AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — The search for a missing Beaver County man has led investigators to West Virginia.

Kenneth Williams, Jr., 29, of Ambridge, was last seen around 5 a.m. Saturday at his mother’s house in Monaca.

Nathaline Williams, Kenneth’s mother, says she knew something was wrong. He told her he lost his job, but was more upset about something said to him on Facebook.

“That was the main thing that he was saying,” she recalled. “His friends were mad at him because of something he wrote on Facebook and he just kept saying that. The rest of the time, he was kind of looking at me strangely.”

Police found his vehicle in a remote area of Morgantown, but police don’t think Williams was the driver.

State police in West Virginia searched the woods west of Morgantown where they found Williams’ vehicle, but nothing turned up.

Williams borrowed the car from Raleigh Marrow, his cousin. Marrow told KDKA-TV the tow truck driver said it looked strange.

“He thought that it was somebody trying to hide my vehicle,” Marrow said. “It wasn’t right on the side of the road like they initially told us – that somebody was trying to hide it.”

When he got the car back, the radio was tuned to a hip hop station.

“My cousin doesn’t listen to that when he’s in the car,” Marrow said. “He has his own stations. The last one on the dial – if you push the button on there, you would hear it – it’s all classical music. That’s what he listens to when he’s in the car.”

Williams says her son may have relied on others because he’s bipolar.

“I think he does not know who he is for him to not have contacted someone,” she said. “This doesn’t make sense at all because he would not drive into the woods.”

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