Congressman Murphy Gauges Local Opinions On Gas Prices

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — You have likely seen lower prices around the area as the wholesale cost of gasoline has dropped significantly in the past week.

Despite the lower prices, they are still far from affordable and many people say they have had to make changes in their personal lives because of pain at the pump.

Congressman Tim Murphy spent Friday morning gauging reaction to high gas prices.

“It’s affected us, but we watch. Instead of running all the errands one-a-day, we do it all at the same time and it makes it a little more efficient,” said Victoria Roth, of Franklin Park.

Using a Sheetz station in Robinson as a backdrop, the reaction from some was do whatever possible to bring prices down.

While a shortage of gas appears to have eased, some say they are still disappointed the federal government didn’t let suppliers tap into reserves of so-called winter blend fuel.

“That’s something that would have kept prices down, and we hope they would reconsider that,” said Congressman Murphy. “There’s a number of members who want to do away with these regional blends if it’s going to affect the prices.”

Just off of the Sheetz property, the congressman’s visit drew a handful of protesters, who accuse Murphy of being too cozy with oil companies.

“In my logic, the taxpayer’s money goes directly into Tim Murphy’s pocket,” said one local resident.

Going green is more expensive too; E85 gas goes for $3.45 a gallon.

Car makers are still selling a good number of hybrids, although not as many since federal tax breaks were phased out; but for Chevrolet, it’s new Volt is doing pretty well.

With strong sales for the electric-powered car, it’s planning to ramp up production as it goes on sale nationwide. Still, with some oil companies reporting record profits, some drivers say they should foot the bill.

“They are making a lot of money,” said one person. “There should be a clause, they shouldn’t raise prices on us in turn.”

While that appears unlikely, Murphy says gas prices will most likely be a big campaign issue in 2012.

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One Comment

  1. Zcon says:

    The volt isn’t selling well. Where did the reporter get that information at. last I heard (and that was recently) it hadn’t even sold 2000 units yet. And what does Murphy think people are going to say. No one wants high priced gas except Obama and a handful or other moronic liberals.

    1. Truth says:

      Um actually it was Republicans in the Senate that voted AGAINST stripping the tax breaks for oil companies that have raked in record profits. Obama has nothing to do with the cost of gas. The real people responsible here are the oil executives and wallstreet speculators who tack on 30-40% to the price of a barrel of oil above supply and demand. Republicans (and 3 democrats) in congress are in the back pocket of these interests and that is why you will see any measure that tries to confront these skyrocketing prices fail as long as they are in power.

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