7-Year-Old Gave Heroin To Classmates

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are investigating after a teacher found bags of heroin in the backpack of a 7-year-old student.

The incident happened at Quentin Roosevelt Elementary School in Carrick. The school houses grades pre-K to 5.

Sources say the 7-year-old kindergarten student cut his finger with a razor blade. His teacher started questioning him and discovered 18 suspected heroin stamp bags in his backpack and locker.

Pittsburgh Police brought a drug-sniffing dog into the school Wednesday afternoon to search for heroin that might still be inside the building. No additional drugs were found.

Police sources say the boy told them he got the drugs from his father’s bedroom. Police searched the boy’s home, but did not find any drugs. The boy also said he gave heroin to three of his friends.

It’s unclear if he gave out the drugs on the school bus or in the school building or both.

The white packets are named “Magic Ticket” and feature a bunny coming out of a hat.

Ebony Pugh, a spokesperson for Pittsburgh Public Schools, said three parents contacted the school district because their kids brought home drugs.

The district plans to send a letter home to parents tomorrow about the incident.

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One Comment

  1. Crystal says:

    My daughter goes to this school I am so mad about this right now.. Thankfully my daughter said she didn’t see these bags and she didn’t bring any home but I hope that this kid is taken off these parents.. they should show there faces so we know they are selling drugs in our neighborhood…

    1. Deein Pa says:

      You must be Mr perfect !

    2. Mary Ann Kalian says:

      You are an idiot Doug, obviously Crystal is upset, cut her a break

    3. AreolaSharon says:

      Mr perfect?, Nah … M-O-R-O-N

      What else in life do you generalize?

    4. Susan says:


    5. SimplySue says:

      He doesn’t need a spanking. Why should he get a spanking? You, yourself just asked if someone was blaming him and reminded everyone that he is seven. He needs to be taken out of his parent’s home, because obviously he is in danger there if he has access to heroin and razor blades. It’s his parents that need the spanking, or better yet, put in jail for endangering their child.

    6. Patrick's mommy says:

      The post you were replying to said that he needs to be removed from his parents. It said nothing about school or blaming the child she was saying that his parents are complete idiots who are not capable of caring for a child and she was right. Both the parents should be thrown in jail

    7. Carlow says:

      This seven year old should be place in a foster home.

    8. Jeremiah Lee Koprowski says:


    9. mkked says:

      Why would the kid need a spanking ? He is 7. Do you think he really has an understanding of what heroin is ? His idiot parents probably told him it was some kind of candy.

      The kid just didn’t know.

    10. save our children says:

      the poster said the child shoiuld be taken FROM the parents.
      the poster is not blaming the child, but the parents.

    11. Budpratt says:

      Spank him? What are you hiding?

    12. Logic says:

      A Seven-year-old kindergartener?

      And he’s got the razor blade, too?

      Right, this kid definitely ISN’T a problem /sarcasm

    13. dan says:


      1. hwright says:

        And you blame this on the schools system why???????? Is that his parents the school. Hey wait thats what a lot of people think now. Government parents. And people that work…..

      2. myteensavers says:

        Would you drug test your child? In this day in age, my wife and I would.

      3. FrankO says:

        Because next week the teachers will hand out Heroin to the kids. Just wait and see. Or the kids will find some crack in a teachers desk and smoke it up with all the other first graders in the ghetto.

    14. fitefan says:

      The kid is a SEVEN year old KINDERGARTNER!!! That kid was “Left Behind”!! TWICE!!!

    15. tom_ma says:

      Seven year old kindergarten student? This child should have been rescued from his parents a loooong time ago.

    16. Dontdependonthegovernment says:

      Who is going to spank him? His worthless father? Does he even have a mother? We are living in a world where worthless animals are called parents who are doing nothing but raising more worthless animals. The cycle will never end until the government stops paying mothers to have to more babies to get more money in their check. If you do not have a job or are on welfare, or are a know drug user you should be fixed so you cannot have children.

      1. FedUp says:

        Right on!

    17. hookedonphonics says:

      Someone needs to go back to school. Your writing is terrible!!!

      1. Peter D says:

        Let’s worry about the young children and the potentially deadly situation they were placed in. Let’s save the grammar critique for another day.

      2. AgreeWithCrystal says:

        I will assume you are aware that using three exclamations points in a row is considered poor syntax. Looks like you may have been the product of a drug infested school yourself hookedonphonics.

      3. joel says:


    18. Cheryl Elizabeth Assaf says:

      The kid was too young and probably didn’t even know what he had. He should be placed in foster care pending an evaluation for safety reasons of his home. The kid is only 7 and didn’t go out and pick the stuff up on the streets. His parents have put his safety and all the other children he came in contact in great jeopardy. Remember the only people at fault here are his parents.

      1. His parents or someone on the street handing him the backpack? just a thought …

    19. Plato says:

      Wow, that’s an intelligent non-sequitur. Whether drugs are legal or not, a 7 year old kindergartner (why is a 7-year old in kindergarten?) shouldn’t be passing them out to classmates, any more than he should be passing out legalized drugs.

      Try to stay in the game there, big fella…

    20. Leprichan says:

      Man, right on! I need to go get an erection. Thanks for reminding me.

    21. Aj Davis says:

      I wish I went to this school. Free heroin is beast.

    22. KansasGirl says:

      After reading your comment twice, I realize the problems facing Ameriica. I can’t believe you don’t know what is going on in your commnity. Quit allowing this behavior. Okay?

  2. Curtis says:

    Typical Carrick! When will everyone start to realize that Carrick is a bad bad neighborhood?

    1. Lynyrd says:

      Carrick was an outstanding neighborhood. Enter sec.8. Down goes another good community.Sec,8 landlords are the lowest .

    2. KickDemOut says:

      Sec 8 landlords are heros who face injury and death when the social worker shows up, but they don’t get paid for it. Nor get to retire at 50 even though life expectancy is the same.

    3. Slappy says:

      Sec 8 is a disaster. It’s worse because as a prospective tenant, you’re not permitted to find out if a place has sec 8 or not. Why should it be a secret parasites are in a neighborhood alongside hard-working tax payers? Sec 8 landlords are taking tax money from Uncle Sugar-nothing heroic about that.

  3. KIm says:

    Remind me NOT to use the city schools!

    1. Nancy says:

      Really? Roosevelt is a great school with a wonderful staff and hundreds of terrific kids. Don’t chastise the school or the school district for an incident that was perpetrated by someone from outside the building. Would you shoulder the blame if a guest in your home had drugs and your only involvement in the matter was calling the police? You’re kidding yourself if you think this problem doesn’t exist in suburban schools. It does!

      1. Dan says:

        Nancy, I agree. I have 2 children in Roosevelt school. The staff is excellent! Stuff like this happens everywhere, it usually only makes the news when it’s a city school. I remember seeing a while back that Bethel Park School District had a heroin problem in the middle and high school. So don’t blame the school or staff, it can happen anywhere!!!

      2. PGH SCHOOLS SUK says:


      3. Nancy says:

        City schools don’t “suck” and aren’t “shot”. They are making an amazing turn around. The district as a whole made AYP two years ago. They have been working diligently to ensure that all students are making progress. They have implimented many new programs, curricula, and teacher evaluation tools. The foundations in Pittsburgh have seen these changes take place and are once again investing in the schools. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested millions in the Pittsburgh Public Schools because the district’s Excellence for All plan was one of the most comprehensive plans written and was co-constructed by Pittsburgh school leaders and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers. Management and union, working together, to ensure that there is a highly effective teacher in every classroom, in every school in the district, so that every child has the opportunity to receive a first-class education in a positive learning environment. UPMC and countless other groups, including the PFT, have invested money into the Pittsburgh Promise, so that students who Work Hard and Dream Big have the opportunity to get a post-secondary education or workforce certification. Everyone, from each school all the way to central office, is working to make the Excellence for All plan a reality for the children and families of our Pittsburgh neighborhoods. We will succeed. Just watch us. (Dan, Thank you!)

      4. Paul says:

        Nancy is perfect example of why we left the city, to many fools who would rather delude themselves in believing THEIR school is the good school, THEIR crooked Democrat council person is the good, one, THEIR union lapdog school board representative really cares about the kids and it’s always the other one that’s the bad one.

        You’ll never, not ever, be able to fix the problems of the city if you don’t even have the courage to acknowledge them. PPS is a festering sewer of failure from top to bottom that exists to indoctrinate not educate. Being “one of the best” schools in the PPS is the equivalent to being one of the shiniest turds is in a dung heap. I know, we were there and we dealt with the entrenched bureaucrats, unionist thug, drug addled teachers, we know better than you what is best for your kids, attitudes for years before we finally left.

        If you can’t afford to move to get your kids out of that failed system investigate PACyber or quit listening to lies of the teachers union and call your state representative and demand they vote for SB1 and work on getting you kid into a private with a voucher. Take it from me, getting your children out of that corrosive, deviance promoting environment is the best thing you’ll ever do for them.


        look at the trash your kids deal with everyday they are in school,roosevelt might have potential to be a great but as long as these kids go there the public school system suks,wake up its my tax dolars paying for this i cant move so i will just pay 4300.00 a year for catholic school so my child is no around a kid that has parents that deal herion <Nancy think about that every day you drop your kid off at that over funded underachiveing school ,oh the pgh promise only works if your child gets in to a school.the better and a wing to ccac…

      6. Donna Snyder says:

        check out how many drugs are on students at seaton la salle private catholic school wake up its everywhere it could be your kids best friend in your high priced school its not the school its the home life/parenting. kids only do as they see i really dont think they see the teachers dealing they see it at home or in your neighborhood

      7. Sadcityresident says:

        This may exist in the suburbs, but its 1 kid in every 1000 there not one in every 20 that they have in the city…trust me I work there!

      8. Nick says:

        Nancy, I’m just wondering where you work. It sure sounds like you were told to defend this school. Not many parents of this school can just spout off all these facts. You are no doubt a union zombie and are writing this to protect your cozy government teachers job. Take off your blinders and really take a look at this for what it is, defending this kind of action is just pathetic.

        On another note: We need to push hard for vouchers and get our kids in charter/private schools. Government/Union schools are nothing more than a muse for liberal indoctrination! End this union thuggery!

      9. LuLu says:

        nancy; The turn-around that you write of is PROOF that the schools were at a LOWER L:EVEL than they should have been! If this were not true, THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR A TURN-AROUND!!Why did they drop to the lower level? Because the UNIONS ARE IN CONTROL OF THE SCHOOL SYSTEM! They are the ones that set the curriculum, want more $$due$$ paying union members to support the self-serving CORRUPT,union fed politicos!!To hell with learning, hussein obama wants more dummies to be completely dependent on him, and his gangster regime!!!

    2. Your kids face this says:

      Not to mention Upper St. Clair, Bethlehem-Center, Peters Twp…

      Oh, and probably your district too. Keep your head under the rock, or face acknowledging that heroin abuse is rampant across the region and knows no socio-economic bounds.

    3. Paul says:

      Drugs are a problems everywhere no doubt about it, but in the communities you’re mentioning the problem doesn’t begin to present until the kids are in their mid to late teens, upper middle and high school, there are no suburban elementary schools where heroin is showing up… if you believe otherwise you’re just fooling yourselves. Drugs are a major problem in every part of the PPS, at every level in every school with the teachers being amongst some of the biggest problems.

      You keep fooling yourselves into believing Philicia Barbieri is some kind of anomaly because she got got or that the administrator at Allderdice who got caught stealing gift cards intended as rewards for high achieving students that ended up in the possession of drug dealers is out of the ordinary. Most of the teachers I encountered when my daughter attended middle school at Linden had no business being anywhere near children.

    4. Donna Snyder says:

      honey its in every school private and boro schools the richer the neighborhood the more dope and thats a fact

      1. Paul says:

        Liberalism is standing on your head and telling the rest of the world it’s upside down.

        You keep telling yourself that there are private and suburban ELEMENTARY schools where kids are bring heroin and guns and the rest of us will just keep watching the cities burn.

        If you can’t even face your problems what hope do you have of ever addressing them?

      2. granolos says:

        what is all this about the schools? the kid’s parents had a bedroom full of heroin!

      3. badisbad says:

        granlols is right the parents having heroin in a home with children is the problem. They are drug users or sellers either way theyshould not be allowed to raise a child this is a case for complete removal of the child and a criminal case against the parents for drug use/trafficing. Forget about holding the school responsible for discovering and reporting a crime they did right and should not be penalized for calling the police when a drug filled backpack shows up on school grounds regardless of who carried it in.

    5. acs says:

      Its everywhere, that’s why you must educate your kids!

    6. hookedonnothing says:

      Remember not to use the city schools!

    7. thenewlibertarian says:

      The kid was probably trading it for crack…

  4. d. craig wise says:

    Elementary school… That is – what 12 to 13 year olds tops?? What in the name of God has this country come too? Watch 15 minutes of news and pay attention to what Republicans want to do – cutting funding for education, eliminating Head Start, etc., , and you can come to the relization as to why!!

    1. Frank says:

      Yea…this is the republicans fault. Nice liberal spin….Funny how we were most prosperous when we didn’t even have a dept of education….gvt is not the answer.

      1. Brian - Redding, CT says:

        Here here!!!!

      2. OhioChuck says:

        The educational system across the country is broken. Until we take control of the classroom away from the kids and give it back to the educators you’ll continue to have problems. You can thank the lawyers that have used the insecurities of liberals some 30 years ago to make their millions. Bring back spankings and whackings in the hallways. Hell, that even cured ADD, ADHD and 100’s of other acronyms that have popped up over the years.

      3. AreolaSharon says:


        Raise the standard for becoming a teacher is my take.

        I mean, when my extremely brillian child was transferred, against school policy, and the stated desire of the custodial parent, to a school that was closer to the home … she found herself in a confronation with a teacher who did not know how to spell and SPOKE in ebonics …. I’m sorry, this is the kind of thing one should never be able to get their head around, but the school system protects and defends their own …

        When the police do this it’s called the ‘thin blue line’ … I now refer to this insulting behavior as ‘the thin CHALK LINE’

      4. rob says:

        lets blame the real culprits,the parents if you can even find them

      5. Slappy says:

        Read John T. Gatto-he’s a fmr teacher who quit and speaks out against the education system. According to Gatto, the US used to produce intelligent, thoughtful students UNTIL the fedgov got into education. For the last 100 years, the progressives have ruined our schools. According to the progressives’ own words, and the industrialists who funded them, the aim of the public school system is to produce kids just smart enough to work for someone else. Critical thinking is not on the agenda. They’ve had 100 years to do it-how’s it working out so far?
        If you don’t believe me, then why is education in this nation a joke with all the $$$ we throw at it? According to Gatto, 200 years ago, our kids taught themselves to read and none had a formal education, yet if you look at what they read and knew, they were smarter than we are now.

        Here’s Woodrow WIlson’s idea of how the public should be educated:
        “We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

        “The secret of American schooling is that it doesn’t teach the way children learn, and it isn’t supposed to; school was engineered to serve a concealed command economy and a deliberately re-stratified social order. It wasn’t made for the benefit of kids and families as those individuals and institutions would define their own needs. School is the first impression children get of organized society; like most first impressions, it is the lasting one. Life according to school is dull and stupid, only consumption promises relief: Coke, Big Macs, fashion jeans, that’s where real meaning is found, that is the classroom’s lesson, however indirectly delivered.” -Gatto

        Our schools are ridiculously stupid and damaging for our kids.

      6. Micah says:

        Throwing more money towards a problem does not solve it…it’s been tried and failed. I substitute teach in public schools and am ASTOUNDED at the lack of basic knowledge, particularly history, of our so-called high school students. I fear for the next generation. I wish I had the magic bullet to solve this, but I am truly at a loss. The majority of the kids are unmotivated, uneducated and simply don’t care…and many, not all, of the public school teachers I encounter do nothing to counter this, and actually unintentionally encourage it, by pathetic class (dis)organization, skewed grading systems and just a general lack of learning atmosphere. Most days I leave various schools very disappointed and a little overwhelmed by the environment of actual stupidity…schools, and therefore our youth…are in a sad state.

      7. Salley says:

        Brian;; the shout out of approval is “HEAR, HEAR’. Say ‘hello’ to u no who for us.

      8. herold says:

        this is bb

    2. money isn't the answer says:

      Um… we keep throwing money at the schools and Johnny still can’t read or write. Money won’t do it – parents who care enough to read to their children, keep them off the streets, and insist that they do homework will make a difference. But they’d have to turn off the t.v. and invest a little time in their children. Won’t ever happen. I read recently where they want to stop tax credits for parents of obese children. What about illiterate children? That’s just as much negligence and costs the taxpayer plenty in later years.

      1. freecheese says:

        hmm? we keeps trowing money at dem skools, but otis and jamal kant read an rite. wunder wats rong ?

    3. Joe S. says:

      The problem isn’t Republilcans or the lack of government funding — DC public schools get more money than any other school district in the nation and perform at a lower level than nearly any other.

      So much for the benefits of federal government involvement and money.

      Catholic schools have lower funding and much higher results.

      What’s the difference? Student accountability, discipline, morals and no excuses.

      1. just a thought says:

        While I agree with some of your thoughts, I would like to throw one concept in: Catholic schools do have higher results, but Catholic schools are able to pick and choose their students. If a child has a low IQ or a learning disability, they are most likely not going to be accepted into the school (unless the family has enough money or power). I am not saying that it never happens, but for the most part, that seems to be the case. With the Voucher Bill being considered, this means that the students that will be left in the public school system will be the lower ability group.

    4. The Bruce says:

      Craig, please explain how increases in educational spending would have prevented that child from obtaining heroin in his house. I’m all ears.

      Seriously, the political spin is ridiculous. You’re just a non-thinking hack.

      1. Donna Snyder says:

        how how is our teachers and school staff going to stop kids from bringing this into school move in the home with em its the parents not the schools. if you people want to blame the schools then how about you think like this, you have a cook out and somone has drugs on them and gets caught well its at your home so its your fault not theirs, or your out having dinner and decide that you and your friend have a glass of wine and the driver wrecks now you are to blame its your fault because you were with them wake up people put the blame where it goes the child stated that he got it at home not at school so blame the parents not the teachers

    5. Carlow says:

      What Republicans want to do? Have you read Obama’s Health Care Plan?
      Watch C-SPAN and get unbiased news.
      The R’s want to save Medicare and allow those with pre-existing conditions to have insurance. They also want tort reform which would allow more money to be spent on the needy.
      Do you know how much FREE care is given to the needy by Pittsburgh hospitals? Do you know how many buy homes and cars and will not buy medical insurance? WE pay for them.

      1. rob says:

        carrick was where everyone wanted their kids to go to school until the board brought in all the low life animals from mt oliver,beltzhoover, and knoxville, then threw in some from homewood and the hill for diversity

    6. Shamoo says:

      the articl states kindergarten – 5.
      I figger that puts the range at
      5 – 18 years…….

    7. rob says:

      this is what you get with dozens of 6 figure useless administrators who refuse to enforce dicipline

    8. Paul says:

      It’s not the country, it’s the inner city where big government leftists have held sway and had complete control for decades and the bitter fruits of their labor are being born. Head Start, more funding for indoctrination and bloated union salary and pensions under the guise of education have created the opportunity for Shaniqua Gonorrhea to use the urban schools as a baby sitting service for her illegitimate kids and dump them there while she spends the day getting high and thinking of new way to steal from working people to pay for her debauchery. Right outside the cities is the rest of the country where Democrats have nothing to offer decent working people and life is still good.

      The prevalence of these incidents is correlates directly to how many Democrat there are in government, how long they’ve been there, how much is spent on “education” and programs like Head Start … the more there is the worse the problems and that’s no accident.

    9. Lindsay says:

      YES CUT FUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! America is already number ONE in the world on how much we spend per child in the education system and almost dead LAST in there preformance! WHAT does this tell you???????????????????

      1. jet2023 says:

        It tells me that you can’t spell.

    10. Nick says:

      I was just waiting for the old “It’s Bush’s Fault” ! The problem is not that there isnt enough money. We have been throwing money at this problem for far too long. The problem is the teachers unions and you know it. They are the most corrupt and violent organization next to the mob…wait they are the mob.

    11. Frank says:

      Oh for the love of Pete, d.craig…..Um, United STates, bottom 1/3 of all developed countries in Math, Science and English…..your answer: throw more money at schools because that’s worked so well….give me a break you leftist hack!

    12. givemeabreak says:

      LOL…d. craig wise…government is not going to help bad parenting, do you honestly think that government programs curtail drug use. True the parents in this case are obviously to blame, but to blame Republicans because they are trying to prevent us from becoming a 3rd world nation sounds like msnbc talking.

    13. eyewire2000 says:

      Take the school districts entire budget and divide by the number of students. I recently did this after reading about Detroit’s failing school system and came up with more than $80,000!

      What is that figure for this district?

      We need to privatize the public schools. We would get better education for our students & there would be more than enough money for special education. What we have now looks like the non-defunct Soviet Union’s economic system.

    14. Dee Smith says:

      Yeah your right take the responsiblity away from all the parents and give it to the goverment free breakfast,lunch and dinner, than Mom’s and dad’s can have PLAY DAYS. This country is so upside down. The 700 billion spent on the board of Education is a joke. WAKE UP AMERICA. Let the states take hold of their schools Jeffersons said” states right” give the people the right to move if they do not like the way their tax money is spent..

  5. Tabby Guzewicz says:

    its one thing if you wanna be a junkie and use these drugs but keep them out of the reach and sight of your children.. some one could have been seriously hurt or killed because of this… heroin is a wide spread epidemic that needs something done soon but lets try to keep the kids away from it.. this is just sad..

  6. ryan says:

    yeah cutting funding to schools will stop kids from bringing drugs from home…..

    1. Paul says:

      Not directly but cutting the budget of the bloated failed city schools could free up more money to build more prisons to toss this kid’s “parents” into and keep them from ever reproducing again and that will eventually solve the problem.


      1. workingamerican says:

        Paul you a Republican IDIOT!!! Everychild left behind is your MOTTO. The money saved will just feed the politicians fat pockets and thats all……

    2. Ben says:

      This nation could throw $100,000,000 at ‘these’ schools and it wouldn’t change one iota beyond perhaps the physical appearance-which would only last about 3 weeks…….I’ll leave it at that………….

  7. Voice of the People says:

    Hey D Craig…….there hasn’t been one dime cut from the budget yet!!!!! and these savages raise 7 year olds to bring heroin to school, the cuts might force them to work when little Daquane doesn’t get breakfast lunch and dinner at school!!!

    1. rob says:

      another great example of hope and change

      1. Sheepocrat says:

        Yes We Can!

      2. Norma says:

        Hope and change is possible. It was huge that the students had the sense not to ingest the ‘magic’. I have been looking for a dozen people in Pittsburgh who care about preventing substance abuse to start a ‘Reality Tour.’ If you know of people willing to give a few hours each month, it can happen. There is grant money to start Reality Tour, like 18 other PA counties did and 8 other states.
        Contact our non-profit at http://www.RealityTour.org Parents are our most powerful prevention tool….Reality Tour puts parent and child on the same page. Over 5,000 parents/youth have attended Butler County’s monthly Reality Tour. The Westmoreland Reality is filled to capacity for the May Tour. Ordinary people are out there doing something and it works. Reality Tour is on Facebook. Our fundraiser is tomorrow all day at Fun Fore All, stop by and meet parents who are actively doing something with just a few hours each month.

  8. Bea says:

    A print story said this was a kindergartner, which if he is 7 yr. old, tells you what type of parents these are irregardless of the drugs. Hopefully there will be follow-up by CYF and the police removing this kid from the home, or else it is just another lost generation.

    1. Plato's Trifold says:

      Irregardless? Are you kidding me?!?! It’s REGARDLESS.

    2. John J Sibley-Prusak says:

      “irregardless” is not a real word. It’s “regardless”

      1. Hector says:

        I love, love love, love, LOVE when people correct spelling and grammar on the internet … it shows how little control they have in real life that the only way they can feel like they matter in some way is to chastise strangers who make simple spelling errors.

      2. freecheese says:

        Well, as long as we are on grammer by knuckle draggers, “irregardless, methinks, co-conspiritors, pre-preventative, preventative, and ‘axing’ questions are a sign of ignorance and stupidity.

        Duh ?

      3. BIGSAMMICH says:


      4. PamelaSB says:

        Hector – it wasn’t a spelling error, “irregardless” isn’t even a word! Your comment is a perfect example of how too many people in this country have excused a lack of diligence in regards to our every day life, which in turn, leads to a myriad of other societal ineptitude issues. Good grief.

      5. PamelaSB says:

        Hector – it wasn’t a spelling error, “irregardless” isn’t even a word! Your comment is a perfect example of how too many people in this country have excused a lack of diligence in regards to our every day life, which in turn, leads to a myriad of other social* ineptitude issues. Good grief.

      6. Frank says:

        I love, love, love when people like Hector take offense to people correcting someone on PROPER ENGLISH. Typical Liberal hack, can’t stand being proven incorrect on ANYTHING and takes it as a personal attack. Hector is just another lovely example of our public edumaction system (conditioning) dumbing down the populace.

      7. Another Know-it-all says:

        “Irregardless” has appeared in the OED for over a hundred years. It’s definition is actually more rigid than the definition of “regardless” as it also connotes a nuance of refusal to concede the underlying contention. Additionally, the etymology of the words is presumed to be separate as the words evolved through middle-english in (presumed) different regions.

      8. Able to Use the Google Button on the Internet Machine says:

        @ Another Know it All

        Irregardless has been in the OED for over a hundred years as improper slang. Because it uses a double negative, the definition of irregardless is actually, “to have regard for. It is considered improper because it is generally used the opposite of what it actually means – i.e. “to have no regard for”

        My research (all 2 minutes of it) came for the Oxford English Dictionary online and Dictionary.com



        When you are trying to be a know-it-all, it generally helps if you are right about what you purportedly know. Especially when you cite a source that has evidence to the contrary

    3. Tam says:

      My thoughts exactly! A 7-year-old in Kindergarten???

      Put the blame where it belongs, THE PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!! Stop trying to turn this into some political agenda.

  9. Al says:

    There will probably be a lawyer ready to sue for the teacher going in the kid’s backpack!

    1. John J Sibley-Prusak says:

      Rightly so !!! Teachers are not “gods” or “judge and jury”.. Just and educator.

      1. Tired says:

        Sibley-Prusak? Did you take your wife’s name???? Lawyers man….ughhh!

      2. greasy gc says:

        hahahahahaha @ Tired’s comment. Nice catch.

  10. Nancy says:

    Let’s not make this a black only crime. Heroin is more prevalent in the white neighborhoods than the black ones. Let’s make this about the child who has been exposed whether black or white.

    1. joe thomas says:

      time to resegregate schools

    2. FrankO says:

      But it was a black kid in a black neighborhood at a black school Duuhrrr what should we make it?

    3. zingaro says:

      The article does not mention the race, so why is everyone assuming they are black?

      1. Guess Who says:

        Go to greatschools.com and find out why.

        Some libt ards are in denial.

  11. Andy says:

    The city schools have nothing to do with this. There is a society problem. Teachers deal with this all of the time and it never makes the press due to confidentiality. If the “real” parents knew what many of these lazy parents are doing to ensure that their children never learn, it would make them sick. Don’t blame the teachers all the time when stories like this surface. The schools fail because the REAL parents don’t have a voice. The ones with advocates and attorneys do.

  12. Jan says:

    thank goodness the school has teachers who keep a very careful eye on the students and are smart enough to investigate a cut and discover the heroin. Now a days it takes the effort of home, community, and schools to keep our children safe.

  13. patty pizzed says:

    Parents are responsible. Just like if there kid threw a aids infested waterballoon at a bus driver or peed in a swimmingpool. ware does a 7 yr old get $180 worth smack?

  14. CHEESER says:


    1. SimplySue says:

      LMAO! Great nickname for someone from Wisconsin. Sorry folks couldn’t resist. I know it’s a serious topic.

      I think the break down of families in the last 30 years have left a couple generations to raise themselves. Add that to the way the judicial system has failed to do it’s job, the overmedicating of children and the glorification of gangsters and abusers and the society as a whole has taken a nose dive.

      1. artemis133 says:


      2. pghpuma says:

        31 years ago, I moved to Atlanta, from the New York / New Jersey area where dopers offered hits on a joint to women on the steps to the subway. I was shocked to see front page articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about bodies of 12 year olds found roadside. The Community took too long to recognize that this was a turf war among drug dealers, mules and the callow cynicsm of low life who value nothing. This element – to those who responsibly protect their children is detectable. Become like the hero / K-9 officer in the article whose appearance at Roosevelt no doubt delighted the innocent. Yet we know the danger and would never let our child approach to pet the Shep. Some stuff – once you are prepared to SEE what you’re looking at – becomes obvious and you instinctively know how to respond to preserve your community and ascertain your security.

    2. Rick says:

      You are now free to move about the country.

      1. Paul says:

        Tell that to Boeing, Obama the dictator says otherwise.

    3. Paul says:

      As someone who isn’t from Pittsburgh but has lived here many years due to family obligations I could have (and often try to) warned you about listening to what the natives say about the place. The PPS is a complete disaster, people are fleeing it in droves, but just ask any parent with a kid in any of the schools and they’ll tell you how great their school is. The city is bleeding population like a stuck pig but just ask anyone left and they’ll tell you what a great place it is to live and the population turn around is just around the corner. They’ll tell you about this great, blue collar work ethic they have but you’ll never encounter a lazier bunch of slugs anywhere in the country. They’ll boast about how pleasant and helpful they are, the same people who’ve used election violence and brown shirt tactics to drive out of the east part of the city all but the most rabidly left wing anti-american kooks and still take pride in the fact that the city neighborhoods that still remain are divided along racial, ethnic and religious lines.

      The problem is the natives of Pittsburgh have been lying to themselves for so long they start to believe their own propaganda and can’t see past it so you can’t believe anything they say about the place

      1. Hwright says:

        Go blow your horn somewhere else then bud. Take you Republican lies with you!!!!

      2. SteveJ says:

        Hwright, maybe you can explain why people like you (and others on the left) are so obsessed with party affiliation. This isn’t about being a Republican. It’s about ideas … and the terrible ones that have led us to this kind of mess.

      3. Laura says:

        You may live in Pittsburgh, but your information is about 4 years out of date. Click the refresh button and update your attitude.

      4. Fellow floater says:

        Let’s face it. Pittsburgh is just a big toilet bowl with turds floating around in it waiting to be flushed. Some have been here for years and are disintegrating and the smaller ones are still somewhat solid but are slowly deteriorating (these kids). Parents don’t really care to take control and let the whole thing fill up and get stinkier by the day. It’s close to the point where the lever will be pushed and all those who think this is a great place will watch the world spinning round as they head into the drain with the little ones floating behind, all banged up on smack and falling apart faster than ever. I guess it doesn’t matter, we can’t do anything about it so our people in charge will take care of it, dont you see?

    4. Ben says:

      Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not the city, its the CONTENT of the city………..Detroit is even worse……Try Gary, IN or E. St. Louis, I’m sure you’ll find those cities rather quaint…….

      1. Pitty says:

        Now, isn’t that great to compare to those cest pools. Boy, we’re better than that pile of filth over there and yeah look how much better we are than that illiterate group of thugs in that place. Man, that makes me proud to be Pitt-iful.

  15. Thomas says:

    How about the fact that our US Marines are in Afghanistan helping the Taliban produce the opium to make all that heron? None of that matters right? They make it and bring it in and if you get caught with it you go to one of their private (for profit) prisons? That’s all irrelevant right?

    1. Johnnie says:

      All of what you said is nonsence

      1. birdlover says:

        i agree. herons are just birds, they are not political…..yet.

    2. Cpl 1st class USS Irellevent says:

      And I still haven’t got my drug stipend from Taliban! Who can we sue?

    3. PamelaSB says:

      I bet the Taliban knows the difference between your and you’re.

    4. The Bruce says:

      Thomas, I think someone’s been listening to a little too much Alex Jones. Go back to agonizing over FEMA camps, HAARP, and chemtrails.

    5. You Are Wrong says:

      Afghan heroin goes to Europe/Asia, not the United States. Mexico/Colombia produce our supply. Is that irrelevant? Do your research.

      1. You Are Even More Wrong says:

        Not true. Mexico/Colombia produces Black Tar Heroin, which is prevalent on the west coast, while Afghan heroin (powder, always in the salt form…in the UK they get Heroin base, and must add citric acid to it) is prevalent on the east coast of the US.

        Here’s a map to prove it:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Drugroutemap.gif

  16. hienz cleaver says:

    PROBABLY ….50 stamp bags. teach kept the rest.

  17. birdlover says:

    thomas: We have enough of our blue herons here; they are beautiful birds Don’t trash them if you have never seen them.

  18. Mary says:

    Why is it that when it’s found in a city school, it makes the news? It’s in all of the suburban schools as well but somehow it just keeps getting swept under the rug. All you suburban parents who are reading this right now and thinking it’s not in your kid’s school, think again. I have kids in a suburban high school, one that scores pretty well. Yep, Heroin’s there.

    1. Paul says:

      Yeah Mary, suburban HIGH school where kids are at an age that they tend to experiment with drugs and it’s somewhat expected. Roosevelt is an ELEMENTARY school, these are children, children with heroin, children bringing drugs and guns to schools, children who are sexually assaulting other children in ELEMENTARY schools where the teachers are just as likely to junkies and anyone and the violence and crime rates are more like what you’d expect to see at a high school and the high school rates are more like what you expect to see in a prison.

      BIG difference dear.

  19. Jack says:

    Some comments just kill me….all the BS about but it happens everywhere…and the guest analogy for God’s sake the child is a student hardly a guest…does all that make a person feel better? What because it happens “everywhere”…ha, just an excuse to do nothing or make it seem as this is just the way it is. Only because you let it be.

    You as parents are all responsible to collectively be involved. You want your 7 year old to even know about such heinous drugs…because it happens everywhere…people your children have the right and deserve the right to be children.

  20. birdlover says:

    So why disparage the herons? They are simple , beautiful birds

    1. steeleymcparrot says:

      heron jokes are not funny. Maybe you should go to that bar where you get free beer and a white woman when the Pirates lose nd get your head together. At this ratye you could stay stewed until Septemmer.

  21. Huey says:


  22. patty pizzed says:

    You mean like Park or Patel?

  23. AreolaSharon says:

    Unbelievable how many Spelling Nazi’s have showed up for this post ….

    1. denbarg says:

      You mean “shown” up for this post

      1. AreolaSharon says:

        No. I wrote what I meant to write.

        Grammar Nazi’s, while less in number, are omnipresent on stories like this every time they hit the internet.

        Let me play Punctuation Nazi for a moment and suggest you should make clear as to whether you’re making a statement or asking a question. One can only guess until you punctuate what you wrote!

      2. The Bruce says:


        The post is priceless. You simply have to love it when spelling and grammar Nazis make themselves out to be fools. Oh, and, I love that handle.

      3. AreolaSharon says:

        @ The Bruce

        Yeah, 16 years of posting on the ‘net, one’s bound to have a pet peeve or two.

        I was hoping there might be a dogpile for my (twice) puctuation bait (Nazi’s rather than Nazis). Apparently punctuation presents the greater challenge for the drooling class …

        And don’t get me started on where/when I coined the moniker — LOL

  24. denbarg says:

    the sad thing is, the kid didn’t even get a chance to shoot up before those bad school people took his stash!

    1. Jim Myer says:

      You did not capitalize the ‘T’.

  25. AreolaSharon says:

    critter = d’dipstick

  26. Ken says:

    Simple. Legalization would take the profit away from junkies. Parents wouldn’t be selling H cause there’d be no money in it. The cartels would be stripped of their income. No drug related crimes, and kids would not be targeted by junkies. It’d be regulated like alcohol so kids can’t get their hands on these drugs as easily as they can when they are illegal

    1. joe thomas says:

      great then everyone can be a drug addict great plan.

      1. Ken says:

        There is no proog or logic in your argument. So you’d be an addict if it was legal? I certainly wouldn’t. Only people who want to ruin their lives would. But you enjoy letting drug cartels profit off children? Killing people over territory. Look what is happening at the mexican border because of prohibition of marijuana. When will people realize that prohibition does not work? It created some of the most violent criminals in American history. Or maybe you think cigarettes and alcohol and he’ll why not caffeine should be illegal too.

  27. Mike says:

    They Should all be Arrested, Give them about 25 years in Prison- Then Send them to A Fema Camp!! Lol

  28. critter says:


  29. Kindy Graten Teacher says:

    So when little Deshan brings in 17 bags of heroin and sells 12 for 5 dollars how much money does he have to give to his crackhead mom? Class!!! Class!!This is important! Life on the streets is rough, you need to know math or you’ll get ripped off

  30. Redrock100 says:

    What will they do on June 19th?

  31. Plastics Tekkie says:

    Did anybody wonder where he got the razor blade? Was it used to “cut lines” of drugs? Time to check the home environment.

  32. redrock100 says:

    What will they do on june19th?

  33. servantoftruth says:

    Maybe the 7 year old is a dealer. Or maybe he was muleing for his dad, the supplier. Anyway, aren’;t all 7 year olds on heroin? Why should we make this such a bg deal.

  34. Lana Daniel Swatek says:

    Unfortunately, you are so right. It just gets worse and worse and the Democrats in these areas just keep getting elected, and therefore it will never end. Democrats have destroyed the culture.

    1. Donna Snyder says:

      democrats made the parents deal drugs well 30 years ago was it the democrats fault?? lets get real here politicians do drugs snort cocaine among other things. and its not a black/white poor/rich thing i’ve heard of millionaires who went broke because of drugs!! and further more politicians may not deal drugs they scandal money and have been locked up for such things research it and then talk trash but atleast talk logical like the TRUTH

  35. steve says:


  36. Brad says:

    Wonder where the kid got it… Hmmmm older brother’s room? Moms stash? Can’t be dad’s stash cause he doesn’t know who dad is… I’ll bet 5$ the kid had a dead presidents last name, and his first name began with a ‘de’. For instance DeVaughn Washington . I’m taking bets.. Anyone?

    1. Maggie Fanelli says:

      It says he got it from his dad’s room.

  37. Mama says:

    My daughter goes to that school and I am one angry mom. That school didnt even have the respect to notify parents until 6 pm after everyone heard it on the news. Thats ashame I am very thankful that my daughter didnt touch it see it or have any in her belongings. I want answer why parents werent notfied about the matter. That boy needs to be taking away from his parents and put somewhere will he will get the love he needs.. This is absolutely disgusting. I pray all the kids that came in contact with it are ok.

    1. rob says:

      we should have all these overpaid administrators and political hack boardmembers make some unannounced and unescorted visits to spend some serious time in these schools and then maybe they’ll open their eyes to the garbage these poor teachers and principals have to tolerate without being able to teach or discipline

  38. Chris from GA says:

    Southerners like me get made fun of all the time, but this stuff doesn’t happen in our communities. Why? Because we don’t take every opportunity to bash and humiliate people who are addicted, in a poor generational cycle, or on the wrong path. This isn’t the 7 year old kids problem, it isn’t the schools problem, it’s a community problem. Clearly, this child lives in a house with a drug addict. Instead of bashing, why don’t one of you go to the house and offer to keep the child in your home until the parent on drugs can go to rehab and clean themselves up. Another couple of families should raise/give money to help defer the cost of the rehab. Don’t expect the government to do it, because then the addict has no one to be accountable to. Another one of you should help find the person a job when they get out of rehab. I’m not talking about a handout…I’m talking about a hand up. I’m no liberal, the government can’t manage a pair of shoelaces. I’m a Christian, a husband, and a father, and a leader. It sounds like your community could use a few…

    1. Jack says:

      first post that actually makes any sense whatsoever…most here are more inclined to see out someone or something to blame and debate or think the “Government” should handle it or throw some more money to it, or it is a political problem that lies with the Democrats or the Republicans …

      Anything and everything to shove the responsibility somewhere other than where it belongs which has proven over and over to not be the solution.

  39. JM says:

    I don’t think the average person understand the amount of drugs that are in every single major city.. Its not just carrick its every where..

    I would love to see the result of a random drug test done at all JR and SR high schools in the area.. I would also like to see the results of drug test of all public office, medical, and police.. Im will to bet my life the numbers would blow your mind~~

  40. Matt says:

    And people wonder why we Homeschool. Stop sending your children to these cess pools. God is not allowed in school, as He has been expelled. Wake up folks, and DO YOUR JOB as parents. Cell phones, Ipods, Ipads, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Gaming … what is wrong with most parents??? Why would you let your little ones participate in society’s junk?? Time to step up. It can be stopped, and it starts AT HOME.

    1. Sarah says:

      Gaming is not the problem. Nor are any of those devices intrinsically evil. The issue is parents who do not supervise and monitor what media their child is consuming through these devices. It’s a parenting problem. Not a technology problem.

  41. mekongdelta69 says:

    There are dozens of stories like this every day, all over the country and 99% involve black kids. The rule of thumb for every newspaper in America is if they DON’T list the race of the perp (no matter how young or old), they’re black. If they’re Spanish, you can tell by the name. And if they’re white, you can be SURE the word WHITE will be plastered all over the headlines and 10 times in the story. This has been going on for 45 years now. And to all the bleeding-heart, self-hating, guilt-ridden leftists who read this and every other comment like it – We are NOT all the same. IQ, culture and background matter. If you deny it, the only person who you’re fooling is yourself and people who are just as brainwashed as you are. Besides, deep down, in private, you know it as well as I do, but it sounds SO much better to come across as ‘morally superior’ to the world.
    Wake up…

  42. Jeremiah Lee Koprowski says:


  43. picomanning says:

    I was raised in Los Angeles County. If you raise kids in any urban area you’re taking a huge chance that you’ll lose your kids to drugs and crime. Save up, clean up, and get yourselves and your kids the hell out! Find a minimum paying job in a rural community. You’ll be happier and much safer. By the way, the economy is only going to get worse. Leave soon!

  44. Kelley says:

    At seven, the boy is very old for kindergarten. Sounds like he could be slow mentally. IOW, he had little idea of what he had and took them due to the bunny image.

  45. zesty says:

    Drudge brought me here.

  46. endgametime says:

    Seven and not in the first grade yet. Time to cut losses and lock the kid up for the rest of his life before he murders someone. Why wait.

  47. KansasGirl says:

    Why is a seven year old in Kindergarten? Gotta love government run schools.

  48. timt223 says:

    Public aka government schools at it’s finest hour!

  49. David says:

    Well the kid is an obvious dummy… 7 yrs old in kindergarten.

  50. michelle says:

    Did anyone notice they said. “7” year old KINDERGARDEN student?? I was maybe 4 or 5…I was 14 as a Freshman! 7??? What?

  51. Lt.Geo W Bush, ANG (TX, AL, AK, CA, NY, WA) says:

    He musta got a good deal. Ask the kid how much each bag was. I’m about to lose my AfPak connection.

  52. pittgirl says:

    You guys are a riot! LMAO

  53. Hank Warren says:

    Dumbed down kids in dumbed down schools, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. blahblahblah says:

      ^ Another shameless spam post hawking a book that isn’t banned anywhere by the Hank Warren SPAMBOT

      Hint: Vanity publishing doesn’t pay when your writing stinks Warrenbot

  54. Tom Walter says:

    TNB……Need I Say More?

  55. SantaKlause says:

    Look, it’s obvious this kid is dealing drugs, and someone probably needs to check to see if he’s actually seven. It’s possible that he’s a dwarf or midget who is infiltrating schools, giving the kids a “taste” and then getting them strung out during recess while he pockets their milk money. Dwarf-Drug Dealers (DDD) are becoming more common in our schools and until this state makes a stand against them then we should all be very worried.

    1. lol says:

      I was sure you were going to say elf drug dealers ther Kris

  56. Camille Sehlmeyer says:

    How about waiting for the investigation to be completed before any accusations or punishments?

    1. Ryan says:

      Typical Liberal response.

  57. Grape Ape says:

    I smell TNB.

  58. Whatta Dummy says:

    The kid is 7. He should be in second grade not kindergarten.

  59. James Slick says:

    Although I am in favor of vouchers and/or home schooling, I fail to see how this event was Pittsburgh Public School District’s fault. (as bad as the district may be…) This kid got the dope at home and his “parent(s)” SUCK. The reason the CITY,SCHOOL DISTRICT (or ANY local govt) sucks is that a**holes like this kid’s “parents” are allowed to vote!

  60. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Most of you are skipping the razor blade part…If he didn’t know what it was he had, he certainly knew how to go through the motions…Had to get that somewhere…That should be enough to take him out of the home he is in!!!!

  61. Simple Man says:

    Wow – I knew drug pushers were going after kids younger and younger, but never in my life would I have thought that a 7-year-old would go after kindergarten kids! How sad! Well, generations live off of welfare, so I guess this is the next step – drug pushers for generations! What a trade to hand down to your kids! Pathetic! What’s a 7-year-old doing in kindergarten anyway?

  62. The Answer is Obvious says:

    People wanted God out of the schools. We made spanking illegal.
    Happy now?

  63. J55 says:

    He is what really happened. Everyone close your eyes and picture this. Little Johnny is off to school with a kiss on the head and a hug from his “loving parents” they gently said “Here please giving the tickets to your friends and tell them to give the tickets directly to their parents. We love you have a great day sweetie.” said his parents. As they sit at home not working, selling drugs through their kids, collecting checks and drug money, This is killing our city. We pay for this. It is crazy.

  64. MrLogic says:

    two words , “Bell Curve”

  65. Rose says:

    His parents wouldn’t be that idiotic. He probably comes from a bad area of town and some dealer thought this was a good way of sampling. So he has to go to a foster home because of some dealer who gave it to him probably right before he entered the school?

  66. monkey98 says:

    What I don’t understand is the obvious here. Forgive me if I’m wrong , but no one has mentioned the 3rd option to this whole mess….. Homeschooling! With this option kids avoid the mess at public or private schools. They are allowed to stay kids.

  67. Texas Mom says:

    No wonder people homeschool! I’m 10 weeks pregnant and terrified about putting a child in Dallas public school system for this same reason. It is so much worse than when I was a kid. Most of these schools are just for babysitting..it’s awful…and the demographics are proof….it’s not racist, it’s the truth.

  68. Karla says:

    Where does everyone think sociopaths come from?They begin as little sociopaths. All criminals were once kids. Usually very smart charming kids. I don’t care how old he is. Take him away from the rest of us.

  69. Father?? says:

    The article says the kid got them from his “father” . A father is a man who raises and cares for his kids. It should read that he got the bags from his dad.

  70. warren says:

    anyone up north still think the arizona problem is not there problem, build the fence and slow the drugs down–maybe it will take a few beheadings in your state to wake up

  71. Bob Ho says:

    wow, people here think this is not so bad because kids bring heroin to school all the time? Pretty apparent where the problems are in PA.

    1. Sarah says:

      Right, because all of the people above listed high schools that are either private or in well to do areas. If you would look at the high schools near you, I am sure you could find This is an issue, and an even scarier one becasue it is an elementary school. Drugs are in most high schools.. However, they are not in every elementary school.

      1. davec says:

        “However, they are not in every elementary school.”

        and YOUVE been living under WHAT ROCK????

        Serious delusion

  72. tnmccoy says:

    One has to wonder how many bags there were. Did police round them up from his classmates AND the teacher? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the teacher swiped a few before calling police.

    1. davec says:

      “Yes, officer, there were 15, er, I mean 11 bags…

      The ol Sarcas-O-Meter is pegged today

    2. Jim says:

      The thought of doing that wouldn’t even cross most people’s minds. It is obvious from your comment that you would have, which speaks volumes about your character. PATHETIC!!!

  73. MichaelEdits says:

    I worry about kids today. Don’t they know you’re supposed to sell the stuff, not give it away?

  74. SMYHTY says:


  75. jnsesq says:

    Demographics? We don’t need no stinkin’ demographics. What don’t we already know?

  76. Irish67 says:

    Anyone want to guess as the demographic composition of this student and school district?

  77. aleaderlost says:

    Woah. This whole article leaves me with nothing but a bunch of “Why’s?!” Why did the kid have so much? Why did he give it to his friends? Did he have any idea what it was for? Why wasn’t any found at the parent’s house? My head is sort of spinning. Things like this make me want to never let my hypothetical future children out of the house!

  78. Carl Eaton Jr. says:

    Can someone tell me what kind of neighborhood this school is in? Not that it’s hard to guess.

    As for the earlier clown who posted “stuff like this happens everywhere”. No it doesn’t.

  79. weneedanonbiasnewsfeed says:

    My question is a 7 year old and in kindergarten????? last I checked 5 was the age for kindergarten. A 7yr old should be in 1st or 2nd grade. I think our republican backed news has some issues….

  80. Prof. Louis gates says:

    This is the result of a society that has taken sensible white males out of the equation.

  81. Astonished says:

    Are you kdding. A 7-year old in kindergarten. WTH

  82. Jack says:

    This post is worthy of a second time around…

    Chris from GA
    Southerners like me get made fun of all the time, but this stuff doesn’t happen in our communities. Why? Because we don’t take every opportunity to bash and humiliate people who are addicted, in a poor generational cycle, or on the wrong path. This isn’t the 7 year old kids problem, it isn’t the schools problem, it’s a community problem. Clearly, this child lives in a house with a drug addict. Instead of bashing, why don’t one of you go to the house and offer to keep the child in your home until the parent on drugs can go to rehab and clean themselves up. Another couple of families should raise/give money to help defer the cost of the rehab. Don’t expect the government to do it, because then the addict has no one to be accountable to. Another one of you should help find the person a job when they get out of rehab. I’m not talking about a handout…I’m talking about a hand up. I’m no liberal, the government can’t manage a pair of shoelaces. I’m a Christian, a husband, and a father, and a leader. It sounds like your community could use a few…

    READ THIS it is a true solution that could and would make a difference. Throwing blame, money, or political beliefs around haven’t solved one bit of the problems for years and years.

  83. SteveJ says:

    So what are the chances this kid was born out of wedlock, has a single mom on welfare and doesn’t know the babbydaddy? Maybe 100 percent? Gotta love what our compassionate system of entitlements has done to this country … I mean, besides allowing the left to feel tenderer than thou and morally superior to their detractors.

  84. green says:

    I love ignorant people!

    Ladies and gentleman wake up, drugs are in every school! I’m 22 I graduated not that long ago, and I must tell you from someone who went to a private christian school and to public school I saw more drugs in the private school!

    Think about it, not everyone goes to private school just because they have the money for it. A portion of the population in private schools are kids that are banned from the public school system and their parents have found a way to afford private school; not to mention that drugs are easier to come by the more money you have! You need to be more concerned about the rich kids they’re the ones that can acquire the money for the expensive and more dangerous drugs.

    I would think about it before acting holier than though without actually experiencing it for yourself. I would put my children in a public school before I put them in private school even if I had all the money in the world!

  85. woodNfish says:

    The only solution to public schools is to shut them down and go to tuition vouchers. Let parents choose their schools and let schools compete for the tuition money by providing excellence. No more school boards, no more teachers unions, no more government interference in your child’s education. No more sending your children to school with thugs, drug dealers, and perverts and that are run by people who don’t care.

    Tuition vouchers can make it all possible and reduce the cost of educating our kids.

  86. kf says:

    everyone keeps saying that this kid lives in a house with a drug addict….i seriously doubt that….more likely a drug dealer. I’ve never heard of a heroin addict having 18 stamp bags left over just hanging around….unaccounted for.

  87. Maybe the kid really found it on the street. Wouldn’t the dogs have been able to smell where the drugs were if they had been there recently?

  88. Tom Corbett says:

    Time for School Choice!! Get your kids out of these drug-infested schools!

  89. Josh says:

    wait, did anyone catch the part where the elementary student got cut by a RAZOR BLADE? or am i missing something

  90. Josh says:

    wait, did anyone catch the part where the elementary student got cut by a RAZOR BLADE? or am i missing something?

  91. myteensavers says:

    This is a problem of poor parenting. Parents need to step up to the plate and parent their child. It is no secret that 2500 kids are trying drugs for the first time every day, and 7-year-olds are among them. Parents need to educate their kids that drugs are bad and Myteensavers believes that parents should drug test their children as well.

    A teensavers home drug test detects 12 different drugs. The biggest surging problem is child prescription drug abuse. Most kids start on the pills then move to heroin.

    Even if in this case the child’s parent was a deadbeat, I could have been a parent of one of the kids who was given the drugs. Thankfully my kids know the dangerous of any foreign substance, and I wouldn’t hesitate using a home drug test on them.

  92. Alan says:

    What is the problem? Its not as if they found an American flag or a St. James Bible in the backpack. At least they didn’t find an “I support George Bush” sticker.

  93. AndIfYouDon'tKnowNowYouKinow says:

    There are too many children to rescue, and there too many parents to put in jail. Just chill out and tell your children heroin has consequences like addiction and death and leave them to be humans. Some of them will try it, and you all really don’t have a choice. Good luck.

  94. myteensavers says:

    We have to do more than give our kids one lesson, and leave at, “if they try it “oh well.””

    We have to continually educate our kids.

    We have to reinforce the issue and our counselors recommend that home drug testing is the answer to helping parents who can’t be around their children enough.

  95. Mike says:

    PGH SCHOOLS SUK – You are absolutely ignorant in your response. You do have choices. There is absolutely no answer as, “I don’t have a choice.” It’s something we all definitely have. It is up to us what we do with it. If you don’t want to apply your right to choose, then sit down, shut up and never say another word. If you want to apply your right to choose, then get up, move out, and go about bettering your self. What a lame choice of words when someone says, “I don’t got a choice.” If you don’t use your right to choose, then your destined to blend in with the crowd, fall through the cracks, and disappear. No one to blame but yourself. Eveybody wants to point the finger at everyone else but themselves. Take a look in the mirror and point. That finger is pointing at the problem.

  96. Jim says:

    What’s all the fuss about? The kid is obviously getting a “Head Start” on his future career. The majority of these kids will end up in crack houses anyway. He’s a marketing genius.

  97. Andi says:

    Am I missing something? Why on Earth is a 7 year old in Kindergarden? Should he not be half way through Elementary school by that age?

  98. doug says:

    i want to go back and finish grade school at Quentin Roosevelt Elementary School in Carrick i still need to get through K to 5th. btw how do you spell heroin??–:)…!

  99. dahlia1967 says:

    Does anyone else wonder why a 7-year-old is in kindergarten? Shouldn’t the kid be in second grade? I guess that’s what happens when your dad is dirt-bag heroin addict.

  100. Doug says:

    cool recess at Quentin Roosevelt Elementary School in Carrick. An everyday Heroin shoot up. Ok class roll your sleeves up and make a fist. Smile it will only pinch for a little while!!!!

  101. HelloWorld says:

    The kid is seven and STILL in the first grade?!

  102. mekongdelta69 says:

    There are dozens of stories like this every day, all over the country and 99% involve black kids. The rule of thumb for every newspaper in America is if they DON’T list the race of the perp (no matter how young or old), they’re black. If they’re Spanish, you can tell by the name. And if they’re white, you can be SURE the word WHITE will be plastered all over the headlines and 10 times in the story. This has been going on for 45 years now. And to all the bleeding-heart, self-hating, guilt-ridden leftists who read this and every other comment like it – We are NOT all the same. IQ, culture and background matter. If you deny it, the only person who you’re fooling is yourself and people who are just as brainwashed as you are. Besides, deep down, in private, you know it as well as I do, but it sounds SO much better to come across as ‘morally superior’ to the world.

    Here’s JUST one more:

    How many thousands do you need to Wake Up?…

  103. citizenry says:

    Goodbye Sweet America.

  104. Mr. Slugworth says:

    Black kids.

  105. Tyrone loves Shiniqua says:

    Let me guess……..,the ‘baby daddy’ visited and forgot it when he left .Just a wild guess based on ,oh i dunno…500000000000000 similar events.

  106. LegalizeFreedom says:

    Major donors to the Partnership for a Drug Free America:

    Alcohol companies, tobacco companies, and pharmaceutical companies.


    Don’t do drugs – just smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and if you’re too depressed pop some doctor prescribed pills.. side effects include loss of vision, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, kidney failure, and DEATH.

    If heroin is illegal and “controlled” then how did a 7 year old get so much of it?

  107. Flynn, NYC says:

    This kid’s parents should be investigated and never be allowed to be alone with children again!!!

  108. tim says:

    and our politicians, especially pres obama, say should be no concern about the porous southern border, i guess they just want our children drugged out so the teachers look better.

  109. Dee Smith says:

    I am still stuck at a 7 year old in Kindergarden!!!

  110. Jason Morse says:

    Waiting for Superman. Find it at your nearest Red Box or video store. Public schools in America are a complete disaster.

  111. FamilyValues!!!! says:

    I think this whole thing can be solved in one generation. Remember back in the day when you came home from school, your parent was there and gave a damn how your school day went? Remember how you had to do homework before dinner and dinner was family time? This country is lacking plain old fashion family values. Now days, there is no supervision for these children, they control their parents and the parents have no say, it’s a joke! My 7 yr old daughter sees a child her age or older in public acting up or mouthing off and she says “there’s an example of bad parenting”..why can my child see it yet these parents can’t? I went to both public and catholic school, they equally sucked! I used to cut school, go to the library and educate myself because my teachers sure as hell weren’t doing it! I learned more on my own than I ever would in a Pgh Public School and my college educated husband was shocked to find out I quit school and never furthered my education. Instead of allowing your child to sit in front of a computer or gaming system, get them outside playing and you play with them! Instead of letting your 7,8 or 9 yr old to have a phone and texting, show them that books can be fun as well as educational. Take time to listen to your child, take time to teach your child good old fashioned family values are still in fashion. Such a simple solution. Our daughter goes to a Christian school, we spend at least 3 days a week playing board games or playing outside as a family, we ask her every day how was school,what happened,what did you learn? We call her teacher monthly and get reports on how she’s doing. We eat dinner together as a family every day and talk about everything. Our daughter knows what a beautiful country she lives in, she knows to thank her military for having the freedoms she has in this country, she knows who God is and to appreciate all that she can be in the future thanks to those who gave their lives for her to have that future.

  112. noahcar says:

    IT all starts at home. this is not the school’s fault. It’s the irresponsible parents faullt. this is the problem with all the inner city schools,lazy irresponsible parents! the parents probably don’t work, collect welfare or unemployment and blame all their problems on everyone else but themselves!

  113. Ryan says:

    Pittsburgh City Schools – they’re FAAAAAAANTASIC

  114. Grape Ape says:

    I smell niq qers.

  115. Guess Who says:

    Just cage them and ship them back to Afreaka.

  116. READ ME says:

    Lets be real, its just heroin the cops dont care so why should we! We neeeeeed toooo focusssss on the Weeeeeeeed mannnnnn the weeeedddddddd! Think not? then why is that all you hear about being busted in the city! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you like apples?
    How’d you like them apples

  117. joel says:

    hahaha a 7 year old had rock at school, and he is 7 shouldn’t he be in like 2nd grade???

  118. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one who is wondering why a SEVEN year old is in KINDERGARTEN???

  119. hrt says:

    Am I the only one who is wondering why a SEVEN year old is in KINDERGARTEN??? this is sad though.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Father of the year?

  121. stan says:

    My daughter is in Kindergarden at a local Christian school. She has had two city school kids enroll in her class half way through this year. Each one of the students are 7yrs old and were in first grade at their city school. They are super nice kids, but they are so far behind academically it makes you wonder what kind of curriculum they have in the city.

  122. MSNEWNEW2U says:


  123. TexasTeacher says:

    From reading the previous comments, it’s amazing how people always blame the teacher or school when it all starts at home. The child brought the drugs to school….the parents are to blame. The teacher did her job in investigating and finding the drugs. I don’t know anything about the school district or neighborhood, but drugs and irresponsible parents exist in all neighborhoods these days.

  124. Tolliver Carpenter says:

    He probably cut his finger tryin’ to cut that dope LOL

  125. Bob says:

    Why is the boy 7 years old still in Kindergarten? Did anybody think about that?

  126. MOTHER LION says:


  127. David says:

    flame on

  128. cobalt says:

    Give the parents 20 years each and find a way to punish the kid because I’m betting he knew exactly what that stuff was. This is why people need to homeschool their kids if possible. It’s no wonder our education system is driving this country into the ground when stuff like this happens. We need to set up special schools for kids like this and for bullies that operate like prisons or the military to beat it into their heads and we need to hold parents responsible for everything their kids do. Personal responsibility doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

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