Local Woman Recounts Encounter With Constable

PENN HILLS (KDKA) — Erika Slusar, of Penn Hills, says she was pushed by a constable who smashed a sliding glass door and then pulled a gun on her.

He was looking for Slusar’s boyfriend, who is wanted on traffic violations.

Slusar says when she refused to let the constable inside her home, he tried kicking down the front door and when that didn’t work, she says he went around back and shattered a sliding door to get inside.

She claims the constable pulled a gun on her inside the home and that her 9-year-old stepson witnessed some of the encounter.

She tried to tape it using her cellphone camera, but the constable took it away.

Constable Alan Harff tells a different story. He says he went into the home because he saw 29-year-old Darrick Pryor go into the house.

Harff says he did not kick the glass door but merely pushed on it and it broke.

He also says he did not pull a gun on Slusak, but instead had a gun out because he thought a wanted man could be hiding inside.

Harff says Erika Slusak could wind up facing charges for not cooperating.

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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Why don’t I believe her??

  2. swin says:

    If a constable shows up at my house looking for somebody who does not legally reside here, he darn well better have a warrant for that person’s arrest AND a warrant to enter the house – otherwise he doesn’t get in. And if he tries to get in, well, I will exercise my constitutional rights.

    And when was the last time you ‘merely pushed’ on your glass door and it broke?

  3. swin says:

    Once he went around back he was trespassing. The only legal right he had to try to get into that home without a warrant was if there was probable cause of a FELONY having been committed. A traffic violation does not qualify as grounds for an illegal search and entry.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      Isn’t running from a officer of the law a felony?

    2. tom says:

      Uh Swin, how do YOU know that he did not have a warrant for his arrest? If the Constables are looking for you, that means there is a warrant for you. That is what constables do, they are a function of the court system and are paid to take into custody people that are wanted. As far as him “trespassing”, you should read up on law before you make stupid comments on a news website. Police and constables have the right to be anywhere on somebody’s property and enter that residence as long as they have a valid warrant and that property is listed as a “potential” address for the individual. I’m sure since the constable was there, he knew that was an address that the guy lived at or stayed at. Why don’t you people try not to criticize law enforcement every chance you get and occasionally go out of your way and support them. Oh, that wouldn’t be fun, they’re an easy target and since everyone outside of law enforcement is so perfect ot just makes sense.

      1. ROBO 66 says:

        Ok Tom. A constable does not have the same powers as a sworn law enforcement officer. And no they do not have the right to enter a residence just because of a listed “potential address.” If he knocks and asks to enter a residence and is told no, he cannot enter. Also Magistrates warrants can only be served during the hours that the issuing authority is open, unless otherwise stated on the warrant. Use a little common sense, people move all the time, and have a potential address does not mean you can barge into someones home. Now if it was found that she lied and he was there, by all means he should report it to the police and have them file hindering or obstruction charges against her.

      2. Bob Smith says:

        Also, a warrant for arrest is not the same thing as a search warrant. I know they both have the word ‘warrant’ in them, so i can see how that would be confusing to you.

  4. ROBO 66 says:

    OK, so first, a constable IS NOT a law enforcement officer. Constables are elected or appointed to serve warrants for local Magistrates. Most Magistrates warrants are for minor summary violations or unpaid fines. At no time does a constable have the right to force his way into your home for a summary warrant. If he did see the individual going into the home he should have requested police assistance. And in case your wondering how I know this, I am a former police officer.

  5. Unlawfull says:

    The question is the constable said he thought he saw the suspect go into the home and so far it appears the suspect was not there was he?
    If he has just cause he can act like any other law enforcement but if the suspect was not there he has a lot of explaining to do.
    Also I hope the guy SHERIFF is not a real sheriff because his comments are very UNPROFESSIONAL AND HE NEEDS TO GROW UP .

  6. Dan says:

    I hope this “constable ” gets charged. People get a little power and they then think they can smash into peoples houses and point guns in their faces…over what some unpaid traffic tickets….unreal!

  7. Seeking balance says:

    Since she was so aware of her rights and her Boyfriend was not IN the home (if he was hiding, he’s a coward), she SHOULD have called the actual POLICE. They are the ones who have reason to go inside with propable cause!

    Moral of the story, pay your tickets and follow the law (both the individual & the obnoxious constable).

  8. Daniel says:

    State Trooper=Law Enforcement
    City Police=Law Enforcement

    The Constables should be eliminated by law in my opinion.

  9. Kathy says:

    Constables are very uneducated and can’t fit into the mainstream of life, I don’t trust them.

  10. Kathy says:

    She was probably arguing wiht the constable and causing a scene to help whom ever was in the home leave. Please excuse my former comment.

  11. yours truely says:

    WOW Lets all gang up on the constable at least get your facts straight, PA State Constables were the first in law enforcement in the commonwealth They serve Criminal warrants traffic and non traffic landlord tennants, civil action, evictions, sheriff sales just to mention a few, They take care of Thousands of warrants each year, Take criminals into custody every day on fellony warrants ect… so this constable had a bad day lets all crucify him, he saw the perp enter the house he had every right to enter to take him into custody, did you every take a second to think that in all the commotion from the girl friend that he went out the back door, also for you people who think that the constable is a joke i wouldn’t laugh to hard and for the former robo cop he should get his facts straight he sounds a little bit like a constable hater, constables train every year on law updates tactics ect… and also quallify every year for fire arms, So be a hater call them a joke if you will but they are an important part of the system and take alot of crimminals off the streets every day and put themselves in harms way just like any other law ennforcement officer.Just like Rodney Dangerfield said can’t get no respect

    1. ROBO 66 says:

      For the umpteenth time a constable IS NOT A SWORN LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER!!!!!!!!!! And again, even police officers cannot enter a residence because he thinks he saw a suspect go in there. Oh, and I’m not a constable hater genius because I also was a constable myself and I worked with a bunch of them who were really good at what they do.. So think before you speak. You hear the horror stories every day about wrong addresses being entered and people being hurt or killed. Thats why he should have called the local police. It sounds like you may be a constable yourself, and if you are I hope you stay safe because society is nuts today. My facts are straight police officers are SWORN LAW ENFORCEMENT with powers of arrest with or without a warrant, CONSTABLES ARE NOT!! Thank you.

      1. TruthSeeker says:

        I don’t know when (or even if) you really were a PA State Constable based on your inaccurate comments because ALL PA State Constbles take an oath of office and are sworn officers at that time.
        On a side note, they are trained and certified under PA ACT 44 (enacted in 1994 and now changed to Act 49). Those certifications require 80 hours of classroom/hands-on training, then another 40 hours of firearms instruction to be able to work as a Constable. They are also required to attend a MINIMUM of 40 hours of continuing education each year, 20 hours on legal updates, another 20 hours on firearms re-certification. They are the oldest law enforcement agency in PA (1664), and for the first 10 years in PA, the PA State Police were known as the PA State Constabulary. They have full arrest powers under PA Common Law (Unconsolidated Statues Title 18), are considered (and are) sworn law enforcement officers (and this has been the case forever as you can not be a PA State Constable without taking your oath of office where you swear to uphold the Constitution of the United State as well as the PA State Constitution).
        Back on the subject at hand; PA State Constables fall under the provisions of US HB-218 to carry across state lines, and are under the law, able to work in the capacity of a police officer under the jurisdiction of the local Chief of Police.
        In-contrast, we have Sherrif’s Departments in PA. They have county-wide authority, and work with the Common Pleas court system. Constables basically do the same things as the Sheriffs in one respect, and sometimes work together with them. Constables can also serve bench warrants and PFA’s (Protection from Abuse Orders) just as the PD or Sheriffs.
        One of the most dangerous things a Constable does is warrant service. Everything from traffic to criminal warrants may be given to them by a District Judge to serve. A case-in-point, the Police Officer (Miller) that was shot in Warwick Township, Lancaster County PA was serving a traffic warrant. So to the goof that thinks just because the publicized warrant in the article was for traffic, it makes it no less dangerous nor does it change the rights that can be excercised while effectuating the warrant. That particular “traffic” case made the national news…along with the double homicide a week later.
        Constables are in fact Sworn Law Enforcement, and you’re welcome.

      2. PJ says:

        Hey Robo there were 3 POLICE OFFICERS. They were telling the girl to just unlock the door so the constable could do a search. She refused and was screaming at them. That is when the officers told her she could be charged. Yeah if reporters would get all the information before they do stories like this gee no wonder Law Enforcement gets a bad name. There is 28 warrants for the man and not all for traffic,. You are as stupid as the reporter that opens up his mouth without getting all the facts. Gee if they are not Law Enforcment then why do they have to be sworn in as Law Enforcement Officer and is bonded.??? If you were a Constable and didn’t know you had to be sworn where the heck was you a constable???? That just go to show you how little you know.

  12. PJ says:

    What wasn’t reported by KDKA was that there was 3 Police Officers on scene called by the Constable. The Constable had 8 warrants not all traffic tickets. There is 28 warrants out for the felon. The Police and Constable was in the front of the house with the girlfriend for more than 20 min’s telling her to open the door and she wouldn’t. The door was never kicked at. The sunroom sliding door came off the track and broke. The girlfriend went into the house when she was told to stay outside while the Constable was doing a search with his gun drawn she came up behind him inside the house. KDKA did not check any information before they went with the story only given by the girlfriend. The reported only talked to Constable min’s before the story aired. Just goes to show you don’t believe everything you hear on the news. KDKA did not check out anything. Only afterwards they found out what really happened. They didn’t even know how many warrants the Constable had and what they were for. Did they report that NO. Another botched up news story. Good Job.

  13. TruthSeeker says:

    A Pennsylvania State Constable is an office held in Pennsylvania. It is the constable’s job to enforce the law and carry it out, just the same as the job of district attorneys, sheriffs and the police generally”. In fact, Pennsylvania constables have the right in Pennsylvania to arrest by warrant anywhere in the commonwealth, and to conduct warrantless arrests for felonies and breaches of the peace, including warrantless arrests for felony violations of the drug laws (see Commonwealth v. Taylor, 450 Pa. Super. 583, 596, 677 A.2d 846,852 ). They also have statutory powers of arrest in certain situations.
    Additionally, a PA State Constable is in fact a Law Enforcement Officer and is covered as such under LEOSA. They are specifically sighted as a Peace Officers under PA law and do havet rights of search and entry. I suggest some reading on PA Code before you flap your clap trap any more and embarrass yourself further. Additionally it is amazing that you would advise others as to “what you would do if”. Let me be the first to inform you that should you refuse entry to a Constable holding a warrant, they will be the first to arrest your stupid ass and I will be the first to laugh at you for being an idiot.. It’s amazing how self professed uneducated experts can try to convey their stupidity on others. Seek the truth, take the 15 minutes to read the laws, and don’t listen to morons!

  14. PJ says:

    A working Constable has to go through training every year and they are certified and bonded. There are Constables that just want the title and do nothing more than work a couple times of year at voting stations. Those Constables usually don’t even go through the training to be certified.
    Can you imagine if Police Officers had to serve all the warrants? There would not be time for them to do anything else. Constables also transport these felons to jail. What would our taxes be if they had to hire more Police Officers just to serve warrants and transport felons. I bet these Constable haters would be the first to be screaming about their taxes then. Constables pay for their own equipment. Car, handcuffs uniform bullet proof vest all paid for by the Constable. Pa Constables can work anywhere in the state of Pa. What would it be like if Police had to go from county to county just to try to find someone there is a warrant for?
    Wake up people and don’t be so stupid. Find out things before you speak up. Constable jobs are more dangerous than a Police Officer. They are out there by themselves only if they call for help from a police dept. and sometime the help don’t come. When they knock on a door they never know what is on the other side.

  15. ROBO 66 says:

    Ok truth seeker and pj. Thank you for the rich history of the PA Constable. And you are WRONG, constables cannot enforce the criminal and or vehicle laws (titles 18 and 75) of the commonwealth. They are not certified under PA Act 120 nor are they given identification by MPOETC (IE Local, county, state police, county sheriff.). Im very aware of the training they do and what they go through. I have yet to see a constable on patrol in a municipality or stopping vehicles for traffic violations. Try doing that and see where it gets you. And again, you dont have to let a constable or a police officer for that matter into your residence unless they have a SEARCH WARRANT. Im not trying to get into a war of words here, but its funny to see how people get BOLD behind a computer screen. So get your facts straight, unless you are certified under PA ACT 120 you are not a police officer. And the job they do is more dangerous than a sworn police officer, oh give me a break. Try tellling an officer that one!!

  16. truestory says:

    Three officers did repond and asked what the warrant was for and when told summary traffic ticket the supervising SGT told them they were not authorized to enter the home. They left because they didnt want a part in violating the womans contittional rights. The 4th Amendent protects citizen from this type of abuse of authority. dont believe? look it up. you cannot break the law trying to enforce it. He should have understood when his assistance left. In order to violate that amendment It has to be a SEARCH WARRANT not a WARRANT and it has to signed by a JUDGE not a DISTRICT JUSTICE/MAGISTRATE., and is usually granted after investigation and evidence presented by LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL not a CONSTABLE. dont believe? look it up. He says he seen him well you can execute a WARRANT if you have a visual ONLY on a FELONY WARRANT not SUMMARY. dont believe? look it up. After reseach ALL the warrants were for SUMMARY ONLY, and hes is not a felon matter of public record. dont beleive? look it up. SO he draws a gun on a summary warrant? Not smart. Niether is assualting a women on camera. Didnt look like she was uncooperative or in the way, he turned and walked towards her and strong armed her phone. dont believe? watch it. Oh and filming is not allowed ONLY in COURT perfectly legal on your own land and admissable in COURT if your were made aware, which he was. dont believe? look it up. Oh and a door doesnt fly off shattering glass because you pushed it, takes a little more force than that maybe by an angry constable who just strong armed a phone? thats breaking and entering, and to be in the house with the person in it without consent unwanted and intruding is HOME INVASION. And to top it off he wasnt in there. I study law Its not looking good. as the saying goes you can kiss your bADGE goodbye

  17. ROBO 66 says:

    TRUE STORY THANK YOU!!!! It seems that some people think that badge gives them authority to do as they please, WRONG!!! But I am sure they will come back with more “info” stating they are allowed to do what he did..Wonder what they would say if gun discharged and someone got killed!!! It has happened..Again to all those who do their job professionally and under the scope of law, godspeed and stay safe!!

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