PAW: Drinking Water ‘Exceeds All Standards’

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Is Marcellus Shale drilling poisoning our rivers and threatening our drinking water?

The New York Times sounded the alarm with an article raising the specter that the Mon had become radioactive.

Today, scientists at the Pennsylvania American Water Company said extensive testing shows that is not true.

“That we’re not seeing the contamination that the New York Times article had brought to our attention,” Ronald Bargiel, a PAW official, said.

After the Times piece, the water company says it did exhaustive testing of the Mon, Allegheny and the Clarion rivers and found nearly undetectable levels of radioactivity and heavy metal such as benzene and toluene.

They found evidence that the rivers — and the Mon in particular – have been getting progressively cleaner from their industrial past.

“The water on the Monongahela river is continually becoming more and more clean,” Bargiel said. “We do not see the contamination that we have in the past over the years with the steel industry and a lot of the heavy industry.”

And since the water going into the treatment plant is relatively clean, the water company says it’s treated finished water is entirely safe.

“The public should be reassured that our water is clean and potable and exceeds all standards,” Bargiel said.

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One Comment

  1. William Anthony Dlubak says:

    This is the cleanest I have ever seen these rivers. We have the most strict EPA enforcement laws. These waters are independently tested by other organizations not related to the EPA and their conclusion is the same. “These waters are cleaner and safer to drink today than in the last 70 years.

  2. richard says:

    what a joke rain swollen rivers and the test should be undergrown sources which will eventually seep into the rivers

  3. Robert says:

    Is anybody really surprised that the NY Times would print acompletely false article?

  4. hc says:

    Sooner or later this will effect our water. By then it will be too late. Glad some people are making a pile of money though. That certainly is more important than clean water.

  5. Becky says:

    Wonder how much Marcellus Shale paid to get this article out there? It was just last week, in our local papers I read how our water IS being contaminated by them, not to mention the anual report I get from my water company! People will beleive anything, at least that’s what they think!

    1. Ryan says:

      Clearly people will believe anything, because it seems YOU have.

    2. Matthew says:

      Water testing doesn’t lie. Study a few years of Geology and Hydrology to learn where ground water truly is. Open a book and do some research to learn about Shale Drilling. Rigs drill down then cement the hole, so no contaminants seep into the water table/underground aquifers. The drilling companies have been responsible with respects to the environment.

      I am an Environmental Science student at RMU.

      1. Ryan says:

        Oh Matthew, don’t you know the enviroweenies know everything despite their lack of knowledge or degrees?
        All these blind followers of people like Al Gore, it is so sad people have been sucked into the lies.

  6. swin says:

    I feel assured – especially considering that toluene and benzene are not heavy metals. I guess if you don’t know what you are looking for you can’t find it.

    That being said, I’m sure it’s not the water company’s fault but rather the KDKA reporter who spent more time in front of the make-up mirror than the classroom learning their craft.

  7. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Agree 100% with swin. Basically that article was mindless fluff. Here is a legitimate list of heavy metals. Most of which you will find in Marcellus Shale drilling practices.
    Tuluene and Benzene are not metals, they are hydro carbons used in industrial solvents and gasoline additives. This is basic Chem 1 knowledge.

  8. bruceUSA says:

    Tell it like it is!! For those raking in the money off the gas fracking, if the water becomes too polluted they can afford to pack up and leave. The rest off us are stuck here to deal with it aren’t we???

  9. adda boy says:

    i wish i had a gas contract

  10. g says:

    i wonder how many chemicals are in drinking water. seems like the goverment is mass druging the public

  11. Wonder Why says:

    You can bathe in McKeesport water but can’t drink it, most hardworking families can’t even enjoy a glass water with their dinner and that is not right.

  12. John Moyer says:

    Hello?! The water level is at flood stage. You can’t get accurate readings when the rivers are acting this way. You have to wait when the weather is more normal and the water levels return to more typical level. Otherwise, you’re going to get DILUTED samples! DUH!

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