Pirate Trade Targets?

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- Last week I played manager and gave Clint Hurdle lineup suggestions. Today, I’m going to list 10 players that I’d like to see GM Neal Huntington attempt to trade for.

It’s not secret the Pirates offense is struggling to score runs.

The struggles range from the core players (Jose Tabata, Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez) up to the veterans (Lyle Overbay, Matt Diaz, Garrett Jones).

It’s time that Huntington and Pirate President Frank Coonley go out and do something about it.

How about showing Pirate fans and the players in the locker room that the organization is serious about winning and go out and make a in-season trade.

When’s the last time the Pirates did that? Maybe Shawon Dunston back in 1997?

Just admit that the free agent signings of Lyle Overbay and Matt Diaz aren’t working out. Admit they were mistakes.

In my opinion, Huntington has to go out and acquire either a RF or 1B.

If it takes giving up Paul Maholm, Ryan Doumit or a Triple/Double A pitching prospect to get a bat, do it.

Here are ten players that I’d rather see in a Pirate uniform than Diaz or Overbay.
1) Jeff Francouer, Kansas City (Free agent after the season)
2) Melky Cabrera, Kansas City
3) Jason Kubel, Minnesota (Free agent after the season)
4) Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota (Free agent after the season)
5) Carlos Quentin, White Sox
6) Ryan Ludwick, San Diego (Free agent after the season)
7) Jorge Cantu, San Diego (Free agent after the season)
8) Cody Ross, San Francisco (Free agent after the season)
9) Josh Willinham, Oakland (Free agent after the season)
10) Nick Swisher, NY Yankees (Free agent after the season)


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  1. Bill says:

    The players listed are the same caliber as Diaz and Overbay. Face it, until the Pirates completely reorganize the front office, and spend the profits they continue to make year in and year out…we will never see a winning baseball team in Pittsburgh. I

    1. Karen T says:

      I concur!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will take Diaz back in Atlanta if i had anything to do with it…

  2. Ryan says:

    Why would we want someone who is leaving after this year? Seems stupid when they are going nowhere. If we trade Doumit, Maholm, Overbay, etc…get more prospects or player still with multiple years on their contracts. If you think the Bucs are contending this year, you’re out of your mind.

  3. steve says:


  4. adda boy says:

    fold the team by boycotting them.

  5. ed makowski says:

    Because pittsburgh fans are stupid.The owners are the smart ones. They keep having fireworks nights and stupid give aways and the fans fall for it. Dont go to the games and the owners will change their ways

  6. Brad says:

    I can’t quite grasp the concept of Pittsburgh fans being “stupid” for going out and watching the pirates. Since when does a team have to be good for you to go root for them? Why does a team have to win titles for you to go out and enjoy a few hours at a fantastic stadium with your family and friends? Sure, I wish we had pockets as deep as the Yankees and the red sox. What fan doesn’t wish that? And sure I wish the owner was a but more forthcoming with the team’s finances since we are the ones buying the tickets, refreshments and souvenirs. But none of that will stop me from going out to a ball game. I’m far from “stupid”. I probably have forgotten more about baseball than most “fans” know. However, signing these free agents mentioned above will not solve anything.

    Also for the poster above. Why shouldn’t we sign cutch long term? If you are comparing him to bonds even in the littlest way, I’ll take the attitude if he has the talent that bonds did. Face it Pittsburgh fans, Barry bonds was the greatest player you have ever seen. You are mad because he left for money. Which ALL of us would do. And, if you recall, he said he would sign with Pittsburgh if we offered him Andy van slyke money. How dumb were we not to? Sure the guy had an attitude, does it really matter ? You bonds haters are the same ones crying for management to spend more money then cry when we talk about giving to a cornerstone player. You are also the same fans that started showing up for penguins games when they started winning. Where were you in the late 90’s And early 2000’s ? Those games were far from sold out.

    I applaud the fans who go to the ballpark regularly. I’m one. But I ask you haters this question, if we stop going and they move the team, what will you find to vey about next? Stop whining, enjoy the game. If winning is all that matters, go buy a playstation and have at it.

  7. Dave says:

    The team cannot be moved. They are locked into a lease until 2025 or so.

    The pirates will not be buyers for the foreseeable future. They will trade their Money players by the trade deadline. Gone will be overbay, Diaz, doumit, maholm and correia.

    Frankly when they acquired their three free agents I felt they would be traded for yet more Aa prospects.

    As far as attending or not attending I choose to stay away. I choose this because I love my pirates and will not give nutting any of my money. The more this franchise fails in the win column the Lower the attendance. The lower the attendance the lower the profits. The lower the profits the lower the value of the franchise. And when the value goes down nutting will sell.

    If Mario and burkle buy this team (I can dream right?) you will see an instant spike in ticket sales. There is no guarantee they will succeed. However, they will try. Something that most people believe nutting does not do.

  8. critter says:

    Pirates and their fans are LOSERS

  9. Loyal pirates fan says:

    Frankly this article and the comments really disturb me. Overbay, Diaz, Doument, or McCutchen all need to stay in pirate uniforms for now. They are producing but they aren’t producing at the same time which us the problem. If they start getting big hit innings they will can be a very competitive opponent. You guys are talking about changing more and more even though after obtaining these player we have gotten one of the best starts to the season since the past decade. Heck we were 500 for a little while (about a day). What we need is production not new players. We have the talent. We need the pitchers to keep the opponents score low and the batters need to give run support. As soon as Alvarez, Tabata, McCutchen, and others start performing consistently we will start winning. Also I don’t know about you guys but whenever I’m watching the games it always seems one of the players your saying to get rid of is the one producing runs whether from a solo homerun or multiple base hits. I agree with BRAD’s comment we aren’t stupid and not being stupid is signing McCutchen long term. He doesn’t have a bad attitude so I don’t know what you guys are talking about. He’s actually rather quiet and goes 110% every play. And of course he’s gonna move teams for a bigger salary. It’s like being given the option to do the same exact job for 500k or 5 mil. Which would you choose? I would take the 5 mil gladly. We need the experience of Overbay, Diaz, Doument, and Jones. They are the offense of the team right now and taken them away will just weaken the already damaged skeleton of this franchise. Finally WHO CARES IF THEY WIN OR LOSE!!!! PNC Park is one of the most beautiful parks around and I can say from experience that there is no bad seat in the whole stadium. You can see from anywhere. Oh yea and all of you who want Overbay traded are probally the same people who wanted the trades last year. Bringing in one person is not going to turn around the franchise. We already have the first round draft picks so why waste our valuable players for some washed up old players who are gonna retire in a few years. It’s not worth it!!!!

    1. Karen T says:

      I want Matt Diaz in a Braves uniform if tha Pirates dont want him.. He will come around..

  10. Since we are on the subjects of the Pirates. I wanted to share with Pirates fans this rare video I stumbled across today of Roberto Clemente captured one month before his untimely passing, http://youtu.be/RerRs59TUBo

  11. Bryan says:

    Bob Nutting is the problem. Any Pittsburgher with a brain knows he’s pocketing money. He can deny it in interviews all he wants, we know better. Until he sells this team, I refuse to pay to see this team on the diamond with my hard-earned money. Nutting doesn’t care about winning, so there is absolutely no reason for me to care about him. I will watch or listen on radio, but you couldn’t pay me enough to support Nutting’s antics. He’s the real-life version of Rachel Phelps.

  12. jimmy says:

    i’m sure Clint wanted to punch you right in the face Mike for being such an idiot.

  13. Skip Dawson says:

    Please just sell the team to Mario!!!!!!!!! He will get the team back on Track.

  14. Skip Dawson says:

    I am a tax payer in Allegheny County. The deal was they would put a competitive team on the field if we build them a Ball Park. How many years do we have to wait?? 18 consecutive losing seasons to date, the longest in North American professional sports. Thanks Robert Nutting…

    1. John Fitgerald says:

      Thanks Robert Nutting..

  15. C.P. says:

    It bothers me a bit when people pull out the tax payer thing and act like the pirates got a 100% free stadium. Tax payers did front the money but the pirates pay a huge lease to play in that stadium. The city is getting there money back plus more.

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