Mendenhall’s Tweets Stir Up Controversy

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is in the middle of a new Twitter controversy.

A few months ago, he raised eyebrows when he agreed with Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, who said players are “slaves” to NFL owners.

On Monday, Mendenhall sent out a series of controversial tweets about the death of Osama bin Laden.

“What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people hate a man they never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side.”

Another said, “I’m not convinced he was even behind the attacks. We have really seen no evidence to prove it other than the government telling us.”

In response to a question from a follower on Twitter Mendenhall said, “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take down a skyscraper demolition style.”

The final one said, “I believe in God. I believe we are all his children. And I believe he is the one and only judge. Those who judge others will also be judged themselves.”

On Tuesday, Steelers President Art Rooney II issued a statement regarding the tweets.

“I have not spoken with Rashard so it is hard to explain or even comprehend what he meant with his recent Twitter comments. The entire Steelers’ organization is very proud of the job our military personnel have done and we can only hope this leads to our troops coming home soon.”


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Rashard Mendenhall On Twitter

  • Jim

    If it wasn’t for football he’d be flipping burgers. Why would anyone place value on his opinion? He’s a football player, not a Rhodes scholar.

    • Don

      I agree with you Jim however he has a right to his own opinion no matter how idiotic they are. He(Mendenhall) can thank a veteran for that. These comments just shows his level of intelligence.
      Mendenhall..stick to football, instead of wasting so much time on Twitter try practicing holding the football.

      • Ymmit Grundy

        Yea, Tom, pure genius speculating the towers came down on a “government conspiracy” Pull your head out.

      • tom

        ……….tell it like it is…i applaud rm for this comment that “stands alone”…you(as will i) will not be led to slaughter with the many , many “lambs” that follow the hollow words of a corrupt world of politics…god bless you rashard!

    • Sean

      are all of you idiots really complaining about a football player and his comments with all that is wrong in this world? I am Steeler born and Steeler bred and when I die I will be Steeler dead however in my opinion the only ones who have any right to speak about Bin Laden and the war are the victims of 9/11’s families and my fellow veterans. If you do not belong to one of these groups then close your mouths and quit taking up my precious oxygen. Freedom of speech be damned. I have seen too many brothers and sisters fall to give a rats ass about your freedom of speech when none of you are barely even educated enough to form more than one syllable words.

      • Renee L. Hayes

        I am an educated woman and my belief is that everyone has the right to speak what they believe. My education allows me to read the thoughts of others, respect their beliefs, then continue to believe what I feel is correct. Because someone doesn’t believe what I believe DOES NOT make them an idiot. Educated people can listen to others respectfully without judgement. Unfortunately Sean, you sound extremely judgemental and you may wish to remember that each and every person in this country is entitled to their opinion. I don’t agree with RM, but as a tax payer and citizen of the U.S., he DOES have a right to believe in whatever he chooses to believe. Sean, if you were so educated yourself, you too would understand that every citizen has a right to voice their opinion. It is rude to suggest that uneducated people shouldn’t have the freedom that our constitution has allowed each of us! It is also rude to suggest that uneducated people are stupid! You are showing just how arrogant you are and I feel sorry for you… Some of the smartest people I know have not had the EDU that I have obtained and I listen to everyone,, then make my own decisions based upon my own beliefs. Be kind my friend… that is truely what makes a person appear intelligent!!

    • Kurtis Runyon

      The funny thing is Jim your probably flipping the burgers instead… And who says he is wrong? Do you have proof he did it and the government has nothing to do with it?

    • Jim

      hope the Steelers get rid of him ………….. never thought he was the answer to the running game……………..

      • vicfromvolta

        No kidding. How much will the owners and fans swallow from a thoroughly mediocre back in Rashard Mendenhall, Ph.D. Dr. Mendenhall? Good luck with that ‘adoration’ for you heard coming from the stands and good luck after the peak season of your career.

    • BigSHow

      I guess its the governments fault when he fumbles too!!! Your a bum get out of town. Go play with Ochocinco. Your terrible ! One name you should remember Pat TIllman!!!

      • gov's fault

        yeah, BIG SH(it)ow, exactly right..mendenhall is JUST like pat tillman…. killed from friendly gunfire.

      • wood

        did anyone read the latest………. he deleted some of his tweets. maybe if he shuts his eyes we will all forget about it . nice try you putz. i cant wait until the first game so i can hear those boos . i hope people ride him as bad as they did brister in the late 80s

      • Randy

        Do you know that there is evidence that pat tillman was murdered by his own government? YOU PEOPLE ARE SHEEP, DONT WHINE WHEN WHEN THEY LEAD YOU OFF A CLIFF.

    • tom

      ….that is the trouble with america…flip burgers & starve or take a chance…this young man took a chance & i commend him!…one can only learn what is taught…not too many are teaching the FACTS of the last 50 years…after looking at these comments…ignorance abounds!

      • wood

        what chance did he take tom. he has god given talent. thats not taking a chance…..taking a chance is when you are willing to put your life on the line for people like him so they can run there mouth , without being stoned to death like someother cultures around the world. this brain dead fool should shoot his mouth off in a coutry where you cant even read the wrong things let alone say them. mendenhall should not bit the hand that feeds hi, and yes……. america feeds him……….. mendenhall, you are proof that the saying ” the emptiest barrell makes ther most noise” is true

      • wayne

        I see you are also an intellectual giant, move over so RM has room in front of the grill. Hell he majored in fumbling……

      • JC

        stop eating paint chips Tom….your brain is turning into mush. I really like his comments that parallel slavery and the NFL. I say pay him like a slave instead of the “star” he thinks he is. Then let’s watch him tell it like it is. He certainly has every right to speak his mind, but it’s too bad he was so eager to show us how empty his mind is.

      • Aaron

        You are a moron.

      • Ymmit Grundy

        You’re an idiot. Obviously a burger flipper that smokes crack on the job. You think you’re so high and mighty because you believe your faith is so wonderful. What have YOU done to help your fellow man? Other than cram your beliefs down others throats? I bet you sit on your ASS eating burgers.

  • wood

    I am not suprised by his comment in anyway. That is what happens when a spoiled brat like him gets a idea in his head. he is a disgrace to the steelers,pittsburgh, and most of all the 3000+ people who died on 9/11. do your self a favor and read a book and get a clue. you wonder why they call you all dumb jocks. And by the way………….. you are not that good

    • Sandra

      I don’t believe we have a right to decide who lives and who dies ~ you all need to watch Loose Change (you can rent it or watch it on you tube) I totally agree with Mendenhall and whatever happened to freedom of speech. Just because someone says something that you do not agree with does not make it wrong. Who are any of you to condemn Mendenhall anyway? I know you are all so perfect. Do you really think a plane could take down a huge building like that ~ think about it!! Even though Bin Laden was an evil man, who are we to murder anyone ~ we are no better than the terrorists if we are judge and executioner.

      • freethinker

        freedom of speech only means you are not going to jail….

      • Ryan


        Loose change has been debunked many times. Not trying to tell you what opinion to have but do some research. There are tons of blatant errors and lies in a lot of those conspiracy videos. They just prey on people looking for something controversial.

      • wood

        sandra, first and formost, nothing makes me more proud as a vet then when someone speaks out. that is what thousands of young men and women are dying for. the issue here is that a football player, that apparently does not know the first thing about democracy nor does he care about it, chimed it on a subject that is very touchy subject for alot of people. His backward comments are the issue. BIN LADEN WAS A EVIL MAN AND THE TRUE FACE OF WHAT IS WRONG IN THIS WORLD. All this man had to do was look at any world report about this animal . He has killed thousands of people all over this world and he did it in the name of islam. that is not opinion, that is fact…..Mendenhall should relize that life is more then in between a 100yd field.

  • ryan

    AMEN…He is a disgrace to the steelers,pittsburgh, and most of all the 3000+ people who died on 9/11. All my stuff of his will be in the trash…Art Rooney II, please find a reason to fire this dumb a$$!!

    • Loves Crosby

      AMEN RYAN…

  • ryan

    Just in case the did hear me Mr. Art,

    AMEN…He is a disgrace to the steelers,pittsburgh, and most of all the 3000+ people who died on 9/11. All my stuff of his will be in the trash…Art Rooney II, please find a reason to fire this dumb a$$!!

    • idiot

      …the trash is where you should have left your comments…the disgrace of 9/11 lies at the foot of W’s steps.

  • Send him packing!

    Jim and Wood – I could not agree more. He is entitled to his opinion, but so am I – he is a disgrace and I never liked him much either. Send him to Cleveland!!

  • Joe

    TRADE for new waterboy

  • Typical..

    Typical attitude by a fellow minority…an ignorant minority to boot. Had he been educated on the facts, or at all for that matter, he would have no justification for that kind of statement. This is what happens when sub-standard people are put in a position to voice an opinion. He should count his blessings every night that the U.S.A allows him to play a game for a living…not bite the hand that feeds him.

    • Loves Crosby

      Agree totally..

    • Tim

      That’s the wonderful thing about the U.S.A., everyone is able to voice his or her own opinion. It’s called freedom of speech and it’s included in this thing called the U.S. Constitution. You seem to be the one showing your ignorance (typical) by making this statement…

      • Tim's IQ must be 80

        Tim, morons like you make me laugh when you quote the right to free speech based on the US Constitution. The 1ST Amendment only protects you from being jailed by the government for speech. It does not protect you from criticism! IS it really that hard? Really? I mean how stupid are you? Wow.

      • Bye Bye 34

        So when someone says something we don’t like, we are not allowed to voice our opinion – but when we say something YOU don’t like, then it is ok for you to voice your opinion??? Get a clue.

  • Tim

    Why the controversy? Isn’t everyone entitled to their own opinion?? If it was your neighbor tweeting this, no one would care. Why should we get so upset over Rashard’s tweets? He hasn’t made any derogatory statements regarding race, religion, sex or anything else so if you don’t agree with his views, don’t listen to (or read) them. It’s that simple.

    • Im right, tims wrong

      actually tim, if you scroll down on his twitter he makes some comments about “girls going down on guys and doing the nasty” so maybe you should do a little more research before making comments. woooooooooo

    • Typical..

      Tim..the fact is he is not out neighbor. He wears a Steelers jersey, and by doing so he not only brings negative attention to himself but the Steelers organization.

    • Joe

      why don’t you and he move to the middle east and voice your opinion there

    • Send him packing!!


      Then I guess you should not read our opinions since you don’t agree. It is that simple.

  • pghfan33

    He’s not exactly Mr. Popularity in most parts of the country Saw him at the mall and thought it was Carlton banks. His tweet has the potential to reach practically HUNDREDS of people…..loser. I hate sequals, and that includes Mendenhall v.1.2, but back then we just referred to it as the Greg Hawthorne experiment.

  • david

    I am a firm believer in PEACE through Diplomacy and by actions …

    Rashard -first and foremost – owes a huge apology to the contingent of SEALS who accomplished the mission and their brethern & families for all the sacrifices they make while fighting wars to protect us all and to libertate our freedom – albeit by force to bring justice and peace universally. He must also apologize to our President, the survivors of the 911 attacks and their families, the Steelers Organization, and their fans and to his parents, and to GOD for having been so DUMB to tweet the comments in the 1st place! We all should burn Mendenhall jersey – it’s not a sin to burn a jersey… certainly not a sin to not purchase his jersey.

    Rashard – Please apologize for your idiotic statements. We know you’re human. We all make mistakes. I am a Christian – I’ve never read the Koran but don’t hold to the fact some religious zealots and radicals want to erradicate the infidels who aren’t of their belief – that seems wrong to me more so than anything Rashard said.

    Rashard – Apologise when you get around to it! Hopefully before I light this match!

  • nellybly

    ‎”I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    —Martin Luther King Jr.

  • BOB

    Maybe you should take an English class or two before posting.

    • tom

      …you must be a republican…lol.

  • Loves Crosby

    Mendenhal have you lost your mind. THis is detremental to your career with the Steeler nation. You will soon learn to never bite the hand that feeds you.. I agree that you should be cut from the team and anyother for that matter. See how you like it to go from making millions to making nothing just because you opened your mouth and out came outlandish comments..

  • rotsky

    I expect more reasoned political discourse from our running backs. Very disappointed.

  • tom

    ….this bigot has got to get over something that happened a long time ago…the civil war…betcha live south of the mason-dixon…this is why i hate southerners…why don’t you run down to the corner, salut a flag, & vote for another republican!

  • Loves Crosby

    Well unfortunately because of who he is and who he plays there will be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done to him but a slap on the hand. Its a travisty that just because you are a football player you can get away with these types of comments, rape and even murder and still be only disciplined. ITs terrible that this is who are children look up to. And then people wonder why our kids grow up to be juvenlie deliquents.. ITS SAD because they see the idols doing it everyday so they think it is ok.

  • susan

    Free to think, speak, make millions, and be stupid. Its not an eye for an eye…this man was evil and proud of it. 100 virgins are waiting Osama, but they failed to tell you they were virgins for a reason…99 years old and obese.

  • Mark

    Why do we not see this type of behavior in the NHL or Nascar? Hmm maybe because the athletes arent criminals with the reading level of a 3rd grader.



    • Go Pens

      Moron, he never specifically stated anything directly about the military, but his statements were disrespectful of ALL those who have served in these wars. And all those who lost their lives on 9-11. And it is his right to speak his mind. And it is our right to respond to his lunacy with criticism. He is an idiot for stating that we should listen to the other side of the story. The story is that bin laden killed many Americans and he died for it. As he should have.
      Mendenhall can say whatever he wants, but he better be ready for public responses. As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with the Steelers as long as he is on the team.

  • Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    Rashard, please tweet your thoughts and opinions to these long standing topics…the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor…the JFK assassination…man landing on the moon…Jimmy Hoffa…the Nixon tapes…and how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? Steeler Nation awaits your insight.

    • Sandra

      I think it takes 857 licks to get to the center of the Tootisie Pop! Just sayin………

  • Stu

    You will be BOOED forever! Pack your bag now loser. Yeah he’s allowed his opinion. Too bad it’s of a kindergarten level

    • jasper

      Play football and tell rm to keep his stupid mouth shut

  • Thompson

    …..I’m sorry but last time i checked we live in a country that alllows freedom of speech correct? I do not agree with anything he says but it’s his god given right..

    • Skyfire

      Right: “Congress shall make no law (…) abridging the freedom of speech”.

      The rest of us are _also_ exercising that right, in telling him what we think about his comments.


    • Jaime

      yes, we do live in a country that allows freedom of speech; HOWEVER, when you are in the public eye, you have to watch what you say!

  • Frank

    What an idiot…when I heard this on the radio this morning I lost alot of respect for him!

  • JakiGefjon

    First of all, I would like to say that I don’t find Mendenhall’s comments to be that outrageous or controversial, ‘Judge ye not less ye be judged’ is something that Jesus said supposedly. How many of you people criticizing him call yourself Christians? He is a free-thinking man who is exercising his constitutional right to not necessarily accept that which he has been told, and how people seem to think he should feel about something. It is, of course, wrong for anyone to kill innocent civilians or endorse the killing of innocents but you should understand that there are two sides to any story. There is a reason that some people in the middle east hate Americans and it stems from U.S. Imperialistic policy. We have blood on our hands over there and have for quite some time even before the events of 9/11. Osama bin Laden also used to be on our payroll to fight the Russians. Do you think if Jesus was alive today he would be in the street cheering for the death of Osama? He would probably be praying for his soul and a stop to the violence from BOTH SIDES involved.

  • tom

    …how dare you RM to make a comment a such…freedom of speech in america 2011 is ONLY if you agree with the status quo…anything else is contraband…watch out…or some gov’t agency will be at your door…you just might be a terrorist???

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