Charleroi High School Principal Passes Away

CHARLEROI (KDKA) — The principal of Charleroi High School has died.

Principal Vince Vitori, 43, collapsed and died at the school while meeting with a student. The school was put on lockdown while they tried to revive him.

Students are taking the news hard. They described him as loving and caring.

“It hurts like in my chest,” a student said. “My heart’s broken a little bit because he’s dead.”

Students shared their grief through text messages and Facebook.

“So the seniors graduate in exactly 20 days and it will be extremely hard for them knowing Mr. Vitori won’t be there … you were a great [principal]! Stay strong seniors,” one student wrote in a Facebook post.

“It’s kind of one of those things that just doesn’t hit you until a little while later when you don’t realize he’s not in the halls with you every day anymore,” another student told KDKA-TV.

“We’ve lost a great educational leader who meant a lot to the kids,” Superintendent Dr. Brad Ferko said.

The school will be closed on Monday for Vitori’s funeral. He leaves behind a wife and a stepdaughter. They live in Elizabeth.

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One Comment

  1. Carrie Girton Walters says:

    Sad news for CHS and the whole Charleroi School District.. Prayers to Mr. Vitori’s family and the students and staff at CHS.. RIP Mr. Vitori

  2. TIMSTER says:

    Rest in peace Vince.

  3. Dena K says:

    Shocking and sad.

  4. John Vargo says:

    Vince will be sadly missed a partron at our family restruant and Rib connoisseur loved by family and friends. He touched many with his friendly attitude. I didn’t know the Principal well but I know the person, All EF Warrior Alumni will also be sad to hear of such a loss. Though he was a Cougar now he didn’t leave the Elizebeth Forward Area. All I can surely say is that he is a true warrior and we will not forget you.

  5. Tina Eckels Porter says:

    He was a wonderful principal, The community has lost a great asset. prayers to the family. R.I.P

  6. Lori says:

    Mr. Vitori, you made high school fun. I’ll never forget your sense of humor or how much you really got to know all of us and made us feel important to you and to the school. You were a great man and a great principal. May you rest in peace and may your family and friends find comfort during this difficult time.

  7. Harley Deems says:

    He will be missed and is loved by many. He is unforgettable as a principal and the school will NEVER be the same again.

  8. brittany j says:

    you wanted to see my twins run the same halls i did.. i wish they woudl have a great amazing principle like you but htatd be hard bc you were the best!! rip

  9. Matt Wolf says:

    I don’t know this man, or any of the students that went to his school; but my heart, prayers and thoughts go out to him, his family, and all of the lives he touched. May he rest in peace.

  10. Mason Rands says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Vitori

  11. Dan says:

    iI knew the man very well when he was a school teacher at North High School in Evansville, IN in the mid 90’s. Vince was the high school wresling coach and I was the middle and elementary feeder program head coach. Together, we took a feeder wrestling program from last place to the best public school program in the entire city in less then 4 years. I sincerely loved the man for his passion of the sport and his unending work ethics. He knew how hard to push yet also knew when to have fun during the push. We will miss you very much. God has your hand now Vince.

    1. Steve Weiss says:

      I knew him pretty well during the mid to late ’90s as well, as he was a mentor, teacher, and coach to me. His passion for both the sport and the art of wrestling, and his work ethic, will not be forgotten.

  12. Anne says:

    Vitori was a great, caring man. He was one of a kind. As a 2007 graduate of Charleroi, I realize that no one can understand how lucky all of us were to have him as a principle. He cared about each and every one of us, and he made school fun and friendly. A good man was taken too soon. Rest in peace Vitori!

  13. RooseveltBolts says:

    It’s PRINCIPAL not “principle”!

    Regardless, my condolences to the family of Mr. Vitori during this difficult time.

  14. Justin says:

    Mr. Vitori will always be an EF Warrior to me! Such an amazing life, and a great loss. Peace and love Mr. Vitori and family.

  15. Mike Harmon says:

    Mr. Vitori was not only our principal, but one of our friends within the school. He was our school’s energy and spirit. He knew every student and staff personally and always had a smile on his face. As a Senior of Charleroi, I personally will miss him so much. At a banquet he attended with me he said, “I’m like one of your parents, I get to see you guys grow up and change for the best, and I’m very proud.” I use to joke with him, “When are we going to get another Vitori pizza?” (Which was named after him at Riverhouse). He would just laugh and would make me laugh as well. The class of 2011 will never be the same and the school will never be the same. It was my Birthday when this all took place, and If i could, I would wish it would have never had happen.

  16. Lori says:

    When has a man devoted enough to a school, when should a great person such as this be forever emmortalized. Charleroi stadium is gone and will always be remembered. The new stadium should be dedicated to Vince and called Vitori Field a person who devoted himself to sports and his school. A symbol of Pride, Freindship and Sportmanship. 20-11 a new date we will never forget. It is fitting that he depart doing what he loved and with the people he cared for he gave his life the Charleroi High School and it’s ironic that that’s where he was taken from us. God speed. June Bugs and Blaine Hill will miss you. A LOVING FRIEND.

  17. Emily Rose says:

    Mr.Vitori always’ told us to atleast try before we dismiss an idea. Thank you.

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