Moon Twp. Police Warn Residents To Lock Vehicles

MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Moon Township police are reminding residents to lock their cars after a rash of burglaries.

Thieves stole from vehicles at the Forest Green Commons and stole electronics and cash.

“One car they took some jewelry, cash, iPod down the street,” Ron Ford, a neighbor, said.

Police say the thieves are looking for items left in plain view.

Moon Township Police Captain Greg Seamon says these are crimes of opportunity.

“Make sure you lock your doors,” he said. “Don’t keep valuables in your cars and [if] you see anything suspicious, call the police right away.”

So far, 25 car burglaries have been reported.

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One Comment

  1. Pita bylma says:

    Forest Glen would only be the latest area, other neighborhoods have been hit previously. So no, while it might not be a surprise that something like this happened in Forest Glen, it’s not because it’s section eight housing. Some persons arenout there going through our township section by section.

  2. Matthias says:

    Why would people not lock their car doors?

  3. Monkeyinthemiddle says:

    I frequently leave my laptop, cell phone, ipod, cash and jewelry just sitting on the front seat of my car with the doors locked. Next, I am planning to get a bumper stick with my Social Security number on it. A little common sense, folks?!?!?

  4. Monkeyinthemiddle says:

    That should be “un”locked.

  5. UraStupidMonkey says:

    Monkey next time you try to insult other peoples intelligence I suggest
    getting your own post correct. Makes you look like a moron.

    1. alilrethard says:

      I like the bumper sticker idea – THAT AWESOME !!!!

  6. Pete Morgan says:

    What we need is another section 8 housing plan. Never had these issues in Moon in years past. Ever since the Forest Glen housing project was forced on us, crime has risen. You can all tell me I’m wrong but look around you, where ever government housing is, crime is high. Perfect example, Stowe Township. Beautiful West park is now a war zone. I walked those streets from the 50’s as a teenager but I wouldn’t venture out there now after the sun goes down. What was added to stowe township, section 8 housing. Government at it worst. I’m sick of it all.

    1. Moon is not above ANY crime says:

      I can’t stand when people in Moon get the attitude that they’re so high and mighty. My father lived in Moon some 20+ years ago and yes, those problems were still in existence then. Also, my friend’s uncle has been a Moon Twp Police Officer for well over a decade and he said that there are always problems in Moon. It is what it is, there’s a university in that location, there are many different people of various income levels, races, etc that live in that area. You are not immune to any crime and are no better than any other area in the United States. This is not the 50s anymore, times have changed and you either deal with it or become a recluse. It’s not an issue of Section8 housing it’s an issue people living in a bubble thinking that crime cannot touch them because they live in a certain area.

      1. FastCat says:

        Great response and VERY true !

      2. pete morgan says:

        Number one, I do not have an attitude of being high and mighty. I’m stating nothing but fact. where ever government housing is, there is a direct relationship to a break down in society. Look at each major city. I also know a few moon cops and they all have said that crime in that part of the township is on the rise.
        Sorry, that’s fact. What’s different now, government housing. Stowe Township was a wonderful community. now they have murders, shootings and lord knows what else the past 10 years. What is the one thing that has changed, government housing is now a big thing in Stowe and especially West Park. sorry to burst the tiny little bubble you want us all to live in but fact is fact my liberal friend. Government housing always results in higher crime, more violent crime and property values that plummet. show me where this isn’t the case and I will agree with you.

  7. Cowards says:

    I hope they hit my neighborhood, I got something waiting for them and it’s not pretty.

    1. Common Sense Isn't says:

      If the Moon PD would focus on patrols in these neighborhoods the crime rate may drop.

  8. no name says:

    This has been going on for several years in Moon. Maybe the police should reduce the number of speed traps and concentrate on getting these real criminals instead.

  9. Response to Pete says:

    Pete –
    Government housing has been in Moon Twp for well over 60 years now. Mooncrest is government housing. It was built in the 40’s by the Federal Government. There is a marker giving a minimal description of the community’s beginnings but if you actually research you will find that it was made to be governmental housing. My first-hand knowledge of this comes from years of working with a PA housing agency. An agency which assists in funding government housing, deals with some aspects of Section8 housing (though we are not the body that distributes it) and even offer loans to those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments for reasons. The problem is not the housing itself, it is the mindset of those who live in those areas. If you look at the geographical location of the “projects” you will notice that they have been placed in areas that are out of the way. For instance, I did not even know MoonCrest existed for years and my parents lived in apartments right by there in the 70s. I only found out after they divorced and my father moved there. If you take an area like the now revamped Westgate Village in the Crafton/Ingram area. It was placed in an area that was like a pit. If you didn’t know it was there you would have driven right past it. Aliquippa has its “Plan 12” (which is like climbing Mt. Everest), Northside has Northview (back and out of the way). What people fail to realize is that when you make any sector of society feel as though they don’t belong the will eventually begin to act as they are treated. Granted, there are those people that you cannot get out of that way of thinking but that’s part of life.

  10. No bubble here bubba says:

    By the way Pete, I live in an area with government housing. It is a very well off area with an excellent school district located next to Upper St. Clair SD, Char Valley SD and Canon-Mac SD. I don’t live in a bubble (though if i did my gas prices would be WAY lower!!). I have lived in this area on and off for almost 30 years. I have also lived in various parts of Allegheny County. I feel no safer in my neighborhood than I do in Homewood, Fox Chapel, Cranberry or East Liberty. I’m not concerned with who lives in the area. But then I guess you would say that Robinson could potentially be a bad area because there is a trailer park there. Remember it’s the people not the housing.

  11. steve says:


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