Keystone Oaks Takes Step Toward 4-Day School Week

GREEN TREE (KDKA) — The Keystone Oaks School District has sent a letter to Governor Tom Corbett asking him to consider waving the 180 school day requirement for an hourly requirement instead.

It’s a preliminary step towards implementing a four day school week. Keystone Oaks would become the first district to have a shorter school week, if, indeed, it takes effect.

Keystone Oaks Superintendent Dr. William Urbanek says the idea of a shorter school week is in the very early stages and much work remains before it goes into effect.

The re-opening of teacher contracts is a major hurdle that must be worked out. Parents too, have to be asked for their input.

“I think some people initially think well, ‘You’re going to work four days a week, that means less hours for children, less work for teachers,’” Urbanek said. “It doesn’t mean that at all.”

Across the nation, out of more than 15,000 school districts, only about 120 have signed on to the idea of a four-day work week.

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One Comment

  1. Guy says:

    Less days? Really? So we cut the funding to schools and reduce the amount of days to save money. Pathetic. We’ve already fallen way behind Europe and Asia in all major subjects. They spend more time teaching their kids and do a much better job funding education. A lot of them even go all year round. But instead we want to go the opposite direction? This country’s become an absolute joke.

    America, home of the stupid, land of the fat and lazy.

    1. Smarter Guy says:

      Go live in one of those countries then. You would hate it. America is the greatest country in the world. It isn’t perfect but it is leaps and bounds above others. We are more free than any other people in the world. America, home of the free, host of the idiots who don’t realize how great it is. I agree that this budget cut in education sucks and that there are better ways around all of this but lets not attack America.

      1. Brad Lodovico says:

        Our allies have just as much freedom as we do. This is the 2011 not 1900, America isn’t that special anymore when it comes to freedom. I doubt people in Europe, Australia, Japan, NZ, and Canada will tell you they’re oppressed or they would want to move to the States.

      2. Brad Lodovico says:

        *This is 2011

      3. Smartest Guy says:

        Hahaha that’s the attitude. Let’s ignore how the country is falling further and further behind in education. How we’ve reached the debt ceiling and don’t have funds for education, for fixing our roads, for social security, for anything. The unemployment rate is still wonderfully high too. Let’s ignore it all while we remember the good ol’ days, stick our fingers in our ears and chant “nanananana I can’t hear you over how great America is nanananana.”

        This country WAS great, but now it desperately needs its people to get off their lazy butts and do something to reclaim that greatness.

  2. Randy Freeman says:

    It would be sad to lose to four days. But Mondays should be the day they cut back on and keep it only a day to catch up on there studies or a special education day. NO BODY LIKES MONDAYS. REMEMBER THE WORD ON THE NEWS IS SATURDAY THE RAPTURE IS SUPOSE TO HAPPEN.. God Save the Kings..

  3. Seriously? says:

    Not only does this look lazy and is the exact opposite of what many scholars, parents and officials want to do (which is to extend the amount of time our kids are in school), this is a childcare nightmare. For parents who work five days a week, this becomes a logistical nightmare. Parents wil now have to shell out money for childcare for one day a week (good luck finding a daycare provider!). Also, do we really think it’s a good idea to give teenagaers a full day off potentially unsupervised?

    Please Gov. Corbett, do the right thing!

  4. winers says:

    First of all you winers, weather you have 1 child or 5 childern point blank you had them not the school disdrict its your responcibility to find care for you child when not in school. The school disdrict is not your personal day care or baby sitter. When my kids are off school i find care for them. What do you do with them in the summer months or on a holiday break. Oh thats right you find someone to watch them. Well find someone if that school disdrict decides to go to a 4 day week and quit laying everything on the district.

    1. autismmom says:

      obviously the five day week school didnt help winers since he cant even spell.

  5. not a happy person says:

    Hope everyone is happy who voted corbett the a$$ in office….see what he is doing ….everyone is beside themselves over this.

  6. I am a teacher says:

    They are not talking about eliminating the amount of “time” that the students will be taught, just the number of days. Each school day would be extended so the amount of time students would be in school would be equal to 180 days.

    I looked into this before; students actually do better in school, on tests and generally they are more relaxed. It can save a district $300,000 to $400,000 per year.

    As far as comparing our students to the rest of the world, I wont be concerned about this until the top 20% of our students are compared to the rest of the world. That is who the rest of the world is preparing to further their education. We are the only country that 100% of the population has the right to a 12 year education.

    1. Teacher Too says:

      You are right – what is beigh proposed is the exact same amount of instructional time. Look at the results of the MACCRAY School District in Minnesota – they use a 4 day week. Better attendance, less discipline problems, achievement at the same level or better, and they saved money! I commend Keystone Oaks for even considering this creative idea. Do you have any teaching jobs available?

  7. Student says:

    I believe that this would be a great idea. Being a student myself I am in full agreeance of this idea.

  8. Amanda says:

    In Hong Kong children and students go to school LESS time overall and are ranked in the top percentile of the countries. I went to school five days a week and I don’t personally feel it made me any more or any less intelligent. People who want to be or appear to be thought of as intelligent, articulate, capable, successful and so forth will find a way to adapt and overcome more often than not. It’s like saying well so and so has a low IQ yes they can have a low IQ but that doesn’t always mean they’re incapable of learning or developing skills that are fundamental to behaving as a functioning and successful citizen. If you want a child to learn and to appreciate learning; to thrive on learning, then you must encourage learning not berate them or make them feel as though they are incapable and unintelligent robots who are meant to sit in desks all day doing busy work. Having finished school not so many years ago I can assure you that is what most students feel they do; busy work so their parents can have a “free” baby-sitter. If you want a student/child to behave responsibly and to want to be intelligent MODEL it for crying out loud. Parents that always sit in front of the television all the time, that never feel a desire to read don’t exactly set the idea that learning is easy. fun, or possible they set the tone that it’s something you must do while you are in school. I know many children who seem to think “well I was in school all day and I did my four hours of homework I don’t want to read for fun I just did it as WORK all day”. Personally even at 26 years old my mom still will read things (like articles lol) out loud to me or my siblings. I’m not suggesting my family is by any means better than any others just that my mother has always made learning seem easy, fun something someone chooses to do not has too. I always loved reading so I never understood how many of my classmates could never complete reading 100 books a year because typically speaking come December I was already done and I’m a very lazy person lol. Students aren’t learning because of many variables for starters many teachers are no longer great teachers, many are mediocre at best and they need to stop thinking they can rely on their union to save their behinds. If you were doing your job correctly you wouldn’t need a union to save you, secondly is a lack of interest in doing well on a students part, and thirdly is the parents concern and lack of appreciation for learning because this has become a taught lesson throughout our country no matter how poorly you do is doesn’t matter there is always summer school or just repeat so many hold their child back to give them a chance to “mature” and “grow as an individual or “to become a leader”. Leaders are all well and good but the only problem is so many people want “leaders” they forget their has to be more followers in addition if one isn’t ready to grow up well then off to college for you so you can study pottery and philosophy because lord knows all your pots break but that philosophy major will really take you places @@. If you want a student/ your children to want more for themselves start telling them the truth no one takes an unmotivated, unconcerned, lazy individual seriously if they don’t know how to prove they have the self-discipline to pick up a book, know their history or be a hard worker. Four or five days doesn’t matter because the problem isn’t the days it’s the people who attend them, who refuse to admit something isn’t working but refuse to TRY any alternative means because the old way is all they know.

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