Gas Stations Running Out Of Gas, Prices Rising

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — Superior Petroleum’s Don Bowers has been warning KDKA AM’s Larry and John of an impending supply issue that would cause suppliers and stations to run out of gas in our area, which in turn would cause gas prices to rise.

On Wednesday, that warning came true as local BP and Sunoco suppliers ran out of gas, and now stations are running out too. Bowers explains why this is happening.

Then, Larry and John received confirmation from several listeners who came across stations without gas. Also, Brenda Reiser, a local gas truck driver, said her supplier had no gas to give her to deliver.

Listen to more from Don Bowers:

Listen to more from Brenda Reiser & other listeners:

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One Comment

  1. John says:

    Just another attempt by the gas companies to raise prices. Check how much the gas companies made in the first quarter. There is no shortage of gas or crude oil. Big oil sticks it to us once again. An all electric car nation cannot come soon enough. Then, of course, electric prices will go up. We get it no matter what!!!

    1. Leon the Parrot says:

      This is Obama’s fault, pure and simple. Before Obama there was no death or suffering and gasoline flowed like water from the hilltops. I’m pretty sure everyone was a millionaire and drove ferraris before Obama came along.

  2. larry says:

    he sounds full of it

  3. DIANA says:

    Gas prices a barrel just went down. I think they are doing this to keep the prices up.

  4. Joe says:

    Just heard Obama on a Question and Answer program and when asked about the high gas prices and what is he going to do about them, he said we all have to lean toward altenative fuel vehicles. Who the heck can afford a $50,000.00 electric car. That will help lower the fuel usage by a huge amount according to him. More you know what from our goverment.

    1. John says:

      This is true, high gas prices are a staple desire of the hard-left. They literally want us to stop driving automobles. Think that’s BS? You’re seriously in the dark….

  5. Melanie says:

    We are the peons who always have to suffer, thought you knew! We the tax payers put people in office to address our concerns only to have them side with big oil and give them a 4.8 billion dollar/year tax break; while we the consumer, continue to have our taxes skyrocket. This country wasn’t built on greed but unity, understanding, and fairness. Where did we go wrong?? I guess greed won. SAD! SAD! SAD!

  6. Just Saying... says:

    Am I the only one who read an article on this site just a few days ago saying that gas prices would be dropping 10-20 cents by Memorial Day due to the decrease in the price of a barrel of crude? KDKA needs to verify these articles are true before posting conflicting articles every few days.

    1. John says:

      Don’t expect kdka to be consistent with their ‘news’.

    2. Paul says:

      KDKA needs to do a sement on the lies coming out of Don Bowers mouth.

  7. Not Marty Griffin says:

    you are one of the fools who believes this? everyone will just fill up the day before or after, and it’s the same as buying it regularly.

    WE need to fight the corporations themselves, not the stations (providers). it’s like killing the messenger. it does nothing.

    we need to fight the BIG companies themselves. maybe kill the corporations leaders. the whole board of directors for all of them.

    oh, and let’s not forget BP giving their executives a bonus for 2010 being an “exemplary SAFETY year”… guess they forgot about that whole gulf of mexico thing…

  8. adda boy says:

    Looks like after two years we got what we voted for: CHANGE!

    …….for the worse.

  9. BillS says:

    More people should use public transportation( the T, and buses) in Allegheny County and surrounding areas where it’s available instead of insisting on driving with one person per car and clogging the highways when it’s not necessary. Too many of us complain when PAT changes routes or raise prices. These systems were put in place for transportation to be more effective and efficient in areas of high population. But for some very stupid reason Pittsburghers and Western Pennsylvanians day after day, year after year simply refuse to use it the way other cities, i.e. New York, DC, Boston, Chicago, etc. etc. do. There should be no traffice jams like other cities simply because Pgh doesn’t have that big a population. But it consistently gets bad evaluations for transportation. Behavior as such causes gasoline prices to rise also.

  10. Dave says:

    You know, since Obama has been president, the country has gone into a deep recession, gas prices are out of control, food prices have escalated, unemployment is the highest it’s ever been, there have been more foreclosures then in recent history. Is this what Obama meant when he said CHANGE????!!!

  11. Bills says:

    Those problems occurred before the Obama administration. The beginning of the foreclosure problem began with lending restrictions being relaxed and de-regulation back in the late 70’s and 80’s under Carter, Reagan. Bush I and Clinton. The lending and financial crisis hit while we were still under the Bush II administration. Get your facts straight. Don’t blame problems on someone for alterior motives.

    1. Dave says:

      Sorry, Bills, I dipute your statements. Unemployment has hit record highs, might I repeat, record highs. These levels have never occurred before Obama was president. Additionally, with the exception of the depression era, there’s never been so many foreclosures. The economy is in a spiraling decline, and has been since Obama, the man who promised CHANGE, has been in office. BTW – out of curiousity, what is the ‘alterior motives’ you’re speaking about?

  12. Dan says:

    That is one of the most stupid things I’ve read. Changing the day you buy gas doesn’t affect anything. Limiting the amount you drive could. Do you really think the local gas stations reconcile their books daily!?!?

  13. don bowers says:

    I know Bill BUrns, I thought you were dead! You know more than I will ever know. I have only been doing this for 35 years and have NOTHING to gain. I get a wage like you do unless you are one of those morons who live off of the governmnet, no bonus, I just reoport things so you idiots have information.
    I suggest you NOT buy gasoline all weekend and it may help.

  14. Lemar says:

    Doesn’t anyone understand English around here. These comments have nothing to do with the real issue here. If i read this correctly and heard correctly, this has NOTHING to do with national gas issues..this is LOCAL to the Pittsburgh area not being able to get their summer gas supplies. They have tried to extend the winter gas but its a no go since we are now in the time where the gas must be switched over to the summer mixture. Stations are raising their prices in hopes of deterring a gas rush. I’m sure more will be reported on whichever way it goes, but i don’t think we should jump to conclusions. Listen and learn.

  15. Willie says:

    just take a bus–o wait, PAT cut alot of routes.. Just shut up and pay you crybaby sissies–hopefully it goes to $8-9 a gallon. Rich suburbanites didnt care when bus routes were cut, trade in your suv’s you hippocrates, only care when something affects you.. gotta go my bus is here…..

  16. BillS says:

    Willie reinforces. Thank You Willie, I knew you would come through. That’s right Lemar. Listen and learn. The more gas you use, the less you have. You don’t waste it if it’s rare, because it costs too much. The less there is, the higher the price, because people are competing for it. That’s how it works. Very simple. Use public transportation and quit always having to have your own vehicle all the time. Get off your high horse and get on the bus or T. Meet some new friends and greet folks with a smile while using public transportation. You’ll feel better at the end of the day knowing you indulged in some friendly interactions…and most importantly for those complaining about the price of gasoline? You helped decrease the price.

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