2 Injured In Motorcycle Crash On I-79

NEVILLE ISLAND (KDKA) — Two people were injured in a motorcycle accident on Interstate 79.

The crash happened on southbound I-79 near the Neville Island exit Friday afternoon. The victims were taken to Allegheny General Hospital.

Crews have cleared the accident scene.

It’s not clear if weather played a role in the crash.

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One Comment

  1. Matt Michenzi says:

    I was a witness to this accident and can say that weather was not a factor. The accident stemmed from the operator of the motorcycle not being able to handle the trailer he was towing. The trailer began to sway side to side indicating it was rolling faster than the motorcycle. If you apply brakes when this happens it only exagerates the problem and it’s best described as the trailer attempts to pass the motorcycle and can’t, but it pivots back and forth at the hitch untill either the bike gets yanked out of control or the rider increases the throttle to actually start towing the trailer again and then slowly decellerate once the two are going at the same speed. Call me if you need this clarified.

    1. Audra Burchfield says:

      Witnessing something and being involved are two different things. Perhaps you shouldn’t comment on all things without all of the facts.

    2. Karen Cromley says:

      Well, I just got the news from the trooper. He said the trailer became disconnected from the bike. It was locked to the bike, he had the right ball and connection but somehow it became disconnected and the tongue dug into the pavement and that’s what caused the accident. So the trailer going faster than the bike is wrong it was dragging and digging into the pavement. So there it’s clarified!!!

  2. Jeremy Cromley says:

    no matter how it happened i have been pulling trailers for years with a truck and i know how they act! He has been riding bike and been pulling a trailer for longer than i can remember ! and i have also rode that bike and pulled that trailer with it and it is not always as easy to just roll the throttle to fix the problem on a bike there are other factors that play! im sure to say he had no other choice but what he did and now that its over we are all just glad that hes ok!!

    1. Matt says:

      You are absolutely right and I apologize to all for my hasty response the other day. I too got the full report from the State Police and he explained how far the marks were from where I saw the rider leave the road. It made sense as the bike was going slightly upgrade I have been riding for 32 years but have never pulled a bike trailer, so I would not know the characteristics of that setup and know that he did everything in his power to control a trailer hanging by safety chains.

      It was pretty violent accident and they are lucky it wasn’t a lot worse. Again I sincerely apologize to all involved and wish the two riders a speedy recovery.

      1. Karen Cromley says:

        I just wanted to thank you for being a witness. After everything we all realize you could be right. We spoke to the trooper again and after seeing the trailer and bike, the trailer did not separate from the bike to cause the accident. As for speeding up to fix the problem it happened so fast he said he didn’t have any time to react because the front of the bike was already out of control. We really appreciate your input, Thank you!

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