Judge Allows Crime Scene Photos In ‘Greensburg 6’ Suspect’s Trial

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — One of the six suspects charged in the brutal torture and murder of a Greensburg woman last year was in court Thursday for the final time before the start of her trial.

Angela Marinucci is the first of the so-called Greensburg 6 to go to trial.

She and five others are charged in the death of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty last February.

In a pre-trial conference today, Judge Rita Hathaway discussed some last minute issues with attorneys on both sides.

One issue was what testimony will be admissible when it comes to statements made by Angela Marinucci to others. The judge decided that comments made by Marinucci regarding jealousy over Jennifer Daugherty’s relationship with Ricky Smyrnes would be allowed because they establish motive.

Another issue was which photographs of the scene inside the apartment where Jennifer Daugherty died would be showed to the jury. Defense attorneys argued that certain crime scene photos shouldn’t be allowed because they are unnecessarily gruesome and would prejudice the jury. But, the judge responded that this was an extremely gruesome crime and the jury should be privy to photos showing the gruesome crime scene.

There was no talk from either side today about the possibility of a last minute plea deal.

The judge has scheduled one week for jury selection. As long as a jury is seated by next Friday, testimony will begin a week from Monday.

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  1. Cibyl H says:

    These people are sick and need to punished. Even though it will not bring Jennifer back it will be some closure for her family. A mother should never lose a child, let alone have your child taken from you. These are not people, they are not human. These are just souless bodies taking up our space hurting good people. They will pay for what they have done, the one thing that plays over and over in my mind is that in any case like this if and when the person is found guilty,(the ones who recieve the death penalty) They get to go to sleep, they are numb to the pain, they dont suffer in any way and to me thats disturbing but I have faith that they will suffer for eternity and that will be worse than what these things put this woman through. Over a man, or just for simply amusment this woman died and that is not a reason, those are just motives there are no reasons when you do something like this. I will have the Daugherty family in my prayers. This is one of the sickening crimes I have ever heard of. People please, autism or not always warn your children of the evil out in this world and dont forget to remind yourselves from time to time too. Unfortunatly stories and crimes like these are how we remember, but its not to late to change that. The world is not the same as it once was, we can no longer count on a neighbor to call 911 or call someone a friend after knowing them for a year. We have to be very cautious of whom we trust and allow in our lives. That is sad.

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