Crosby Admits He May Have Suffered 2 Concussions

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What happened to Sidney Crosby is a tale of two hits — the first being a brutal one in the Winter Classic at Heinz Field on New Year’s Day.

After the second against Tampa Bay just four days later, Crosby was diagnosed with the concussion that sidelined him the rest of the season, raising the question of whether he was already playing with a concussion at the time.

Andy Sheehan: “Are you worried that you had a concussion on top of a concussion with the second hit?”

Sidney Crosby: “You know what? It’s possible, but, you know, it’s not the easiest thing to diagnose and I don’t think if you ask any guy who’s been through it before it’s not something you know right away.”

Sustaining a hit to the head while having a concussion can result in something called post-concussion syndrome – associated with the lingering symptoms that Crosby has been suffering.

The team says Crosby was evaluated for concussion after the Winter Classic and showed no symptoms even up to game time against Tampa Bay.

“I talked to him myself for 10 minutes before the game, probably around 4:30 – never, ever, ever occur to me there was anything wrong,” General Manager Ray Shero said.

There is no way now of saying whether Crosby did suffer a brain injury in the first hit, but Crosby agrees the team did all it could to find out at the time.

“It wasn’t because of lack of care or anyone not being as diligent as possible it just the way the circumstances were, but, yeah, I don’t think anything would have changed,” Crosby said.

“Hindsight’s 20-20 with any of these injuries, but in terms of what happened in that five day period, what symptoms he had getting to the Tampa Bay game, you know,” Shero said. “But, I think we’re all confident as to how things were handled and treated.”

Despite a recent spate of headaches, Crosby is confident of his future.

“Hopefully the next step doesn’t have any hurdles and I’m just able to begin getting ready for next season as usual,” he said.

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One Comment

  1. Brad Lodovico says:

    I knew he did. There’s no way just one concussion keep you out that long. I was at the TB game he got hit in the head again and my family and I were commenting on how he wasn’t playing like himself; just 24 hours later it made sense why he wasn’t playing like himself when they said he was being flow back to Pittsburgh from Montreal.

  2. Race Street says:

    what would we do without you, Brad?

  3. Paul Steigerwald says:

    Crosby will be back for the Pens 4th Stanley Cup in 2011-2012. So will Lemieux. The Malkin-Crosby-Lemieux line will be the best in the league by far. Go Pens! See you in September.

    1. moe says:

      Sound’s like a winner.

    2. Kevin says:

      You’re even more of an adiot on the web than you are on TV with Boob Errey

    3. Derrick says:

      you on crack? Lemieux is going to play on cruches????

    4. Derrick says:

      Paul, I think you need a hair piece that makes you look like Jay Caufield!

    5. Sir Raymond says:

      See you in Sept. Steigy !But please, send Bob on his way please. He never shuts-up! Get Mike Lange back on t.v.

  4. Kevin says:

    Go Flyers

    1. moe says:

      Hump the Flyers.

      1. Dan Magdich says:

        Go (to hell) Flyers.

      2. raul says:

        Hey Fruit Loop Kevin…..1975 you choking dog!!

  5. TIMSTER says:

    GO STEELERS !!!!!

    1. moe says:

      Hump the Steelers.

  6. adda boy says:

    Eggshell for a skull.

    1. Derrick says:

      Actually, Crosby is a girl

  7. Julianne says:

    As aggressive as Crosby’s plays, I’m surprised he never suffered a concussion prior to this season. I hope he completely heals over the summer and returns next season. Hockey just isn’t the same without him. He brings so much to the game – he makes the impossible possible. I still can’t believe that Steckel wasn’t penalized for that blatant hit. Wake up Commish!

    1. Chet 1 says:

      When I think of aggressive, the first player that comes to mind for me isn’t Crosby, it would be someone more like Ovechkin. He seems to play with a zest on both ends of the ice that is virtually unmatched, and I’m a Red Wing fan.

      1. TJMac18 says:

        It appears you really haven’t watched Ovi very closely. He plays defense in spurts. Often times drifting back to the zone and occasionally using his speed. Nowhere near consistent in that end. Watch tonight.

  8. Derrick says:

    Crosby is a wienie and the leauge is a joke! I hav been a fan for almost 25 years, no more! The leauge doesnt protect the players, and the players are a bunch of china dolls. I would rather watch a vomiting contest!

    1. Derrick says:

      Hey Bubbles, I fight MMA. I could beat up 10 of your friends up at the same time!
      And my Mom has passed away, good comment idiot!

      1. mark says:

        STFU tough guy…Your mom is upstairs calling you to bed..

  9. Derrick says:

    You couldn’t even take on my dead Mom! haahaa. your name is bubbles, you’re a transvesite?

  10. Chet 1 says:

    TJMac18, I would rather have Ovechkin in spurts than the floater Crosby who seems to only dabble in defensive play and only comes alive when the Pens have possession of the puck, although to his credit, he does have unique puck sense in the offensive zone. For my money, I would take Ovechkin or my favorite, Pavel Datsyuk.

  11. Derrick says:

    Whats the matter bubbles, your head pop?

  12. Jean Pronovost says:

    Once again the idiots are out of the woodwork wasteing time seeing who can be more freakin stupid and ignorant than the last person who made a stupid comment. Just about all NHL players are tougher than any one of us including most NFL players. Look what NHL players have happen and still play in the same game,teeth lost, stitches,broken fingers,black eyes etc,etc.Crosby is tougher than all of us so get over it and the Penguins had a great season considering all of the injuries.Take Take Ovechkin off the ice for thee plus months and see if Caps even make playoffs,I doubt it

    1. julianne says:

      And don’t forget that hockey players must be able to skate on the ice as smoothly as they walk on the ground, and still be able to produce. They are defintely a tough breed, and unlike other sports, you rarely, if ever, hear about hockey players getting into trouble.

      1. mark d says:

        Julianne, that was excellent point about hardly ever hearing of Hockey players in trouble..Whether with the law, the league, the courts etc,,,,, Great point Miss Julianne

  13. Mike says:

    My only hope is Root replaces Paul with Lange

  14. TM 02 says:

    So his career is over then.

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