Two 8th Graders Stick Pins In Classmates’ Cupcakes

FRANKLIN (KDKA) — It could have been disastrous.

State Police say a couple of eighth graders stuck pins in cupcakes as they were preparing for a celebration.

Usually, dangerous stunts like this happen around Halloween, but two boys who are students at Franklin Middle School in Venango County rushed the season and because of it they’re in big trouble.

According to police, the two eighth graders stuck straight pins in cupcakes before spitting on them.

“This was a serious incident,” Ron Paranick, superintendent of the Franklin Area School District, said.

He has never seen anything like it in his decades as an educator.

It happened on May 2 in Mrs. Freer’s eighth period class. The cupcakes were baked earlier that day.

“The cupcakes were baked in the home ec. room for a going away party for one of the student teachers,” Paranick said.

The cupcakes were then set out to cool.

“And two kids messing around put pins in the cupcakes,” Paranick said.

Other students witnessing the tampering alerted teachers.

“Found that one of the cupcakes had two pins in it, contacted the state police,” Paranick said.

The two 13-year-old boys’ parents were contacted following questioning. The boys were given maximum suspensions immediately.

“Why they might have done this I have no idea,” the superintendent said. “Was it a joke? Was it something to draw attention to themselves?”

Because the boys are juveniles, their names are not being released, but they are facing a number of charges, including simple assault.

One of the boys’ mothers told me that when they do return to school after suspension, they’ll spend the rest of the year in detention hall.

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One Comment

  1. What Da? says:

    Wendy Bell had this story at 5……………don’t dare claim it was first seen on kdka

  2. HARRY says:

    These kids should be banned from school for ever, make their parents home school them since it is apparent that they can not function in normal society

    1. Fred says:

      Would you really like the parents of these kids to teach them? Obviously they have done a poor job already.

  3. Ol News says:

    This happened 2 weeks ago, where was the news cameras then?

  4. The end says:

    These kids should be banned from society. They should be forced to eat cupcakes with pins in them. I’m afraid this is the beginning of the end for our society.

  5. Heidi Monroe says:

    I am in a complete state of aww, that the school district and principle of this school did not tell the complete truth. These cupcakes were EATEN and yes the pins were in them.. They knew about the pins prior to feeding them and a bad choice was made to go ahead and eat them anyhow. But as a district to decently lie about this to make themselves look better!.. What kind of values are we teaching our children there.. “Lying is ok.. If its to cover your own behind! ” I think not!.
    One of the students was my daughter.

  6. Concerned Mother says:

    Heidi, I find a little hard to believe that the school willingly fed these cupcakes to students in full knowledge of them containing a foreign substance. I’m not calling you or your daughter a liar but that seems to be a little off the mark. Maybe your daughter “heard” rumors that the cupcakes contained pins but I doubt the school would feed them to kids. I remember being in middle-school, stories become more than the truth when left entirely up to the children.
    But regardless, this does not take away from the fact that this was a heinous act performed by two children, either with the full intent to harm others or as a tactic to gain attention. The fact remains that both of these children and their families need to seek counseling to establish why this happened. Yes I do feel that the children should be expelled from their school, but I do not know if home schooling is the answer. Would that isolate them? Make them feel like they are less than what they are? Would it create the mindset to propel these children to become even more dangerous as they grow up? Yes, homeschooling is wonderful for those who can handle it but this may not be the answer we are looking for.
    And in response to “The End”. Where are you going to ban these kids to? Just our society or the entire world? Forcing them to eat cupcakes with pins in them? We do not practice the Hammurabi Code in this country, so “an eye for an eye” probably won’t cut it. Yes, in theory that would be a just punishment but only in theory.

    1. Heidi Monroe says:

      Concerned Mother, Maybe you should check out WTAE on the web and look for the 11pm airing last night. You will see me and my daughter on their. And you will also HEAR the truth.. Yes they did serve them. And as the end result.. The teacher and principle had a lot of answering to do today to the school district super..

      1. Chip says:

        The proper spelling is “there”, not “their”…
        I also believe it’s “My daughter and I”
        And while I’m at it… It’s “Principal”, not “Principle”

        Maybe next time you’re back at your daughter’s school, you’ll sit in on an English/grammar class instead of ranting and raving 🙂

    2. Chip says:

      I’ll call her a liar…. Liar, Liar, Liar… Haha

  7. lilly says:

    did this reporter just say that the halloween season was rushed by these two kids putting pins in cupcakes. i’m not sure who the reporter is, but what a piece of garbage

  8. kristy says:

    so, this is what “mommy’s little angels” do for fun nowadays. i just LOVE kids, don’t you? it’s probably why i don’t have any, and i’m GLAD as hell that i don’t .

  9. russ hardy says:

    the kids need to be taught a lesson. first don’t hide their names. they should be brought out in the open. made examples of. stand them be the road with signs on them that say i am an idiot. things like that . and then taken out behind the barn and have their a–es kicked right up over their shoulders.

    i am russ hardy

  10. The kid who put pins in says:

    I used to be my mommys little angel at 12, by 13 i was puttin pins in cupcakes at my house. I used to get pumped and bullied on my block till I………………….. off and stuck it in this kids mail box.

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