North Shore Development Could Bring End To Tailgating

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh tradition may be staring at extinction.

Tailgating before Steelers and Pirates games has been significantly reduced over the past 10 years. Now, a new plan could further hasten the end of tailgating as we know it.

It is the image most associated with Pittsburgh’s North Shore, but it may well become as much a memory as Three Rivers Stadium.

“As surface parking diminishes there will be less tailgating there is no question about it,” said Merrill Stabile, the president and CEO of ALCO Parking.

Two hotels, two office buildings and Stage AE have all wiped out tailgating spaces, and now the folks at Continental Development are focusing on the side of Lot 2 across from the Del Monte Building.

“We are talking about restaurants, bars with an entertainment side to them and feeding off Stage AE, feeding off the entertainment district that’s created by not only Stage AE, but also Heinz Field and PNC Park,” said Michael Hudak, of Continental Development.

Discussions for this latest project come on the heels of Damon’s restaurant signing on to fill the space next to Jerome Bettis Grille 36 restaurant.

Also, with Stage AE now keeping the North Shore hopping, Continental believes North Shore Drive could become a viable entertainment destination, but the building would wipe out a lot of surface parking.

“We’re looking at structured parking as the solution,” said Hudak.

Continental says the plan calls for a new parking garage on the General Robinson side of Lot 2.

“That obligation is of the SEA,” Hudak said. “So, the SEA would actually build that parking garage. Financing for that garage is under investigation.”

“I don’t think the city, county or the state are in any kind of a position to subsidize any further development on the North Shore,” added Stabile. “I think that if it happens it should be done all with private money.”

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One Comment

  1. Idiot Reporter says:

    Don’t all those people who said the tunnel to the North Side was a stupid idea look like idiots now? Marty!!

    1. Dumb azz tunnel says:

      Do you have any idea how long it will take to transport that many people through that tunnel to the Steeler game? That ridiculously expensive tunnel will never pay for itself.

  2. Corporate America Has No Imagination says:

    the north shore definitely needs a bunch more chain-type bars & restaurants so it looks the same as every suburban strip mall you want us to drive past on the way there. If you havent pulled your investment out of Continental yet I advise you to do so quickly. This project has bankrupt written all over it.

  3. Jeff Brown says:

    Yep, another effort to wipe out what little is left of our culture and identity as a community. Hmmm…people of various race and ethnic backgrounds getting together with crock pots, grills, and coolers full of beer; hanging out and having fun are not substitute for chain restaurants and bars when it comes to TAX REVENUE! Even though OUR tax dollars helpedt to build the North Shore and stadiums. PEOPLE, when are we going to stand up….after all WE ARE THE PEOPLE….and don’t forget that!

  4. Bob McQuistion says:

    It all about money and to hell with that fans

    1. Ben's Bodyguard says:

      Oh No…where will the drunken buffoons go to drink their beer, eat their kielbasa, and pee in the parking lot? Oh the humanity!

  5. Shawn wilson says:

    Great idea pgh is finally comming out of its 1950 habits!!

  6. C says:

    Didn’t they see how no one went to Damons in the waterfront? If this all is gonna happen, make it unique

  7. Buy Local says:

    The only thing lamer than tailgating is grown adults standing around in a football jersey at Shenanigans, Fridays, Damons, etc.

  8. USsk says:

    Just more places to get robbed and to keep the fun out of the city. Stop the maddness!

  9. Nicholas says:

    So, take away surface parking forces the fans into establishments to spend.. (or stay home!)

    duh duh duh


    This is about filtering fans into the establishments so that you have to pay 6 bucks for your coors light bottle instead of 20$ for your 30 pack. Instead of grilling you will buy your own food, instead of cornhole you will play pool, and instead of carrying on a tradition, we can bury it.

    1. Stosh Savran says:

      But then there is the $50 just to park. talk about pi$sin in the wind…

  10. PGHDON says:

    Not all the tailgating is druken fools. It is also a great time celebrating the Steelers and enjoy friends. This truly is another way to suck more dollars from the fans. Greed Greed Greed. Sometimes I am ashamed to say I am from Pittsburgh.

    1. Mom says:

      Do you still drink in the woods too? Close your trunk, take off those ridiculous beads, face paint, and that other man’s jersey. Stop urinating behind your car. Your too old for this. Time to grow up.

  11. Michelle says:

    As if it wasn’t obvious when all this “development” began years ago that there is a desire in the city to be rid of tailgating. It does beg the question – if you have a 60,000 seat football stadium and a baseball park where exactly do you want those attending sporting events to park. I may have been to my very last Steeler game and the sad part is I don’t know if there is much of the experience left to actually miss. I wish them luck with all these exciting new attractions.

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