3 Injured In Indiana County Helicopter Crash

INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) — Three people were injured Saturday night when a helicopter, which was reportedly filming for a reality television show, crashed near the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The crash happened around 9 p.m. near an alley between two buildings on Klondyke Avenue. The scene is about two to three blocks north of IUP’s campus and not far from the courthouse.

Four people were reportedly on the helicopter when it came down. It could be seen after the crash on its nose, leaning up against a building.

There were no injuries to anyone on the ground in the area; but because it came down near occupied structures, some residents were forced out of the buildings.

The four people injured were taken to Conemaugh Hospital in Johnstown, Indiana Regional Medical Center, and also flown to Allegheny General Hospital.

indianachopper430113 1 3 Injured In Indiana County Helicopter Crash

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Witnesses say the chopper was over the area filming for a show called “Campus PD,” which airs on the “G4” cable channel, when it clipped an apartment building and crashed.

“They pulled people from the wreckage shortly after it happened – that being police officers pulled them away. We just saw a body being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Right now, they’re just cordoning it off and making sure the entire scene is safe,” said Greg Pollock, an IUP student. “It is about two blocks north of campus, among residential buildings – it’s very dense here with campus population.”

There is no word on the conditions of any of the people who were injured.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.

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One Comment

  1. Gabby Grossman says:

    well, i was there when this happened some really good pictures i put on facebook.

    1. Laura says:

      Oh, yeah, really good pictures? COOOOOOL. Nevermind the fact that there’s a high likelihood that someone died tonight, as long as you have “some really good pictures”, of it.

      1. TissueBox says:

        People die all day everyday. Better get used to it lady.

  2. Gabby Grossman says:

    i was there? i saw everyone be brought out of the helicopter. i stayed at the scene for like 2 hours..

    1. IUP STUDENT says:

      that doesn’t give you the right to upload those pictures and make it all sound okay just because you have those.
      and by the way it’s illegal for you to upload photos of an accident to facebook or the internet in general. press can but general public can’t.
      oh and not sure how you were there for two hours when they were clearing everyone out roping off the area and evacuating within 5 -10 minuets after the crash. i was there too, so get your story straight.

      1. Cmurder says:

        Shut up IUP NARC…… “it’s illegal, i’m gonna tell”

        I’m sure you were there with your flashing blue lights… make sure you take some of that crime scene tape home with ya so you can asphyxiated yourself until you hear sirens again

      2. ENFORCER says:

        Illegal huh? Lol! I think you make stuff up as you go along IUP STUDENT. Nothing in Title 18 that I know of that makes it illegal. Stick to elementary education or psychology and leave the legal issues to those in the business.

  3. Dan says:

    nobody died

  4. Andrew Slavin says:

    any pics loadem up i wanna see them

  5. ladydidi says:

    FBrackenridgePD – Without the VFD’s our small town homes would not be protected. This is hurtful to myself a resident of small town PA.

  6. johnny69 says:

    What time did this happen?

  7. Audra says:

    The quotation “saw a body being loaded into an ambulance” makes it sound as though someone has died. Please revise!

    1. Mike Sieminski says:

      No there were no fatalities at the incident.

  8. Michael Sieminski says:

    I was in the fire hall when the call went out. And we were at bingo trying to raise money for our equipment to keep our communities safe. What is this rent a cop stuff all about? Anyone who is a police officer either Indiana Borough or IUP Police still have to go through Act 120 training. So if you think your a true cop so are they. And where do you get off about the volunteers? Keyword Volunteer we do it for free so you cops can make your money while we do the work behind scenes at vehicle accidents. So lets even this up…. Cops up here are “BRAVE” enough to be volunteer firefighters just for your information.

  9. Intel@igent.iup says:

    Many of the posts here are indicative of the quality of IUP students. Brilliant.

    1. Man In Grey says:

      Yeah, pretty much. Things haven’t changed overmuch.

  10. hello kitty says:


  11. Sgt. Slotter says:

    There are charges pending on “Gabby” for illegal use of facebook, in addition, “Michael S” will be charged for illegal bingo activity .. section 243B in the Bingo handbook clearly states that mentioning the word “Brave” in the same paragraph as the word “Bingo” is illegal. My mother died 23 years ago in an unrelated event, this is very upsetting.

  12. jeff says:

    If you’re going to film an episode of “Campus PD” CERTAINLY there is no better campus than IUP. You can’t walk 15 feet without seeing a cruiser.

  13. KL807 says:

    Shut ur mouth about pictures there’s people in serious conditions show some respect hope u guys are alright

  14. Anemki says:

    Unfortunately, a passenger of the helicopter passed this weekend. Weeks after the incident occurred. Greg Jacobsen, 33, passed away on the weekend after spending more than three weeks in intensive care in an Allentown, Pa. hospital following the April 30 accident. My condolences to the family. Greg graduated from a local college here in Ontario, Canada.

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