Hhgregg Stores Take Different Approach To Customer Service

NORTH FAYETTE (KDKA) — They call it a soft open. For a few days now, hhgregg’s four local stores opened for business with little fanfare.

With locations in Wilkins Township, Cranberry, Pleasant Hills and North Fayette, the company is banking on filling the gap left by Circuit City and giving Best Buy some competition.

“Over 400 appliances on display, 110 TVs – we have everything the customer needs,” said Todd Young, an hhgregg sales manager.

Product selection is pretty much the same as the competition – appliances, TVs, DVD players and cameras, but one interesting item is mattresses. Consumers will also notice that hhgregg takes a different approach to customer service.

Unlike Best Buy, its sales staff works on commission, but they say that’s incentive to provide good service and an advantage for customers.

“It’s going to be shock when we greet them and we give them our name. We make it very personal,” said Young. “We do all of their comparison shopping; we take them to the Internet to show them we’re the lowest price in town, and if we’re not, we make sure we are.”

So, KDKA’s Jim Lokay picked a few items out, and did some comparisons.

A Hoover SteamVac is on sale for $158.99 at hhgregg. But Best Buy has it for $175.99. A Sony Bravia 46-inch LCD TV goes for $854.87 at hhgregg, compared to $879.96 at Highway Appliance in Elco, and $898.99 at Best Buy.

A Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player is $189.99 at hhgregg, but lower at Best Buy at $175.99.

Also, a Whirlpool WFG23 range is $598.22 at hhgregg, but almost $50 less, $552.49 at Best Buy. But like most retailers, they’ll often honor the competition’s prices and then some.

“We match it and beat it by 10 percent,” said Young.

Three of the locations were home to long-gone retailers Circuit City and CompUSA, but Young says unlike those former rivals, they’re here to say.

“Been in business since ’55; we’ve grown tremendously. We’re debt-free, and we’re excited about that,” Young added.

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One Comment

  1. Dave says:

    i was followed out the whole store buy an employee.i felt uncomfortible.I wont go back in there

    1. local says:

      like shopping for a car

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Customer service?? What’s that?? I used to deal with Best Buy…Will never step foot in another one of their stores!

    1. local says:

      and you made that store very happy

  3. Mike says:

    Be prepared to be badgered by sales people the entire time you’re in the store. I mean TOTALLY hounded. I used to live in the DC area and it’s the same thing at stores there. Relentless overbearing sales people are the policy of this company. Extremely annoying.

  4. Daniel says:

    I hate Best Buy’s policy of being asked to show your receipt when you leave. You pay, walk from the register to the door without any stops. Then they have the nerve to say “It is for your own protection”. Yea right. I will never shop at Best Buy again in life. How many times have you been to Best Buy and could never find a competent sales person? I do not like being hounded but some help is appreciated.

  5. best buy sucks says:

    buy.com is my place of choice!

  6. Sam says:

    Shopping at BestBuy is like doing ANYTHING you hate. You even look in the direction of an employee and they can’t run the other way fast enough. If you are unlucky enough to lasso one, they don’t know 1 intelligent thing to say in regards to what you just asked them. Asking to see the receipt on the way out the door is insult to the injury you just incurred while shopping there. It is NOT for your own protection! BS! If you want to really raise your blood pressure and get even MORE annoyed w/BestBuy, then just try returning something, especially in the time frame and with the receipt. They will send you off the deep end. It is easier to get rid of someone hounding you than to chase down someone for help. At least the “hounders” are making an effort, even if over the top, to make a living. Give them some credit. You don’t have to look too far for them even if you chase them away.

    1. local says:

      You are more than lokely one of those customers who wanted it yesterday and for free to boot. Some people like yourself just go thru life as a miserable person and cause grief for whomever they copme in contact with.

  7. Mary says:

    Best Buy will lie to you to sell their Geek Squad service. I’ve had them tell me that I needed to pay an extra $60 to have the Geek Squad produce backup discs for a laptop I was looking at. I told the salesman that was not true, it would prompt me to do it when I turned it on. He claimed HP no longer allowed you to make your own discs and it would be $60 FOR THE Geek Squad to make them. I left and bought it elsewhere, saved $100 on the price and made my own discs as I said I could. Hhgregg claims paying salespeople a commission makes it personal. It just makes the salespeople harass you. They’re not interested in you as a person, they’re looking at you as a dollar sign since closing the sale with you means more money in their pocket. It’s all a big game.

  8. biff biffington says:

    Hmmm. Need to get some HHGregg employee clothes. So I can sneak in and shop undetected. Probably should get some infrared goggles too..just in case.

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Lol I may have to steal that approach. (;

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