More Unclaimed Property Available Through State Treasury

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Viewers have claimed more than $1 million since KDKA-TV’s report on Pennsylvania’s Unclaimed Property Office.

Now, the state has a whole new batch of money and some of it could be yours.

The state just got new reports in along with a lot more cash from financial organizations. There is over $124,000 waiting for one person from Allegheny County.

Now, there are millions more that weren’t there when KDKA-TV told you about the Unclaimed Property Office’s website three months ago.

“We have more than $142 million of unclaimed property just for your viewers alone,” Pennsylvania Secretary of Treasury Rob McCord told KDKA-TV’s John Shumway.

Even if you checked for your name on within the last couple of months, you should go back and check again.

“There’s a whole new supply of unclaimed property because the reporting deadline was April 15,” McCord said.

“Absolutely. So, your viewers should check again, to see if they have money and check throughout the summer because it’s a process for us to load the tens of thousands of reports into our database,” Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property Office Assistant Director Maureen Ferrari said.

Every company and every bank that deals in financial accounts has to surrender unclaimed property to the state vault.

“An old bank account, an old paycheck, sometimes demutualization of insurances and you had a little stock. Sometimes it’s a security deposit or rent check that you didn’t get rebated to you. Sometimes it’s a gift card,” McCord said.

To reclaim what is already yours, call the State Treasurers Office at 1-800-222-2046 or visit their website and search for your name.

“And they should check not just for themselves, but also for their friends and loved ones,” McCord said.

The treasury’s operators will help you file a claim by phone, or you can do it online. On average, it takes about six weeks for the check to arrive.


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One Comment

  1. Unclaimed News says:

    Wow! Thrilling! This list is put out EVERY year and it’s only news when KD reports it????? Please..

  2. James Teal says:

    Why are you filled with so much hate? KDKA is just reminding people that they may have some unclaimed money floating around out there. This isn’t controversial, but you still have to whine about it. Grow up!

  3. S says:

    In my opinion, I am surprised that the government did not include the names of the tax payers falsely arrested in the Crawford Village rent fraud scheme in McKeesport Pennsylvania, the last I heard suppressing evidence, fudging numbers and re-arranging work history to better you career is a crime. Those people should be reimbursed because of sloppy paper work and a rush to judgment.

  4. Kimberly El Saadawy says:

    um dude, works i have two things there to claim

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