Teenage ‘Sexting’ Bill Up For Debate

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) —  State House members unanimously disapprove of teenage “sexting,” but they also believe that such a practice should not result in these youths being charged with a felony and potentially serving jail time.   Prior to this new bill, the act is simply considered the electronic transmission of child pornography.  House members agree that they need to find a way to have the punishment fit the crime.

Deleware County Representative Greg Vitali stands at the forefront of this bill and wants to make distinction between child pornography and the transmission of images between consenting teens.  He joined KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino to talk about the new bill.

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  • Ace Slick

    Sexting by teens should only be allowed at 75 mph on a two lane road at night.

  • Don

    Sexting is stupid, but should not be illegal and certainly shouldn’t fall under “child pornography”. Doing so waters down the truly disgusting act of child porn. “Sexting” should be something that parents educate their child against and if the child fails to make a common sense judgement then the fact that the pictures will follow the person around for eternity is punishment enough.

  • Old Codger

    Where were these girls when I was in high school?

  • Robert L. Underwood

    Leave the law the way it is. Maybe it will get these kids to stop if they have to worry about being a convicted sex offender for the rest of their lives.

    • Don

      Teenagers make mistakes. If the only ‘victim’ is themself then why subject them to child porn charges? Do you truly believe that the crime of child pornography (think Megan’s Law) fits the crime of two teenagers that are ‘involved’ with each other sharing pix of themselves? Yes it’s stupid, but a law won’t stop it and a misguided sentence will only hurt their future. Who are they hurting besides themselves?

  • Concerned Reader

    obviously this law isn’t stopping kids. i think that if a girlfriend wants to send her boyfriend a picture, she should be aloud. it’s just like going to their house and getting naked. whats the difference? there isn’t one. if anything this should be handled by the parents, and not the law. it’s none of their business what we do with our body.

    • Matthias

      @ Concerned Reader,


  • Jailbait Means Jailbait

    Concerned Reader, if you are under 18 you do not have the right to do anything with your body. It should be illegal for anyone who is underage to disrobe in the presence of a member of the opposite sex and to engage in any sexual activities whatsoever. Jailbait means Jailbait

  • Matthias

    @ Jailbait,

    You are such a prude. Consenting teens texting naked pictures to each other is not child porn. The law is dumb and should be revoked.

  • Jailbait Means Jailbait

    Matthias, 18 is known as the age of consent for a reason. A person cannot be legally consenting if they are underage.

    • Matthias

      Consent to what? Teens taking pictures of themselves naked and sending those pictures to each other – with permission from each other is nothing more than the new way of doing the same as was done in the past when teens were alone in a old farmhouse, tent or unsupervised in a home.

      It is not child porn. It is not sex. It is the naked body and should be nothing to be ashamed of in the first place.

  • Jailbait Means Jailbait

    That is my whole point. They are not old enough to give permission. Would you want your 13 year old daughter displaying herself for her boyfriend?

    • Matthias


      Of course not, but you just used the fallacy of the strawman. I never said that I would want that. I said that it shouldn’t be labeled as a sex crime.

      Get it? I hope so, but doubt it.

    • Pitt Fan

      Maybe if you chain your daughter up in your basement, so won’t kiss any more boys…stupid.

      Yeah, now let’s legislate when kids can start getting naked and having sex. God forbid that two 16 year olds have sex, the world will end.

      Don’t we have bigger problems than this?

  • don't overshelter

    Jailbait – you do realize the age of consent in PA is 16 right. Being 18 really doesn’t mean much. And technically a 13, 14 or 15 year old can also consent. do some research. making this a sex crime just serves to downplay the severity of an actual accusation of a sex crime. teenagers will always find a way to show their stuff. it’s up to the parents to discuss the ramifications of sexting to their teens. i’ve already discussed it with my boys who are pre-teens, because the topic came up at school, and i’ve made them well aware of how these images can follow them for life.

    Matthias – you say alot on here and most times i never really agree with you. but this time i have to say. you hit it right.

  • Patsy A.

    Do the Senators and Preachers know about the ‘Sexting Bill’?

  • Old Codger

    Sex and nudity should be saved for within the sacred institution of marriage.

  • Mayor of GBD

    Jailbait – WHY does a 13 year old have a boyfiriend?

    So, If I want to jack you up, I get a 14 year old to text you a picture of herself in panties and a bra (just like underwear ads in the Sunday paper) and you visit the big house for kiddy porn?

    Damn, now i can get rid of all the jerks at work with one text photo – BRILLIANT!

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