Oakmont Woman Heading South To Help Flood Victims

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Thousands of volunteers are heading south where a state of emergency is in effect for parts of Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky.

The Mississippi River is expected to crest at levels not seen since The Great Flood of 1937.

More than 1,000 homes in Memphis, Tenn., area are expected to flood and police are asking families to move to shelters.

Now, a local Red Cross volunteer is going to help run one of those shelters. The Red Cross in Pittsburgh has already sent 10 volunteers to hard hit southern states.

Despite laying down more than 100,000 sand bags, thousands of western Tennessee residents will likely have to evacuate their homes by midweek when the Mississippi River is expected to reach the highest crest it’s seen in 84 years.

“It’s very dangerous right now and they’re not expecting the river to crest until Wednesday, which means if it’s high today, come Wednesday, the devastation will be that much greater,” said Theresa Creighan, of the local chapter of the Red Cross.

Creighan, of Oakmont, will fly to Memphis Sunday morning where she expects to stay for three weeks, living in the same type of shelters as the evacuees they’ll be helping.

“The job I’m going to will have staff shelters, so we’ll be staying in an old either Sam’s Club or a hotel that has a big ballroom and it’ll be a staff shelter,” said Creighan.

Creighan just got back from spending two weeks in North Carolina helping tornado victims.

The trip to Memphis will be here 35th such trip for the Red Cross in six years. She says her husband and four children understand.

“You know, there was a time when my family and I needed help, and we had help. For us to be able to do that, my family’s gracious enough to allow me to go and they take care of themselves while I’m gone. So, I do it to pay it forward,” she said.

The shelters that will open in Tennessee will bring the total to about 150 Red Cross shelters that have opened up in the last few weeks in the southern states.

When these volunteers go, they have to spend two or three weeks in the disaster areas, so it can be physically and mentally draining, which is why it helps to have veterans such as Creighan there to help organize and facilitate.

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One Comment

  1. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Who takes care of her husbands needs while she is ‘helping’ other people? If she was in the military I could understand the job description but it sounds like she is making up anything to appear important.

    1. shannon says:

      whomever you are saying such things as who takes care of her husbands needs, i’m sure you are saying that b/c of your own ignorance. MY FATHER is a grown man who can take care of himself…i see you didn’t care to mention her four children? I’ll be fine thanks! I can only pray for you and godforbid one day when you need help my mom will be there to help , though from your comment, you don’t desrve such. My mom always says someone always has less than you do, and my family might not have much but we have each other. We Love you mom

      1. Always On call says:

        Shannon, Ignore these” ignorant folks” who have no idea what it is to help others, and have probably never lifted a finger for another ! Your never going to get through to them as they are a lost cause.
        I just returned from 13 days in Mississippi helping Tornado victims, and the humidity alone there melts the make up, or sun screen, right off your face within 1/2 hour applying it and your hair turns into mush ! But how we look out there to these people who need our help does not matter.Most of us out there could care less what we look like we are there to help people who have lost everything and they truly appreciate us.Your Mom is awesome and unselfish.

    2. Faith says:

      I never met this woman & I don’t know her, but I admire her for stepping out of her comfort zone to reach out to those in desperate need. Her husband should be one proud & blessed man to be married to such a selfless & kind-hearted women. God calls each one of us to care for the orphans & widows….This woman is following the Lords commandments & she is sacrificing the comfort of her own home to stay for 3 weeks in a shelter. Most likely, her & all the other volunteers will be “roughing it” and probably sleeping on the floor or an air mattress. This is no picnic! As for me, I understand the sacrifice this woman will be undergoing for 3 solid weeks because I volunteered in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina & Rita. This isn’t about NOT taking care of a husband….Rather, this is about actively pursuing a humanitarian act of kindness to make our world a better place. It’s people, just like this courageous Oakmont woman, who truly do make a POSITIVE difference in our world!

    3. Wanderingstar says:

      Are you serious????? I suppose if it were you suffering total devestation of losing everything & possibly loved 1s, you cud handle it all by yourself???? Are you even from the U,S,? Im glad I dont know you as it is evident that you are not a friend 1 cud count on in a CRISIS. Im a RC Volunteer as well, my niece is very high up in FEMA-you know a fraction of nothing-including compassion, empathy, helping others as the Bible states. Wow, wut are you-a Prison Guard??????? Or just plain RUDE & IGNORANT???????? Id be extremely proud of my spouse or any family member or friend that took the time out their already hectic life to help strangers!!!!!!!!

  2. Ava says:

    Well she is dressed like a boy he is probably glad for the vacation, its ok to help someone else but charity starts at home.

    1. shannon says:

      dressed like a boy? please how old are you is that all you worry about is what someone is dressed like, did you see she is wearing a RED CROSS HAT AND TSHIRT, think about that one, god some people urk me! you would be one! and to your “chairty starts at home” bit…PLEASE I BEG you ask the people of oakmont our hometown how much she has helped, and anytime something has happened with in the city of pittsburgh my mom is there! What kind of charity work do you do. AND did you know that my mom raised money by running the half marathon in florida for the Southwestern PA chapter of the redcross….I BET NOT! so again GET OVER YOURSELF!

  3. MW says:

    How do you DARE make such comments about a Red Cross volunteer ?
    God help us all.

  4. Jared says:

    I’m glad not everyone is as selfish as some of those who have posted responses here. We need more people like Creighan and less self-centeredness and greed. We will all be affected in some way by these events, whether you know it yet or not. The only question is, how will you contribute and help the people directly affected?

  5. pittgirl says:

    I’m shocked at some of the above comments- her husbands needs!?! She’s dressed like a boy!! You should be ashamed of yourselves..I bet both of you are ignorant self serving slobs that never help anyone!

  6. tom says:

    she is self centered or she wouldn’t have called the news to tell the world she is going

    1. Shannon says:

      and mr. tom,….the news called her….thank you very much…its all about awareness. ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING TO HELP ANYONE!

  7. Maryann C. says:

    I agree with you Tom most honest people do things out of the goodness of their heart and don’t require calling the news and making a strong point that they have been doing this for years just to get into heaven. Also she could use alittle make-up huh Shannon?

    1. Shannon says:

      wow you ar rude maryann. that is my mom you are talking about get a life you selfish person the news called my mom she didn’t call them ..again i say what are you doing to help someone. omg i pray for all of you that have nothing nice to say…unfortunately that is all i can do b/c all you have to say is something negative ,,l…guess your mom isnt as amazing as mine don’t be jealous why dont you call the news and ask if you are sooo concerned about all the good she does.

  8. Whoa says:

    Go Shannon! I wish there were more stories about positive actions throughout the communities. Kudos to this woman and those unselfish like her.

  9. Shannon says:

    I don’t understand why or how people can say such rude things,, that are clearly stated out of ignorance. Ignorance…*you don’t know” So before you say something that you have no idea about maybe you should think! . There are so many people in this world that need our help, our prayers, anything we can offer, and the fact that Theresa can go and do so much good for people is amazing, when your homes are on fire in the middle of the night, my mom comes to help, are you folks jumping out of bed to offer food clothing or shelter to someone who just lost everything, I bet you folks are the kinds that complain no matter what. well we don’t have time for you…so this is it. May god bless you and safe travels to my mom and the 8 other SWPA red cross volunteers that have deployed to disaster areas. ……OH yea….one other thing. unfortunately a very dear friend was affected by the disasters in the south and is so excited to see my mom there to help…a familiar face! GOD BLESS US ALL

  10. Bill says:

    I have to feel sorry for and pity the people who have written negative commnents about this woman. They obviously have never had the feeling of having the ability, strength and grace to help another human being in need.

  11. s says:

    Bill, It does not matter who called whom for the staged interview alittle shampoo, soap and lipstick doesn’t hurt, Nuns take a vow of poverty but they still shower before they hit the door come on.
    You don’t have to look dirty or raggedy to prove that you work for the Red Cross.

    1. Faith says:

      S & all the other individuals who felt the need to behave inappropriately: May the Lord have mercy upon each one of you on judgment day…..

      Shannon, I applaud your mother for her courage & selflessness for reaching out to those who are suffering & in need. The average citizen would never give up the comfort of their home to travel clear across the US to volunteer their time, energy & skills. And as for appearance, the bible says that the Lord looks at each of our hearts, NOT at our outward appearance.

      Shannon, try to IGNORE the rude & inappropriate comments. Do not waste your time on these ruthless individuals…..Instead, direct your energy towards something positive. God bless you & your family!

      1. shannon says:

        Thank you faith, and I must say my mom is truly and amazing and BEAUTIFUL person. I decided to not comment any longer b/c these people are ingnorant and are not going to ruin my day ,nor my moms. we know we are going to heaven b/c we have a relations ship with the lord, not because of all the good things my family does…

  12. Josh says:

    Doing orchestrated good deeds does not get you into heaven like Maryann C said, I saw the news interview and it looked fake just to improve her resume. As far as Creighans appearance in my opinion the picture speaks for itself, after 15 years of marriage on my wifes worst day I have never seen her look that awful.

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