Area People React To Doomsday Prediction

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Maybe you saw the campers drive through Oakland, or the woman in Downtown Pittsburgh with the sign, or the billboards that have popped up across the country proclaiming that May 21, 2011, is Judgment Day.

Richard Peirce of Punxsutawney has covered his car with the date, which he says definitely attracts attention.

“Doesn’t bother me at all,” said Peirce. “I am being obedient to God’s command to go into all the world and warn.”

He’s a follower of Family Radio led by 89-year-old California preacher Harold Camping.

Camping, who also predicted the end of the world back in 1994, thinks there will a huge earthquake Saturday evening at 6 p.m. that believers will go to heaven and everyone else will be left to endure months of anguish before the world is destroyed in October.

“I really think he’s doing a disservice to believers all around the world,” said one local woman who did want her name used. She believes in the rapture described in the Bible, but thinks Camping will look like a fool.

Others are having some fun with the prediction. At the Time Bomb Shop in Shadyside, they’re having a sale and have a line in their promotions: “You’ve got to look fly to die.”

“The end of the world official 10 percent to 60 percent off sale. Everything in the store on sale. Hopefully, we get to open before the end of the world,” said owner Brian Brick.

The Mosaic nightclub in the Strip is having an end of the world party, and at the Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville, the Pittsburgh Secular Freethinkers has a reservation. “On Sunday, we’re having a group of about 25 to 30 people coming to celebrate the world not ending,” said Susan Padolf from the Church Brew Works.

Family Radio
Pittsburgh Secular Freethinkers

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  • jrptrapt

    it is 6:15pm May 21st in Kiritimati christmas island (i dont know were) and nothing has happened at all.

  • amber m

    its past 6pm in new zealand right now. that’s where its supposed to start at exactly 6pm. why isn’t anything happening???

    stupid people.

  • Connie

    this guy and many others like him, are called false prophets, can’t wait to see how they plan on explaining this b.s. to God, you know the one who created heaven and earth and the rest of the universe. God isn’t destroying what he made, and that goes for all of the things God made, including mankind. Those that think they are better than everyone else and are going to heaven while the rest of humanity suffers take narcissism to a whole new level. That attitude only ensures that they will be in the time out corner. We are all God’s children, he has no favorites, just troubled ones.

  • shemp

    I am anxiously awaiting the “live” reports from Guidotti and Shumway,,,,”As you can see behind me, there is wild activity going on right now ‘n at! We have no idea how this will impact the Steelers training camp but stay tuned for the latest. We’ve got you covered!”

    • Mon River Towing

      good tie in to steelers camp. haha.

  • Joe

    For being at the top of the food chain we are a very weak minded species

  • The end sucks

    If we are left here to rot till october, will transformers 3 still be released, wanted to see it before I die!!

  • Patty

    The Pirates are at .500 and the world lis going to end?!!! They just can’t catch a break.

    • FixPGH

      I didn’t know 21-23 was .500. That must be that new math.

      • Howard Stern

        Who cares about the Pirates or if her math is incorrect?

  • Cut

    They should cut this old fool’s tongue out

  • Person

    this hole thing is stupid! only god knows when the world will end!

    • crissy

      i totally agree

  • zai

    i really think he might be rite but a little of me says he is wrong but i guess we will see

  • gams

    perhaps it did end and it turns out we were already in heaven

  • Christine

    No one can predict the end of the world. The bible tells us there will be signs, but that we cannot predict the exact date and time. This man is obviously the leader of a cult. As far as Connie’s comments…our God is a loving God. He has given us many chances to believe in Jesus. You need to find a good, bible based bible study such as BSF or CBS. This type of bible study does not distort God’s truth with man’s interpretation or a cult’s ridiculous ideas. Believing we will not all be saved is not narcissism, it is the truth. The bible explains God’s plan so clearly, something any human cannot do nearly as well. But the bible, which scripture tells us is “God breathed” can.

    • crissy

      i agree

  • Eric

    Preacher Harold Camping got it wroong again. Wow, how hany actually followed this false prophet? Whose with me in getting Mayview Hospital reopened.After this fallout I see we have plenty of intakes.

  • Thomas J Duttine

    Y’all send me all your money….Post date the checks if you want!

  • Thomas J Duttine

    Not likely!

  • terik Ororke

    I wonder if anyone realises that there is a much older story of Noah in Sumerian (Babylonian) literature and it predate the Bible by about 2500 years? Dah…maybe the end should have already happened?

  • mark

    i live in so cal (long beach) have some friends in pittsburg, this is for everyone….. whether you believe or not… the HOLY BIBLE DOES NOT TELL THE TIME OR DAY OF DOOMS DAY OR THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST so please dont help these morons dont favebook this or pass it on to others

  • christine

    What’s the reference for that story Tarik? Would love to see if we are talking about the same flood here. A catastrophic world wide flood that can explain why we find fossils of sea animals on top of mountains? My reference for the flood is the bible, the book of Genesis. Anyway, that’s not the point of this thread. We cannot predict the exact date and time of the end of the world. My reference to that is the book of Revelations (and many verses in other books I’d be happy to share). If we could predict the end, we would be God. And we are not.

  • Buc-eye

    If the world ends at 6pm, I’ll miss the powerball drawing. Just my luck. I have the winning ticket

  • Evan

    If its supposed to end at 6 is it 6 western or eastern

  • storm

    It’s a shame how preachers take advantage of people who really want to know GOD. Pimping and Preaching are two different words.

  • jarod

    i wonder if i have time to run to subway?

  • gimme a break

    i am loling…what a crock of bologna…

  • Thomas J Duttine

    Glad I put down extra dogfood!

  • mattressharry

    its EST its supposed to happen,so should i be worried?i mean my pot plants and everything still need to be tended to…

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