Local Couple Educates Kids About Alternative Fuels

By: Heather Abraham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburghers Murry and Cindy Gerber have been touring the country in a vehicle that runs on natural gas.

They’re teaching middle school students about the importance of clean energy.

“I swear if those kids were in charge, we would be energy independent today,” Murry Gerber said.

“There’s a real natural curiosity and interest and we’ve seen that really among this age group,” Cindy Gerber said.

“Natural gas cars are better for the environment and better for people,” 6th Grader Ali Salaam said.

The vehicle they’re showing off is a Hummer version of the natural gas vehicle (NGV).

By avoiding the gasoline pump, they are saving a lot of cash.

“Natural gas is about, it’s averaging about a dollar and a half a gallon as we’ve gone across the country,” Murry Gerber said.

However, unlike your corner gas stations, natural gas stations are few and far between. As a result, the Gerbers had to pack some extra tanks for their cross-country trip.

“In some cases, we had to go over 350 miles to get from one station to another station for fueling,” Murry Gerber said.

The students at Arsenal Middle School learned a lot, but seemed even more excited to tell their parents about it.

“I can tell my mom about it so she doesn’t have to pay for gas because she can get natural gas for $1.50,” Salaam said.

The Gerber’s trip will conclude in New York City on May 12.


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One Comment

  1. hc says:

    Why would they use a stupid hummer? They are the dumbest vehicles ever made and so silly. One would think they would drive something a little more with the times than that primitive pos.

  2. Seeking balance says:

    We need car makers to get on board before it’s even worth talking about. It’s not available in most vehicles & the price of the vehicle pretty much outweighs the fuel costs.. Sad, but manufacturers have to be more responsible before we can do much. I couldn’t afford any of the ‘alternative’ fuel vehicles out there!

  3. Charles says:

    I thought his wife was named Cheri?

  4. Not buying the hype. says:

    I’m concerned that students are being indoctrinated into believing that natural gas is a clean fuel. We have seen exponential growth in toxic fracking sites here in Pennsylvania, where the powerful drilling corporations have bought off our politicians with campaign money, are attempting to block local ordinances to regulate the practice, and are threatening to sue local officials doing the will of their communities. All of this, while people and their children near toxic drill sites develop illnesses and see the value of their properties plummet, and accidents at these natural gas sites cause death to workers and contaminated water and air and soil.

    The man who gave this presentation paid the school so he could put it on, and he is a former executive of a large toxic drilling operation. Everyone should get the facts and fight for their rights to private property, to local self-government, for the safety of their families, and against propaganda from elitists like people.

    I hope school district officials hear from the parents of those students.

  5. Briget Shields says:

    I would appreciate any school that allows this type of rhetoric to invite people with the knowledge and science to give the other side to the EXTRACTION OF NATURAL GAS! Just like anything in life, there are two sides to every story. I find it irresponsible for any school district to allow for this type of advertising and would hope that there are more reasonable people out there to disagree with this kind of presentation being done in our schools.

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