Could The Rapture Be Upon Us? Be Prepared!

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — War, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, swarms of stinkbugs, the Pittsburgh Pirates dancing with .500 – could all of this be leading up to the end of the world?

One Christian radio host says yes, and he’s calculated that the Rapture will occur on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at 6 p.m. Are you ready?

KDKA AM’s John Shumway talks to his pastor, Rev. Ron Hoellein, to find out what the Rapture is and if we should really be worried.

Then, John talks to a skeptic, Nicole Currivan of the Pittsburgh Secular Free Thinkers, about her post-Rapture party for everyone “left behind.”

Finally, since pets don’t have souls, who will watch your dog or cat when you’re Raptured? Atheist Bart Centre founded Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, a company made up of people who will not be Raptured, to do just that – for a small fee, of course.

Listen to Reverend Ron Hoellein talk about the Rapture:

Listen to Nicole Currivan and Bart Centre discuss their Post-Rapture plans:

Things to Do Before Being Raptured:

  • Wear your finest formal wear so you can go out in style
  • Make dinner reservations at 5:30 at a fancy restaurant. When the waiter brings the check at 5:55, ask for just a few more minutes before paying.
  • Leave a whole bunch of food out for your dog. Yeah, he’ll probably eat it all five minutes after you’ve been raptured but at least you tried
  • Go to the museum and touch everything
  • Walk into a bar at 5:55 and yell “Drinks on me!”
  • Punch your boss
  • Definitely stop folding laundry
  • Post-date all of your checks May 22
  • Diet? What’s That?
  • Withdrawal all of your money and head to the casino
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  • Tom

    It may or may not happen Sat; but you never know when your time will come. Live like it might happen in the next few minutes. Jesus saves!!

    • Pitt Fan

      Jesus saves but Mario Lemieux scores on the rebound

      • John Balogh

        that is funny

  • ROB

    The “Rapture” happens to thousands of human beings everyday. For those who ask you to give up your worldly possessions is just as idiotic as their sense of finality. Just be kind to your fellow man/woman, that will bring self fullfillment and hapiness to all.

  • Haa Haa Haaaaaa

    So ridiculous kdka! Really!!!


    Only the LORD knows the date and time. Read the Bible you idiots.

  • Good Time Charlie

    Pitt Fan…one of the funnier things I’ve seen or read today – and there have been many being it’s the day before the rapture! Religion sure is a funny thing! People actually believe these things.

  • Mirandize

    If we ever get an honest clean Senator or Lawyer in Pennsylvania you know the Rapture is coming.

  • jeri

    i think everyone should be prepared to meet GOD everyday and it wont matter when the end is to be.

  • Luciferpgh

    Who is this GOD character everyone is talking about? I thought rapture was a song by Blondie.

  • Rationality

    I can’t believe media outlets are giving attention to this malarkey.

    It’s the 21st in Australia and they’re still there. Use your heads, people.

    • bills

      It’s not 6pm yet in Australia, is it?

  • Mz.Wilson23rd

    I dnt know what this man is talking about…but i do know we dnt know the day,time,nor hour that GOD is coming back…but when he does come back i hope and pray we all are right with GOD on JUDGEMENT DAY!!!! INCLUDING MYSELF….;)

  • JohnnyScott

    This is nothing but a scam. I’m quite sure the Bible says, “for not even the Son knows the time or day of the end of times..” These people are stealing money from gullible people. When we are all fine on Sunday, these people will claim a horrible “miscalculation” in their Mathematics. Oh and Pitt Fan, that is amazing..

  • Maggie

    God chooses. Not a scientist that does supposed research and declares rapture. We are incapable of knowing for a reason. God wants everyone to come to Him but NOT because they assume it’s rapture. He wants them to find God themselves, whether it be alone or through friends and family. That’s part of being a Christian. Loving one another and letting them know of your God and bringing them into good. Read the Bible, people. It’s all in there. God will be back but it’s a definite that someone will not predict the date. It’s His choice.

    • Seth

      Oh geez, please don’t mix in science with this religious embarrassment. No real scientist would claim anything like this, only “religious prophets”. Accusations like this are all “faith” based, that’s religion for you.

  • Thomas J Duttine

    Well I ain’t goin’ I won’t know anybody there! I think we aught to throw piles of clothes in the street in front of his church around 6:05 PM.

  • pookie

    no man knows the day hour time of jesus or the rapture but it will come and we should except jesus in our lives he gave his life for us to avoid sin and death

  • bills

    Everything’s going to be OK, just make sure you wore clean underwear.

  • VietnamWasHell

    Luciferpgh – I think God might be the drummer for Danzig, but I’m not sure. Danzig is in town tonight, so maybe He will kick off the rapture early. It’s a long way back from Hell.

  • p

    lol zombie jesus is coming for you! what a bunch of BS. it will NEVER happen in 66666666666 million years.

  • Get Real

    This is about as stupid as a kick stand on a Mack truck or a third handle on a wheel barrow…….Sadly though,this seems quite normal in “crazy world”,our a$$ backwards society

  • Work It

    2 hands working accomplish more than 1000 clasped in prayer

    • The Militant One

      True dat!!!!!



  • megan

    only god knows when the world will come to an end and when the rapture will be no one else knows

  • jnjn

    guys i think this is a bunch of bull but if it does happen inpray im ready for it

  • Frank

    Can Anyone believe this one (1) person gets all this media attention? Isn’t there more important things in our area KDKA could be using this space for. God people (no Pun intended) wake up, or maybe that is just the whole point behind this story, it is time for people to wake up and perhaps doing just one thing good.

  • Brian

    Damn Bible thumpers . Not as many kids in catholic/christian schools to molest anymore so they have to find something new to entertain themselves

  • Larry

    Can you imagine what a news story it would be?

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