Consumer Reports Tests Grills, Barbeque Sauces

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — No Memorial Day weekend celebration is complete without a cookout, but just any grill won’t do.

Consumer Reports tested 70 gas grills to find the best without burning a hole in your wallet.

Steaks were seared at a high temperature to check for flare ups. Those with grates closer to the heat source were likely to flare most often.

Salmon and chicken were used for low temperature grilling.

“We also look at a grill’s ability to cook indirectly,” said Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman. “That’s because more people are slow grilling foods like whole roasts and whole chickens.”

Consumer Reports found the new infrared burners aren’t any better than standard burners and some get too hot and will burn your food. The best grates are made from cast-iron or stainless steel.

So, which grill made its mark? The Aussie Vantage Series 67C3 is a best buy at $250, but for a bigger bash, check out the Brinkman 810-1575W.

After you get the right grill, you have to add some spice to your food.

“The sauce is what really brings out the flavor,” said Chef Bosora, a professional rib cooker. “That’s really the key ingredient to barbecuing anything.”

Consumer Reports tested 10 sauces and found that most improved when cooked with meat.

One of the best was Target’s Archer Farms Texas-Style Barbecue Sauce.

“The Archer Farms sauce was spicy and smoky with lingering heat and a splash of cider vinegar,” said Ellen Klosz, of Consumer Reports. “It worked well as a dip and in cooking.”

For a thicker sauce, try Walmart’s Great Value Original Barbecue Sauce. It’s not only tasty; it is the least expensive of the group.

Emeril’s Bam! B-Q and KC Masterpiece Original were also among the best.

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  1. LadyGooGoo says:

    How about baked beans?


  2. JIM WALSH says:

    What about BBQ STU’S BBQ Sauce… THE BEST !!!!!!!

  3. Christine Gold Struniak says:

    I was hoping for reviews on charcoal grills too, or dual-fuel grills, ones that are half propane/half charcoal.

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