Port Authority Bus Driver Hit By Water Balloon

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Port Authority bus driver is recovering after he was struck by a water balloon Wednesday morning.

The 74 Homewood-Squirrel Hill bus was stopped at the Lincoln-Lemington intersection.

Someone threw a water balloon at the driver while the door to the bus was open.

The driver was taken to UPMC St. Margaret’s for treatment and there’s no word on his condition.

The Port Authority is investigating the incident.


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One Comment

  1. Fenix1186 says:

    Hospital for a water balloon? Probably using company money.

    1. dave says:

      It was a urine balloon. Would you go to the hospital?

      1. slm says:

        If it was a urine balloon, then yes….ewwww

    2. Port Authority Driver says:

      To all that comment on this Balloon Tossing. What would you do if it was you that got hit? Just go on about your’e day? wouldn’t give a sh__. What was in it? You say what you want ,but until it happens to you give the driver a break.

  2. silly says:

    i guess he will be on disability now and recieve full benefits.

    1. Joseph Sowa says:

      Why not

  3. PATDriverIsABeeItch says:

    Unless that water balloon was launched from a sling shot, I don’t see the need for a hospital visit. If dude can throw a water balloon that hard maybe the Pirates should give him a starting job,

    1. Staci Munda says:

      That’s funny!

      1. dave says:

        Wouldn’t be funny if you were hit with an aids infested urine balloon spiked with anthrax.

    2. Joel says:

      hahaha I love it!

  4. Regis says:

    Reports are that the bus driver suffered severe waterlogging, with minor dampness of torso and shoes. Chaffing is to be expected.

    1. Valesha says:

      LOL!!! So true! He must be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit by now.

  5. Staci Munda says:

    Did I read this right? He was hit by a WATER BALLOON and taken to a HOSPITAL? Well, guess our fares are going to increase again

  6. Dave says:

    I don’t know about this particular driver, but twice in the past several weeks I have almost been hit by a PAT bus who ran a stop sign or stop light. I wanted to throw more than a water balloon at these jerks.

    1. ANDY VAN SLYKE says:

      UR FULL OF SH–

  7. Ron Arenth says:

    doesn’t matter what the object he was hit with its still an assault, if you spit on someone its consider an assault

  8. T. Shabazz says:

    Unless we’ve switched “water balloon” with “baseball”, did that really require a hospital trip? Plus there is a helicopter shot of the bus? Is that the most news worthy thing in this city?

  9. 1-2-3 says:

    It was a really BIG water ballon, won’t be able to work for weeks, might be a permanebt disability ” water on the Brain “.

  10. Valesha says:

    A WATER BALLOON?!? Seriously now? A rock or baseball, or a bullet that’s perfectly understandable to go to a hospital. I’m sure he’s in the ICU right now. Good grief.

  11. Decepticon Fan says:

    Umm was the water balloon filled with some sort of chemical or something? If not then, what the heck was the hospital trip for?

  12. AvaGrace says:

    Workers comp abuse? I agree with everyones comments but I have heard stories about people throwing hot grease or acid on a person so it’s good to be sure it was really water.

    1. Valesha says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. Unless they left out details in the article about what was in the water balloon. You have a good point there though.

  13. dave says:

    The working man is not the enemy here. The fact is the driver was assaulted by a man throwing an unidentified projectile. That’s a crime. The jagoff here is not the driver, but the person who threw the object. Leave the jokes up to Jay Leno.

    1. Decepticon Fan says:

      You’re right on. The title is misleading which causes people to joke.. The balloon was filled with urine is what I heard. Yuck!

  14. Misty says:

    Ha-Ha….Really?? Had to be taken to the hospital…and this is major news story???

  15. Ron says:

    the bus driver had no idea what was in the water balloon. what if it was urine? how would you feel if a total stranger threw it on you? I don’t blame the bus driver for going to the hospital..better safe than sorry.

    1. 4chanFTW says:

      What if it was just water? Then who was phone?

  16. Rob says:

    You can bet that his “Union Rep” told him to get to the hospital that would insure him at least a “two week vacation” for an on the job injury. Now his buddy driver can get an extra 80 hours overtime in his absence. Only in America.

  17. Daniel says:

    If an unknown person throws a liquid substance on me with the intent to hurt me and I have not idea what that substance is yes I am going to go to the hospital. And a water balloon can cause injury. The eyes can be injured for one thing. A water balloon can even break the windshield of a car with enough velocity. This was a man out working to make a living and was the victim of a criminal.

    1. duhhh says:

      The only way you’re going to throw a water balloon and break a windshield is if you put it in the freezer overnight idiot.

      1. Daniel says:

        Actually if you throw one from a moving vehicle towards another moving vehicle it will break a windshield. I studied physics did you Mr or Mrs duhhh?

  18. steve says:


    1. ReverseTheCapsLock says:

      LOOK AT ME I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!!!111oneoneone

      1. dAVE says:

        LOL! All caps, yet his supposed name is lower case….go figure

  19. Our Gang says:

    A Water Balloon? Who sent up the chopper to cover this outrageous worthless news story???? I KD has way too many hours of news to fill if a bus driver hit by a water balloon is news….

  20. Jeanne says:

    Geez- when was the last time YOU were hit in the eye- with ANYTHING– hurts- right? Give the guy a break. Probably couldn’t see anyhow to finish driving!

  21. Geez Louise says:

    I just did a Google search on bus drivers hit with a water balloon, this is the only incident of this happening in the history of the world!!!!!! That must make it breaking news that humanity needed to know!

  22. Justice for All! says:

    What you people don’t know is the Ballon was really filled with H2O a very dangerous substance!!!! It’s better to go get checked out!

  23. Justice for All! says:

    Ooops spelled Balloon wrong sorry!

  24. No Way? says:

    Has this been confirmed? It must have been a hot air balloon, to take out a bus

  25. Buc-eye says:

    Why is this bus driver sitting there with the door open anyway?

  26. AllGrins says:

    Hospital?? For a water balloon?? What kind of wimps is PAT hiring anyway? Heck a nine year old girl would just shrug this off. Must be a ‘burg’ thing, going to the hospital for a little towel drying and talc to prevent a nasty case of diaper rash! PAT you crack me up!

  27. Tiny says:

    Well for one the story was wrong, i was on the bus. He was driving down Lemington when the water balloon was thrown from a vehicle coming up Lemington and went through the open drivers side window and hit him in the head. he was out of it for a couple minutes and when he came about he said he don’t even remember stopping the bus. It could of been worse since the bus was heading towards the sidewalk and buildings.

  28. VigilantVaughn says:

    A few things ran through my head when reading this. “Oh my god, poor guy must have be allergic to Latex!” No, no, that’s silly of me, he wouldn’t have a reaction that quickly. “Clearly dude must be a witch and he melted!” No. no, that can’t be it either, the Port Authority wouldn’t hire a witch. I just can’t figure it out! Surely the fine city of Pittsburgh will investigate this matter fully and give us anxious and concerned citizens an update. The helicopter view is classic. It clearly shows traces of water and latex fragments on both the ground and the bus. Word has it Pittsburgh’s forensics team is examining the H20 splatter and have already traced it back to Trader Joes. That’s right water balloon slinger who’s biting his or her finger nails while reading this. You’re dead in the water! No pun intended.

    1. the man says:

      i say pull the bus service out of that area let them walk

  29. chuck says:

    You people are all morons. What if he lost control of the bus, ran into a group of kids and killed someone. You white collar workers, work in your little cubicles and watch out for papercuts and maybe a hangnail. Easy to criticize a potentially serious incident. Half you yuppie, suburbanites couldnt even pass a drug test to drive a bus, Go to workm MON-Fri and go home home and smoke your dope or crack at your weekend barbacues, whilr there are real people out there working.

    1. Frank says:

      The story read that the balloon was thrown at a stop while the doors were open? How’s he gonna run into a group of kids when the bus is at a full stop? You need to relax Chuck. who are you REALLY mad at? Because it aint us. So who is it? Mommy and Daddy?

  30. I hate busses says:

    Bus drivers are the most courteous, professional persons on our roads……right, maybe someone felt that the driver deserved it. Maybe the driver cut someone off, or ran through a light that was clearly red hmmm

  31. Bus lover says:

    I need the buses to get around. It’s a shame the driver got knocked out, sounds scary. You all had to be there to understand and you all are judging the incident without being there. No one should injur a driver….it’s childish.

  32. mary says:

    First of all depends on the force of the balloon and where it hits can be harmful especially if hit in the face and eyes, apparently none of you had been hit with a water balloon in the face it stings and leaves whelt marks , and no matter how you sum it up, it is ASSAULT. I hope they catch the person who did it.

    1. Ron A. says:

      He was a tall black man with brown eyes and black hair that rides the bus….. I’m sure they will find him……..

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