Black Bear Finds Dinner In Local Couple’s Backyard

HARMONY (KDKA) — A local couple says a black bear has been snacking on their birdfeeder in their backyard.

The Ewings live in Harmony, Butler County.

“It got up on its back paws and it tipped the feeder and actually was just pouring it right into its mouth and eating all the seeds,” Patty Ewing said.

Tom Ewing says the bear helped himself to all of the feeders in their backyard.

“He seemed very agile, very nimble, he just kind of hopped around, he could use his hands just like your or I could use our hands,” he said. “He’s an impressive animal, no doubt. Smart too.”

The Ewings say they’re going to take down their birdfeeders.

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One Comment

  1. lilly says:

    i put up a birdfeeder once and racoons ate all the bird food then broke into my house. they really are not a good idea.

  2. LOVE pa nature! says:

    I’d love to have bears around. I grew up in the Somerset area and we always had black bears. People are scardy cats these days. Learn to live with nature! None of the bears we had EVER hurt a human being. You just need to be smart and stop actiing stupid

    1. patty ewing says:

      We loved seeing the bear, it was really amazing, but we have two little dogs that go out at night to go to the bathroom so we want them to be safe. we are not scared or stupid, what a nasty comment to make.

      1. HollyinOKC says:

        Smart move Patty! I would do the same thing.

    2. Mike says:

      LOVE pa nature!

      You’re an idiot. There’s a huge difference between not loving nature and not wanting wild animals in your backyard. The Grizzly Man loved nature…and look where it got him…they ate him, because that’s what bears do. Steve Irwin and Roy (of Siegfried and…) both devoted their lives to animals and both got attacked. I love nature, but wild animals are unpredictable and I wouldn’t want one anywhere near me or my home.

  3. Griz says:

    I don’t think ‘pa nature’ was talking about *you* specifically, ‘patty’, just that people, in general, have to take steps NOT to attract the bears in their area by leaving food sources out for them — they go for the ‘low hanging fruit’ (that doesn’t bark and scamper around) — I doubt that your little dogs have much to worry about.

  4. dansuxs says:

    Mix red cayenne pepper with your bird seed and it keep unwanted animals away. Birds don’t have a sene for spicy foods so they won’t be effected by the pepper.

  5. bills says:

    I started out with suet feeders and thr racoons destroyed them
    I switched to sunflower seed and the squirrels destroyed the feeders.
    I then started feeding turkeys and ended up feeding them 250 pound of sunflower seed per winter. Had to quit because the red fox disciovered that turkey tastes good.
    I am now feeding the gold finches thistle seed. So far, so good.

  6. Nature is good says:

    Pa Nature is I think refering to people who don’t want any animals around, although we cut into their homes. Many times people want the animals killed. I don’t mind wild animals myself. Bears normally do not go after small dogs, and you can always make a night run out of cheap fencing so the bear could not get near them.
    I agree as long as you use your head, there is no need to relocate these animals unless they have proven to be dangerous.

    1. Nature is good says:

      P.S. COOL photos!

  7. Amy C. says:

    Patty if you are concerned about your dogs…Try a leash. Most places have leash laws that require them, plus they help ensure that your dogs are safe when being walked. As my husband would tell me…If you are too lazy to walk the dog, then you shouldn’t have the dog.

  8. chevelle64 says:

    he’s smarter than the av a reedge bear

  9. rtg says:

    We had to take our feeders down because of the bears. It sometimes works to use a car alarm to scare them away. Most bears don’t go after small dogs, but if the dogs went after the bear trying to protect their property, the bear could fight back and that would be bad. Our dogs barked like crazy when a bear was on our deck and it scared the bear away, but we have large dogs which are a bit scarier for a bear than a little dogs.

    Amy, believe it or not, some people live near the woods and can actually let their dogs out without any neighbor problems or leashing them. Dogs do not always have to be leashed, unless you live in a residential area. I’m lucky we don’t, people are very annoying.

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