17-Year-Old Charged With Robbing Distressed PNC Park Usher

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh police have arrested a 17-year-old boy in connection to the death of a PNC Park usher.

According to investigators, 58-year-old Michael Schacht apparently suffered a heart attack while driving home from the 14-inning Pirate game that ended on April 9.

While in distress, he pulled over in the 1800-block of Brighton Road. That’s when a 17-year-old came upon him slumped over behind the wheel of his 2002 Hyundai Sonata.

“From what we understand, he knocked on the window,” Pittsburgh Police Lt. Kevin Kraus said. “Mr. Schacht was apparently in distress. He was slumped over the console of his vehicle and at which time the 17-year-old opened the door, removed Mr. Schacht from the driver’s seat, placed him on the ground, went through his pockets, stole his wallet and then proceeded to steal his vehicle and drive away.”

Investigators believe Schacht was alive when the 17-year-old left him there. They believe that because they found blood at the scene and think his heart was still working at the time.

They say they don’t have enough evidence to charge the teen with homicide.

Schacht’s car was later found in the 300-block of Catoctin Way in Perry Hilltop on April 10.

The teenager was taken to the Shuman Detention Center on charges of robbery of a motor vehicle, robbery and two counts of theft.

Police aren’t releasing his name because he’s a juvenile and will not be charged as an adult.

Meantime, attorney and former Lawrence County District Attorney Matt Mangino joined KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino to discuss how the law handles these sorts of situations.

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  • Simple Man

    Wow! What compassion! Instead of helping this man and possibly saving his life, this kid chose to rob him and leave him for dead. What a fine example of humanity! He could have been a hero, but instead, he’s a zero!

    • Dan

      If the races of the victim and the actor were reversed, the actor would be tried as a adult of murder!

      • Art

        Now watch his family start whining that it was all just a misunderstanding and an unfortunate incident. If the races were reversed, they’d be waving the race card, and Al Sharpton would be on his way to Pittsburgh. I suppose this will give Lynn Hayes-Freeland something to crow about on her tv show.

      • Kat

        I agree with you Dan. If their races were reversed, the black community would be screaming racism.

    • BH Resident

      And this proves the ways in which our justice system is flawed. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, if a 10 year old can be charged as an adult, this means that the justice system believed the 10 year old understood what he was doing. The child was “aware” of what act he was committing, and he is now paying the price for it. THIS 17 year old knew what he was doing, did it, and now is being charged as a juvenile? Why? Compassion? Leaving a man to die at 17 years old? That is ridiculous. This person should be ashamed. I have personal ties to this case so my points may be skewed towards the victim, yet this is basic logic. A ten year old charged as an adult yet a 17 year old isn’t? Are they giving IQ tests these days to determine whether you are an adult? Was the ten year old really that much smarter and aware of his crime? I have a difficult time believing so.

      • failed by the system

        Amen, PS great job police, you shoulda charged him as a adult for murder and let a jury aquit him if it was to be

    • Jayson Frank

      if i was reading this right i do beilive that the man had a Heart Attack before the young teen found him. Yes he could of save his life and been a hero. However you dont know what was on the Teen’s mind at the time. He could of been ready to rob anybody.
      Also his charges was robbery of a motor vehicle, robbery and two counts of theft.That nowhere near a criminal act of homicide. Plus he’s 17 SORRY you have to be 18 to be trailed as an adult.

      • 412

        Based on your grammar, you must be a lawyer, thanks for the insight.

        “…you don’t know what was on the Teen’s mind at the time.” That is irrelevant. He chose to do a dispicable act. This kid didn’t kill anyone, he prevented someone from living. Based on the evidence now, homicide isn’t possible, but something like reckless endangerment is entirely possible.

        …and no you don’t HAVE to be 18 to be tried as an adult.

  • Frank

    Why will he not be charged as an adult? A 10yo is being charged as an adult for murder but a 17yo is going to be considered a child? The DAs need to find consistency.

    • Frankly Put

      While I think the 17 year old is garbage, he did not commit murder. The ten year old did. The 17 year old commited robbery.

      • Mike

        The difference between robbery and murder is moot here. The question was, how can a 10 year old be charged as an adult (for murder) but a 17 charged as a juvenile (for robbery)? Why not charge the 17 as an adult for robbery?

      • Frank

        Exactly Mike. That was my point. The fact that you CAN charge someone as an adult, yet they didn’t.

    • Wango

      One can be charged with involuntary manslaughter for leaving the scene of an accident. There’s not much difference here. I’ll bet the parents are proud of this boy.

  • Tricia

    What a heartless crime. I doubt some one capable of such depravity can be rehabilitated. At 17, he should definitely be charged as an adult.

    • Carrie

      Oh wow!!! I can not believe you just said that!!! Listen, when people do things in life you can not judge them yourself or even judge them on why they did it. Let alone judge id they can be rehabilitated. Only God can JUDGE honey. See, with reading everyone’s responses about this, I can understand the outrage and anger. Honestly, I do not know why he is not being charged as an adult. Yes, I do feel that he should be, because he was very much aware of what he was doing and if you think about it he already knew what he was gonna do when he stepped to that vehicle.
      Rehabilitation smh Tricia, anyone can change if given the chance. Anyone can change their entire way of living and never commit another crime again in their life. How do I know? Because I am a convicted felon with multiple felonies and misdemeanors. I served three years in the Penitentiary. That is not what changed me. See, it was all about me wanting to change. It was all about me forming a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ whom died for me to take care of my sins. So, please I ask you; JUDGE NOT!!!! You do not have a clue to what is going on in that persons life at the time of the crime whether it be a petty theft charge or a murder wrap. Focus on your own life and stop downing other people.. May God Bless you and Keep you!!

      • Mook

        We need to focus on this Carrie. The next unfortunate person might be us or someone we love… and don’t call anyone “Honey”. All this punk had to do was stop his crime for 1 minute and call 911 and Mr. Schactt might be alive. I think we all have the right to judge him… the POS he is.

      • bt68


      • Thomas J Duttine

        you are an idiot.

  • Jonas

    I agree with all the comments. Additionally, who’s to say that this kid wasn’t carjacking this guy, which caused the heart attack?

  • David Johnson

    Worthless POS!! His ass should be sitting in the Allegheny County Jail!

  • MsCynic

    Try him as an adult. He is NOT someone anyone would miss if he actually gets some decent jail time. People have NO value on human life – it’s just sad and those people are pathetic. His parents should be proud.

  • thoughts

    this is unbelievable

  • thoughts

    critter do as your name and crawl back into your critter hole. You can tell your a piece of redneck trash as if any decent human being still uses phrases like “spook”. grow up

    • ron

      critter could of used the derogatory n word which i would guess he uses on a daily basis.

  • s

    This young fellow violated the Good Samaritan Law but still could pull the ignorant I didn’t know card.

  • holly

    dirt bag

  • Truth!

    Critter was right, although too stupid to look at the picture.

  • thoughts

    I wonder if he can be charged with manslaughter.

  • adda boy

    blame it on the welfare system for the number of upstanding citizens living in the city. .

  • Debbie

    Why is he not being charged with murder, he left the guy laying there instant of calling 911. He made sure he took his car and money but failed to call anyone for help. Even pulled him out of the car. I think more charges should be filed and he should be with the rest of the sum in JAIL….

  • Scott

    Great police work. Now only if the judges will understand that you can’t let this trash back on the street in a couple of month’s.

  • John

    FRANK:: Even though it is a tragedy a man is died, but comparing PULLING a trigger on a sleeping woman to leaving a dying man to die isnt even in the same league. One is a coldblooded killer the other is just a heartless a$$hole. If and I am sure if the police could prove the heart attack was caused by the robbery he would be charged for murder. None of us know the facts to pass judgement on the DA who does know the facts. If law enforcement has the evidence this boy will be on trial and let JUSTICE do what we have a JUSTICE system for and he will be judged. Until then shame on him for deciding to rob instead of help.

    • Mike

      Frank was not saying he should be charged with murder; he said he should be charged as an adult. If a 10 year old can be charged as an adult (for murder), why not a 17 year old (for robbery)?

    • Frank

      I’m not comparing robbery to murder. I’m saying that there’s no reason (none that I can see) as to why this ‘person’ should be charged as a juvenile. The seriousness of this carjacking by someone 17 seems to me that the person should be charged as an adult. He certainly CAN be charged as an adult but the DA is choosing not to. That is the inconsistency that I’m referring to.

      • Frank

        No John, I’m saying as a 17 year old, he knew what he was doing, and for that reason I say he should be tried as an adult. I’m not talking about murder at all, it his actions and what I believe to be his motive and thought process. He saw a person in distress and still chose to do what he did. For that reason I say try him as an adult.

      • John

        Charge him as an adult he is 17 years old. 17 years old by law is a minor and by his actions he acted like a minor not an adult. The DA has the right to decide to get people off our streets PERMANENTLY that can cause serious threats to the population of the community like a cold-blooded killer. Robbery and Murder personally if I was in a bad situation I would rather be ROBBED then KILLED. And if I was robbed by a 17yr old even though I would be upset I would understand if they charged him as a minor if I was killed by a 17yr old I would want him charged as an adult. You did compare and are still comparing a theif and murderer read what you are saying.

  • crook

    He’ll be out in six mos. in the next year or two how many more people will fill his wrath before he finally goes to prison?

  • George W. Humphreys Sr.

    It’s hard to believe this kind of garbage even exists.

  • Irony

    He’s wearing a Pirates hat. This kid deserves to be in jail for life. Pull up your pants and get an education!

  • deja

    So sad that a 17 year old wasn’t at the very least raised to help this man! He could take what he wanted and still maybe saved his life with a simple phone call.So very sad. Imagine how the family feels about losing their husband and father and grandfather this way…..Only to have this 17 year old slapped on the wrist? We are in serious trouble with our youth. Parents need to step up and be parents once again! So very sad!

  • Kenny

    I wonder if he had a cell phone to call 911? I see little kids ,ten and up with them!

  • outraged

    As a member of the family this is an outrage. Not being charged as an adult is ludicrous. I have no idea how there isn’t a reckless endangerment charge, or something of the like. Even the detective said the outcome could have been a lot different if a phone call would have been made.

    Kenny, he had the phone that he stole out of his pocket.

  • Kenny

    I believe he should be he should face adult charges.He pulled him out of the vehicle,robbed him and stole his car,This could have been anybody that was HELPLESS! He’s just a punk, that thinks tough.Let him go.He’ll be one that gets shot down in the street.(BY HIS OWN KIND)

  • Kenny

    Jerry, That was uncalled for.Please leave our Steelers out of this.

  • uutan

    I have a problem with the reporting in this article. It states: “removed Mr. Schacht from the driver’s seat, placed him on the ground” Then later states: “they found blood at the scene”.. He tossed him out of the car with no concern for his life.

    • Lisa

      EXACTLY! Found blood but we’re supposed to believe he was placed on the ground!?!?! And he gets a juvinile slap on the wrist. No wonder the inner city ‘kids’ keep gettting worse. Nothing to fear…

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