says:

    I’m glad I didn’t buy a house in the West End, you people are mean and hateful.

  36. tax payer says:

    lol anon maybe you should’ve jumped with her
    Mrs. Jones – only mean and hatefull to those who are deserving
    anyone else care to join me at the overlook this weekend youll know me when you see me ill be selling some parachutes

    1. anon says:

      tax payer – you really don’t have any compassion do you? you have the audacity of a five year old. did your mother ever teach you how to be nice? i guess not. Your mom most likely killed herself by jumping off a cliff since she couldn’t handle how much she hated you and the way you turned out…THAT MUST BE WHY YOUR SO INCONSIDERATE…

      So what your saying is that girl deserves all these hateful comments? If she was your daughter i really don’t think you would be saying these things. and i don’t wanna hear from you that my daughter wouldn’t be that stupid blah blah blah blah. I can already hear what asinine comment your gonna say next. Something else MEANINGLESS.

      Shes still young and naive. Let her make her mistakes on her own without your negative comments. Your ignorance towards people who are in pain is very apparent. You need some help big time.

      And another thing, I just love how you think that your so funny. Reality Check! Your not, your just a disgusting piece of existence and you deserve ten times what you’ve been saying. You are the epitome of bad humor.

      Stick with you day job and maybe someday you’ll actually end up a decent person because as I see it now, Your on the wrong path.

  37. Annie says:

    !1 2 3


  38. cheryl says:

    It is the jeannie denunzios of this world who should be on birth control.. What a self rightious nut she is. Let’s hope that she is not allowed to breed and bring her little intolerant brats into this world.

  39. tax payer anon says:

    anon—- really thats the game you wish to play…. didnt see many people up overlook today wonder why? since you know everything why dont you tell us exactly what went on when she jumped? or did you push her i forgot how great you are. i bet you even voted for this piece of sh1t we have in office

    did you push he paul?

    1. anon says:

      Tax payer–
      if only you actually knew.
      This is Kristi, This has been me the entire time through our recent argument.
      I’m just sick of hearing you put me down every other comment. I was hoping maybe a taste of your own medicine would make you just stop all of this, WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?

      I didn’t jump, Everything in my life was great before this happened. I had a great job, I’m almost done with school – i have only two semesters to go for my degree, I have a great boyfriend and the best of friends i could wish for, i have a loving family– I had no intentions on this happening.

      I wasn’t trying to get any attention or anything like that. Your just making me feel horrible, like maybe i deserved something worse? is that what you think? Do you wish i died? I didn’t do this on purpose.

      Heres the 411: AGAIN, I DID NOT JUMP! There was no pushing, or rock jumping or any goofing around involved what-so-ever. Two friends and I went up there to enjoy the view since I hadn’t been up there before. I was just simply sitting down on a rock, it happened to be wet since it had rained earlier that day. I went to get back up off the rock and i slipped. I tried to save myself but gravity was just not letting it happen. Then, i fell right on to a corner of a rock on the hillside below. There was nothing I could do at that point but prey I would live through this.

      I know i made a stupid decision of sitting on those rocks in the first place, I don’t need your constant reminders. You or anyone else has no right to justify whether I’m stupid, or If i should have children, etc. I just love how you think I jumped when i didn’t.

      Also, I don’t know what Obama has to do with this — thats completely a different subject, theres no need for politics right now. I also don’t blame people for not wanting to be up there. I can tell you right now that I’ll never be going up there ever again.

      I’m just asking you if you have any compassion in your heart at all to just leave me be. I’m already self conscious as it is, your making it harder on me to recover properly.

    2. StacyJ says:

      Tax payer,
      Are you really a tax payer? Just out of curiousity, because you sure have alot of spare time to be posting tons of comments on here. I posted a few before WORK. You really sound like a judgemental fool. And remember that you too will be judged for your actions one day, and hopefully the ignorant rants that you’ve made won’t be held against you.

  40. tax payer says:

    first of all dont pretend to be someone you are not… second when someone says something about you, you say something back. my first comments werent even directed towards you. i was commenting on stuff others said. people do make mistakes …… but dont come on here pretending to be someone else making thing worse then they are if you didnt like what was being said ignore it or dont even read it, instead you incourage me when i shouldve know beter and shut my mouth..

    and stacyj do you work for a local public school by chance ? MSD?
    i make spare time after work. would you like to visit me once so you can see i have a job and pay taxes?
    only god can judge me
    most and i say most of my actions are for the better

  41. anon says:

    I’m not pretending, its really kristi. I wouldn’t lie about it. Idk how I could show you that its me? I would if you found a way that’s easy.

  42. tax payer says:

    meaning you shouldve said this is kristi in stead of saying anon

    and we reached 100 comments lol

    1. another anon says:

      I still don’t believe it is her.

    2. Kristi says:

      I understand that now tax payer — i wish i would have said it all along. I tried once then people pretended to be me and said worse things… things I would never say about myself.

      I am who i say i am. Why would i go through all of this for nothing? I’d like to hope other people would have more of a life then to pretend to be someone their not — or pretend to be me for that matter.

      Its the truth and if you don’t believe me, oh well. I just would like to heal without all of these hurtful comments in the back of my head — because it makes me think that many of these people wish me dead, or worse off. Its not something good to think about in the back of ones head, ya know?

  43. Live in Pittsburgh says:

    can someone please tell me why this story has so many comments??!!! so she fell of a rock, clumsy chick. acknowledge move on. we’ve all done something stupid ( i dare one of you to say you haven’t–hermit!). some idiot had to use a hair dryer in the shower for them to put a warning on it, some lady had to spill coffee on her for McDonald’s to put a warning on it (did we even have iced coffee back then? I’m too young to remember). So someone had to fall off a rock for us to know not to…wait for it…..FALL OFF A ROCK. geez people, get over it Oh, i know let’s complain when someone’s house is on fire and we call the local engine company to put it out. “darn you and your flammable substances, why don’t you live in an asbestos house or something? we can’t waste our tax dollars on saving your life. what a selfish fool you are!” of course then they’d get mesothelioma from living in the asbestos house and we’d have to pay for their treatments. man, people are so selfish. wasting our tax dollars on rescue services. what a world, what a world….

Comments are closed.

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