‘Greensburg 6’ Suspect Was ‘Afraid To Get Help’

By: Trina Orlando

GREENSBURG (KDKA) – A teenager accused of murder was back on the witness stand Wednesday answering questions from prosecutors.

Angela Marinucci, 18, took the stand Tuesday in her own defense. She is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jennifer Daugherty in February of 2010.

Marinucci kept her head down while answering questions from Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck. He spent three hours Wednesday morning picking apart her direct testimony and pointing out inconsistencies in things she said.

Marinucci did not shed any tears as she described watching Melvin Knight leave the bathroom with a bloody knife. She said she could hear Knight and Ricky Smyrnes asking Daugherty if she wanted to die and why she was letting them do this to her.

Marinucci admitted to hitting Daugherty on several occasions, but said it “wasn’t hard” because “she didn’t want to hurt her.”

When prosecutors asked Marinucci why she never called for help, she said that she was afraid of what Smyrnes and Knight would do to her.

Marinucci testified that Smyrnes said something bad would happen to her if she didn’t come back to the apartment.

Marinucci testified that Smyrnes called a “family meeting” on Thursday morning to decide what to do with the body. She admitted that she suggested putting it beside the train tracks. She said that Smyrnes suggested burning it in a dumpster or dumping it in St. Clair Park.

Marinucci will go back on the stand when court resumes this afternoon.

Once prosecutors are done with their cross-examination, the defense will have the choice to re-direct or rest their case.

Prosecutors will then have the chance to call a rebuttal witness before closing arguments.

The jury could begin deliberations Thursday.

KDKA-TV’s Trina Orlando is in the courtroom and will be tweeting updates on breaks. You can follow her updates at www.twitter.com/trinaorlando


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One Comment

  1. bobbyjo says:

    what a waste of time talking to this pos, do they think she’s going to say what really happened. and if the DA fails to get a 1st degree murder conviction then he needs put out on the street also,,

  2. Natalie says:

    your gonna be out, keep your head upp bro.

    1. shirley newill says:

      you are as sick as they are how the hell can you say something like that

    2. BONNIE says:

      well if you think hes going to get out after what he did your crazier then him

    3. Lance says:

      here’s the truth; angela lured jen to the appartment. angela, amber, melvin and ricky beat, tourtured, made her drink bleach, detergent, urine fecies, pills, cut off jens hair, and in the end, murdered jen. melvin raped jen. peggy and robert sat by and did nothing to help jen. melvin stabbed jen at least 7 times and cut her throat and ricky cut jens wrists. there were several times throughout the 2 days that ANY of the 6 involved could have helped jen or called 911. all 6 voted to kill jen. it is simply sad that we no longer have jen in our lives all because of some monsters. jen kept asking the 6 what she did wrong, to please let her go and to call or send her mom a message. why? why? why? i miss her everyday. my wife cries and has nightmare all the time. her nieces ask where aunt jen is all the time. all we can say is she is with god and she’s happy. our family hurts all day, everyday and even after this trial is over, we have 5 more to go through. WE are tourtured everyday that we have to sit in that courtroom and listen to the testimony of the murder of jen. i can only hope and pray that the jurers bring back a guilty conviction in this and all of the upcoming ones in the future. please, keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

      1. BONNIE says:

        lance my prayers and thoughts are there for all jenns family god bless you alll

      2. EmtFire says:

        Lance your family is in my family’s thoughts & prayers thru this ordeal.

      3. Connie says:

        Lance am so very sorry for you and your familys loss. I am sitting here in tears cant imagine what your going through. I don’t know you or your family but I am praying for all of you. When I look at Jennifer’s picture I smile, she was such a pretty young lady,beautiful smile. The picture I see on TV or paper Jennifer looks like such a happy young lady, am sure your family was proud of her. Natalie should be ashamed of herself for posting such a thing, they will ALL be found guilty and dealth will follow. Stay strong, will be praying for your family.

      4. Natasha says:

        Lance I am so sorry for your loss. I know that is a cliche thing to say but I truly am. I know that I do not know your family, but I wish that I could be at the trials myself so I could support you guys. I have been praying for your family and so has my church. I hope that everyone gets the justice that they deserve.

      5. LIsa says:

        Lance, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May god be with you all.

      6. elena says:

        My thoughts are with you and your family. I am really hoping that the time and the justice will heal you and your family even if for a little bit.

    4. Connie says:

      Are you kidding??? Do you live in a bubble???How dare you give them any support at all, Jennifer’s family needs the love and support of everyone. A beautiful young lady was taken away from her family, they will never ever be able to say stay strong honey, we love you, they can never ever give her a hug, kiss, say good morning honey. I am so upset reading your comments, you have no compassion for Jennifer’s family.

    5. Susan says:

      he is a walking dead man. You half wit, people like you need your head examed!

  3. dan says:

    are you kidding me your a pos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dan says:

    he will never be out.but dont worry he wiil get a boyfriend in jail!

    1. BONNIE says:

      hahahahhahaha lmfao

  5. Joe says:

    Well Natalie your “bestie” friend Melvin is gonna get the gas chamber….and rightfully so!!! Birds of the feather flock together which leads me to believe that you are just a plum full of stupid yourself. Truth-be-told the death that Melvin is going to see isn’t near the punishment nor torture that Jennifer endured.

    1. BONNIE says:

      your absouletley right joe they should feel the pain that they put that poor young women through and for you natalie friend or no friend what he did to jennifer was wrong may he rott in hell and burn slowly

  6. Natasha says:

    Natalie AGAIN out of respect for Jennifer’s family PLEASE stop posting all your positive acclaimations regarding your “brother”. I would never wish death on anyone becasue that is not my place, but the death penalty is an option for a reason. He MURDERED and raped someone in cold blood. Someone who was completely defenseless agianst him. It was planned and cold and calculated. As previously stated, he has already admitted to stabbing her and THATS what killed her. Among all the other awful things that he helped participate in.

    1. Mike says:

      Natalie, unless you pull off the great escape from prison or the death Chamber; Melvin is done. All six deserve death

  7. kate says:

    Natalie must be the dumbest girl in the world for coming on here and posting comments like that. what if it were you natalie, getting raped by melvin, beat up, forced to drink melvins feces and pee, among many other things and then be stabbed repeatedly by melvin. wonder if hed still be your brother then? keep your head up melvin? for what? killing an innocent girl. I dont wish death on anyone either, but i wish a lifetime of torture for these people because of what they did. I mean this was something that was planned and was nothing but a cold blooded murder. Rip jennifer, i did not know you but i wish i had because then i could have saved you from these evil people. i pray your soul left your body as soon as you entered that apartment so you never felt an ounce of pain. Sorry for pos like natalie and her disgusting brother melvin as well as the rest of the evil people involved in this.

  8. BlowHard says:

    Tune in tonight Marty Griffin uses his kids to uncover a Disney scam!!!! This should be great

  9. rot in jail says:

    Hey Greensburg 6, did they get all the lice out of your scraggly nasty heads in jail?

  10. shirley newill says:

    your brother is a murderer get the hell off of here you wirdo thinking like that you should be in there with your murdering brother he is going to rot in jail

  11. JR says:

    Natalie I cannot believe you are sticking up for him! Did you go to any of the hearings? Do you not know that he ADMITTED to stabbing this poor girl? I was at the trial and you need to watch what you say because what he said he did is TRUE and her family is very sweet and does not need to be reading your comments. Maybe of you seen for yourself what he did to her you would feel different about him. http://www.wtae.com/news/22737470/detail.html <<<there is the link if you do not believe he stabbed her.

  12. jjaye53 says:

    are u serious it has nothing to do with color he tortured and killed another human being not only that she was mental disabled are u f*ing kidding me you and your family need help wow

  13. jjay345 says:

    hahahah natalie needs help too.. haha really your going to defend that wow. that poor woman that got killed we will get justice for you .. …i am glad you are with god and are not suffering anymore.. RIP

  14. frances says:

    your the pos because you want a murderer out on the streets your just as guilty as he is do us all a favor and get the hell off here your just as much of a pos as he is oh wait im sorry neither one of you are a pos because at least a pos had a purpose once upon a time do us all a favor and quit commenting

  15. VJK says:

    Natalie, its your brothers actions and your comments that hurt your color.

  16. sharbe says:

    hey natalie melvin may be black but he is not oj melvin will rot in jail and get to be some ones prison b*+ch :~)

  17. Sickened says:

    Guys, I’m 99% sure Natalie is a troll. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=troll) And even if she’s not, it’s probably best to pretend she is, aka- Ignore it. Chances are, all she wants is the attention of having her name in the most posts.

    Anyway, I’m sorry, but “afraid to get help” my butt. I’m 1 year older than this derp, but apparently that’s a big year because even I know that when you lay with dogs, you get fleas. The only way out is to call for help. Too scared to do it yourself? Go find anyone– ANYONE, because I guarentee that any Billy Jo Bob on the street would at least call the cops if you told them the truth– and do something to avenge this girl you claimed to have compassion for. But instead, you followed along like the mindless zombie you are and now you’re trying to shirk responsibility for your actions?

    My sympathies to the family (and I don’t say that often at all) and I hope this lot rots.

  18. For Real? says:

    Like OMG Natalie has an IQ of -2,493838483838383…. dumb as@! And so does her “Bestie” (saracasm)

  19. Seeking balance says:

    My sympathies to the family for their substantial loss. I just wish that NONE OF THESE individuals EVER get to see the light of day (without bars between them and civilized society) EVER again!!

    Natalie – you are correct, color is not relevant, the fact that he is a violent/dangerous piece of garbage JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS is what matters (btw: notice YOU are the only one who mentioned color here so far).

  20. Natasha says:

    Jury is now deliberating–I am so nervous and I am praying for Jennifer’s family.

  21. BONNIE says:


  22. Natasha says:

    Justice has been served, but not completely. We still have 5 more possible trials to go. I just hope they are all punished as well. I heard the beautiful things that you said about your sister yesterday Joy. Youi are a very strong woman and I respect you greatly for that. Still praying and sending love.

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