GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Prosecutors allege the youngest in the group of suspects charged with the murder of Jennifer Daugherty in Greensburg was the prime instigator.

Angela Marinucci was just 17 at the time of the murder. She is being tried as an adult on the charge of first degree murder.

Evidence in today’s proceedings included a suicide note that prosecutors say Daugherty was allegedly forced to write.

It reads: “I haven’t been happy for a while and I also feel like everybody would be better without me on the earth. I will always love my mom and step-dad no matter what and I will love the rest of my family also. … I am done with life.”

Rebecca Clark was the lead witness for the prosecution. She told jurors what she saw early on the morning of Feb. 11, 2010 as her father drove her to work.

“Just like I said, the two men dragging a garbage can across North Main Street as we were heading towards Delmont,” she said.

After watching the news later in the day, Clark and her father realized that they had likely witnessed part of a murder.

“I immediately felt sick,” Clark said. “I felt horrible. I knew that we had been a witness to it and what had happened and I just felt very bad for the family and friends and if we could have helped in any way, I wanted to.”

A photo seen by the jury shows the marks in the snow highlighted by orange where the garbage can was dragged through the snow. Another photo shows where the garbage can was discovered underneath a truck in the Greensburg-Salem Middle School parking lot.

Prosecutors also entered photos that showed the stab wounds to Jennifer Daugherty’s body, her hands bound with holiday lights and her feet bound with garland.

Defendant Angela Marinucci sobbed as the photos were shown in court.

Prosecutors are trying to prove Marinucci was the key instigator in the case. They say she was jealous of Daugherty’s relationship with Ricky Smyrnes.

In opening statements, the defense said that was not the case and they will try to prove that Marinucci was a 17-year-old high school student when this happened and fell under the manipulation of Ricky Smyrnes.

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