Storms, Lightning Cause Damage In Plum

PLUM (KDKA) — Homes and property in Plum were damaged Thursday evening as another round of severe weather rolled through the area.

According to Allegheny County emergency dispatchers, there were lightning strikes all over the county, including in North Fayette, Robinson, Plum and Forward Township.

Limbs, trees and wires were reported down in various places.

However, Plum Boro was especially hard hit by the storms and lightning. No one was hurt, but the fire department was called in to make sure the homes didn’t catch on fire.

On Hialeah Drive, smoke was spotted coming from a home after a lightning strike.

“The residents in the neighborhood reported there was a lightning strike about two houses up. They came out to investigate and found smoke coming from the eaves of this house. [The] first units on scene confirmed the smoke,” said Chief Jim Reynolds, of the Holiday Park Fire Department. “We had to force entry because no one was home and we found some insulation smoldering in the attic area.”

Chief Reynolds said one of the neighbors reported seeing three lightning strikes.

“The lightning itself apparently hit back behind this house. There’s debris and stuff up there,” he said. “The neighbor reported three lightning strikes. I don’t know if that was three separate or the lightning itself jumping around. There was just some insulation smoldering, and so the fire crews took their time. We did some salvaging overall to try and protect things.”

A lightning bolt also hit a tree in Andy Koerneo’s backyard, sending debris flying.

“I was actually taking a little nap and it scared the heck out of me,” he said. “They said there was a house on fire, and I didn’t know whether it was mine house or where.”

The electrical energy missed his house and went straight next door.

The street… three doors up, there was some pieces of the tree,” said Koerneo. “I sure am lucky, but I feel bad for the folks over there.”

Also, on Rockland Drive in Plum, lightning hit a chimney, knocking part of it to the ground.

“There’s damage in the back and on the side and there’s bricks everywhere. There’s bricks in the neighbor’s yard; there’s bricks in the pool,” said Cindy Tomaro, the homeowner. “It felt like a train almost, coming through the house and that’s what was so terrifying.

Heavy rain from the storms caused flooding issues as well.

Generators were being used to pump water from people’s homes in Natrona Heights Thursday night. The 1000-block of Dallas Street saw the worst of it.

Also, in Greene County, quarter-sized hail fell in Franklin Township and lasted about 20 minutes.

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  • Linda

    I live in Westmore Co…..we had some bad lighting along with bad thunder….that storm last here over 3 hours….the end of the storm was the worsed…’s sad how one storm can do all that damage…….were just thankfful it wasn’t our home….we live in a mobile home….things can happen at any given time too with this crazy weather…

    • Albert Einstein

      Linda,Very glad you your family were not injured,by the way worsed is not a word, you meant worst so get out of your estate and get that education you are so in need of before it is too late,

      • Tracy (not afraid to use my real name)

        Albert…you need an education in manners.

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  • Laura

    Why does everyone think because a person lives in a mobile home is poor & uneducated Mr. Albert IGNORANTstein ?

  • baw

    Be careful folks…Before you call your home owners insurance about these things. I made two small claims last year, a total of less than a thousand dollars, (and I paid two 500 dollar deductibles) and I learned recently, that my company will not write me a policy for my new home. Why? Because they say that I am a risk! Lesson – even if you use your homeowners insurance for storm related problems, you can be surcharged OR cancelled! It doesn’t matter if you pay promptly for 20+ years. You will still find that you have bigger problems than storm damage if you use your homeowners insurance!

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