Pricey Trash Cans Stolen From City Streets

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Someone is stealing trash cans from Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports 50 trash cash cans have been snatched off the streets. They are worth about $1,000 each.

“It seems very odd to me that somebody would be running around stealing the cans from the streets of Pittsburgh,” Peggy Ferber, of Pittsburgh, said. “I mean, we need those cans. We paid for those cans.”

The city paid $250,000 for 250 back in 2009. The cans are made of iron.

City leaders are trying to determine why it took Public Works employees almost four months to find out why they had so many missing garbage cans.

Pittsburgh Police are trying to figure out who stole the cans and where they sold them for scrap. The cans are worth about $1,500 to $2,000 at scrap yards.

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  • bruceUSA

    Public Works or Public Jerks ’cause obviously they’re not “on the job”!!! “Out to Lunch”is more like it!!. But let’s not dare fire a union employee!!! Light up another “doobie” boys and let the good times roll. Union’s got your back!!! Oh did I say that??? We’ll (tax payers) buy more trash cans Huh Luke???

    • DAVE


    • Andrew P.

      dude, i don’t know why you had to bring a “doobie” into this. What do you have against “doobies”? Were you molested by a “doobie” as a child?

      • bruce brinkmann

        Dude? The main thing I have against “doobies” is they tend to create liberals instead of conservatives.

      • Mayor Stupidstal

        I am the smartest and best looking mayor on earth. You stupid people need to stop complaining and sending me more money so I can buy more stuff like thee cans…..15.00 a hr parking should fund it

    • Montavious

      I believe many of you need to reread the comment….”the cans” plural could fetch $1,500 to $2,000…not EACH….meanining the whole heist may fetch that much….

      • StanIam

        I think they are talking about the initial price of the can and not how much the thief can sell the cans for.

        My question would be who is buying these? Prob reselling them to garbage co as new and unused surplus. LOL

      • ThinkingMan

        A thousand dollars for a $hit can? Only in the city of Pittsburgh are the voters stupid enough to allow this to happen without raising the roof on the city building over it! I’m glad it’s your taxes paying for these ‘elite refuse containers’ and not mine. I grin everytime I see you folks in Pittsburgh taking another hit, you bring it on yourselves at the polls.

  • Oops

    Well, now that everyone knows how much money they can get for one, I doubt this article actually does the city much of a service. I suspect they’ll disappear even faster now.

    • Steve

      I doubt that at $15-$20 bucks a piece, they will start to disappear that fast.

      • JB

        That’s $1,500 to $2,000 apiece, moron. Read the article.

      • Neil

        Hey JB.. YOU read the article.. the trash cans NEW cost $1,000.. The 50 stolen cans are worth $1,500-$2,000 total!!!!!

    • Franklin

      “They are worth about $1,000 each”. That’s a direct quote from the article. Note the word “each”. For $1,000, I will teach you how to read, just ask me.

      • nunya in ct

        They cost a total of 250K for 250. That’s 1K each. Disgusting that lowlifes steal them. You know it’s OBAMA supporters, and not Conservatives who steal them.

  • Mommy

    More brilliance brought to you by city leadership. Why the hell would anyone spend that kind of cash on trash cans?? Oh wait…..I forgot how easy it is for big gov libs to spend other people’s tax money.

    We are in serious trouble folks…..throw the bums out!

    • TomS

      The voters are donkeys. They’ll never vote the bums out.

    • Phil

      So correct. It’s easy to justify spending other people’s money (after taking it from them first, of course)

  • Oscar the Grouch

    Put a couple of plastic rubbermaids out on the corner. That’s classy.

    • shoppegirl


      • BigdogF350

        The big blame to this metal ordeal is trade with China. China will pay the big bucks for the metal. which they also pay a worker very small wages to produce a product. also blame the Big Corp. for sending those Jobs to other countries. If you look for the Deal then Look at where its made… Wake up American. I Pledge………think

      • Andrew P.

        @bigdogF350: If you want to blame large corporations for sending jobs overseas, you should also blame democrats in congress for taxing the be-jesus out of corporations. Corps are out to make money – they are a business after all. So when our Govt decides to increase taxes (yes, even with all the loopholes), a business has a choice: stay in the US and make less profit (thus angering shareholders), or take jobs outside of the US (thus angering short-sighted liberals). That’s the problem with my state – CA. California has been increasing business taxes, as well as levying sanctions on businesses, and then doesn’t understand why those same businesses leave the state.

      • Sheila Thomas

        So you think the only alternative to $1000 garbage cans is plastic rubbermaid? You are an idiot. Common sense says that $1000 is too much for one garbage can and common sense says that you can come up with a “classy”, functional garbage can for far less that $1000. What is classy today, however, is to make the most from taxpayer money and not squander it. Politicians do not think in these terms and it will never happen in Pittsburgh. Democrats run the show here and it’s all about more and more taxes and spending your way into the hearts of all unions. People in Pittsburgh are too stupid to realize that unions want your money in their pockets. Period. The teachers say they just want to teach–but will strike if they have to pay an extra $10 a month for their own health care. Bus drivers say they are worried about poor people not being able to get to work without buses, but their nonsustainable wages have ruined the bus system and will strike before they will ever give up the cadillac health plans that most people will never know. You better believe Ravenstahl gave that garbage contract to a buddy. He is as rotten to the core as Rendell and as arrogant. Wake up people!

  • Daniel

    The city cannot fund it’s pension plan and we have large potholes and city leaders spend a quarter of a million dollars on garbage cans? Totally stupid if you ask me.

  • kristy

    i’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to disappear. with everything else that the mioney could have been spent on – expensive garbabe cans?! come on. there are idiotic people running this city, huh? “city of champs?” how about “city of chumps.”

  • Doug

    How can a garbage can be worth $1500? Someone got taken to the cleaners!

    • Mister Byz

      ***How can a garbage can be worth $1500?***

      It all depends on who you buy it from. Special friends of special people get to charge special prices. Here’s a question — did they ever exist AT ALL? Or were they “bought” on paper but never actually purchased?

      • Andrew P.

        Uh, they probably existed. I mean, it’s a public trash can. That’s a rather common occurrence in major cities. But I do see your point..

  • Chris

    ummm seeing how iron is currently 225-400 dollars a GROSS TON in Pittsburgh i dont think these reports understand math… or those are some super heavy trashcans if they are going for 1.5-2k a pop

    • Bill Slugg

      That was 1.5-2k for the mess of them that was missing I believe.

  • amazed at the idiots

    I am amazed that everyone in the news clip is completely clueless about real life, shocked that people steal, shocked that someone would take something of value off the street and sell. I’m always shocked at the stupidity of people in government and their lack of real understanding of how the world works.

  • lunkhead57

    Let’s face it…TV Deuce and the PG are the company mouthpieces for the city of Pittsburgh. Amazing that this would make the Deuce at all. Nitwits run the city and vapid nitwits report upon the city.

  • john

    Ferber thinks it’s odd. Really? Is she from another planet? Wake up, girl!

  • john garbageo

    If I could get 2k for a can Id take one too To pay 500 for one in the first place, must be union made!!!!!!!

    • TedN

      You are correct, but there is more. I manufacture pumps for municipalities. The cost is high because the contract by the city dictates how its made. Therefore, no Home Depot can will work. Example:
      I.E. Must be made of solid iron/ forged steel. Must me made of USA sourced materials (this is a govt requirement if funded by Fed dollars). Must be assembled or welded by Union labor (local usually dictated). Must be finished (painted) in 50 year rated coating.

  • nostromo

    I live in Western PA close to Pgh. and I can tell you the dumbest Democrats of earth run this area. They are nothing but thugs who steal elections and hire their relatives for government jobs.

    • Fun Damental

      It’s the Chicago way … and the Detroit way. Pittsburgh will look like “Detroilet” soon enough … garbage everywhere and no place to put it. Taking America apart piece by piece ~ slowly and surely until there will be no more great American cities, just huge open sewers. Time to wake up folks.

  • J

    Aren’t there trash cans made out of concrete? Those would be hard to steal…but I guess those are not aesthetically appealing and wouldn’t be a talking point the next election. “City Beautification Project Champion…vote for me”

    • Karl

      There are a dozen of them surrounding every McDonald’s. They never get stolen and, while not the high style of wrought iron, they are not eyesores.

  • ben

    Where was Ben Rapelisberger?

  • Obama69Michelle


    1100 for a glorified trash can? More corruption about to be uncovered I think. What a bunch of losers.

  • Crunch

    Union made with Union Math. Your right they probably never existed, were never really made and only exist in union and politician wallets.

  • Mitch Rapp

    Yep, let’s go broke buyiing garbage cans!
    Put a sign on the rist Good for 2500.00 at the salvage yard
    get the welfare recipients to bag the garbage to collect their checks

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

  • Rob Freeman

    OMG, can our f’in public workers/politicians get any more stupid?????? They paid $1000????? JAIL!!!


    Someone is definitely missing the boat here. The city pays $1000 per can and the cans can be sold for $1500 to $2000. Some smart city employee needs to start buying them and then selling them. Don’t waste money handing them to the tax payers. What a terrific money maker with little overhead.

    • Steve

      You missed the boat…the cans (plural) can be sold for a total of $1500 to $2000 dollars, not individually.

  • True2thereplublic

    Peggy Ferber sounds like Col. Jessep: from ” A Few Good Men”

    I Quote: “I mean, we need those cans. We paid for those cans.”

    For Pete sakes Pittsburgh is not Beverly Hills

  • bryan

    Doesn’t seem like a very good return if they bought them only 2 years ago for 5 times what they’re worth.

  • Bill Slugg

    pack it in, pack it out

  • Bill Slugg

    Spend the money on remotely activated 50 cal machine guns that have radar that can identify litter floating to the ground. You probably won’t even have to kill one single guy, just get rid of the trash cans, clean the area once and the publicity alone would render the entire area spotless forever. Plus I think we should outsource the coding to Pakistan.

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