WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — They go out in their emergency vehicles every day to save lives, but Thursday morning, two paramedics came close to losing their lives on a call in Wilkinsburg.

Paramedics from Eastern Area Pre-Hospital service in Turtle Creek went to an apartment at 1778 McNary Boulevard around 4 a.m.

Trouble is they went to the wrong apartment. A resident on the third floor made the 911 call, but somehow the two paramedics went to a first floor apartment. When they got no answer, they were told by the building caretaker that it was ok to break in.

When they did that, the 85-year-old man living there woke up, thought he was being robbed and came out of his bedroom with his .32 caliber gun in hand. He fired a warning shot in the ceiling. One paramedic dropped to the floor, the other one ran out of the apartment.

The 85-year-old, who did not want his face shown or name mentioned told Brenda Waters: “I always keep my gun beside me under the pillow.”

He said the paramedics never identified themselves until he began shooting. Brenda asked if he is hard of hearing and perhaps did not hear them. He said he does not have a hearing problem.

“I could have killed somebody,” he said. “I didn’t want to do that.”

Wilkinsburg police say no charges will be filed against the elderly man.

Meantime, the man on the third floor who initially called 911 was eventually taken to the hospital. Now, the ambulance service is trying to figure out how the paramedics ended up at the wrong apartment.

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