Children’s Hospital Doctors Victims Of Hit-And-Run

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Two doctors from Children’s Hospital were injured in a hit-and-run accident in Highland Park.

The accident happened when a group of three cyclists around 7:45 a.m. Monday on Washington Boulevard.

Bob Henke was the only one out of the group not hit.

“Some car came around behind another car and passed them, took a right and took out the front wheel of the lead rider, consequently taking out the second guy,” he said.

Henke says the accident didn’t have to happen.

“It’s just a driver in a hurry,” he added. “He had to go around two other cars and three cyclists to try and turn into a place he had no business trying to get to.”

Dr. Jonathan Finder, Children’s Hospital pulmonologist, has a broken jaw and a concussion. Dr. Robert Noll, a PhD researcher at Children’s Hospital, has a broken pelvis, broken bones and other internal injuries.

Pittsburgh Police say they want to hear from anyone who witnessed the accident. The car who hit the doctors is believed to be a gold sedan that has some front end damage.

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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    I do believe this is a shame and should not have happened. Pittsburgh streets are not very bike friendly. Even at time where there are bike paths for bikes I have seen cyclists stay on the road rather than use the paths. Also if you are going to use the roads you should obey the laws, like stopping for lights and obeying “no turn on red” signs. Cyclists should also realize they, ultimately, are responsible for their own safety.

    1. James Keller says:

      Bicycles have every right to use the road, most drivers are ignorant of the vehicle code and their responsiblity to share the road safely. Driving a 3000lb vehicle you are more responsible for the safety of pedestrians and cyclist that surround you. Aggresive driving by motorist seems to be the culprit here not the cyclist fault. Streets are not friendly or unfreindly, drivers are too aggresive or distracted and the cyclist and pedestrians pay the higher price.

    2. Nikki says:

      Mr Duttine,
      If you knew more about cycling you’d realize that not all bikes are made for paths and most of the paths around Pittsburgh are not made for road bikes. As a person that drives a vehicle you should be more observant of cyclists on the road. It is illegal for cyclists to ride on sidewalks and legally, as a car, you must give us 3 feet of room. There are plenty of people out there that find it amusing to fly by a cyclists without moving over. So, I’m sorry, but everyone that feels the way you do needs to slow down and wait the extra 10 seconds that it will take for you to have an opening to safely pass people. Being a minute late for work is really not worth risking someones life.

      1. PORKY CHEDWICK says:


      2. Nikki says:

        Hey Porky,
        Your comment just showed how very ignorant you are. And judging by your name I’m gonna hypothesize that you don’t work out. I am very observeant when I ride and I obey traffic laws so I’m very sorry that you are think it’s perfectly acceptable to hit someone and drive off, but maybe you should start taking responsibility for your actions. Last time I checked, I pay taxes just like you so my answer to your question would be that I pay the same amount as you….only difference when I ride my bike I don’t pollute the environment and I get exercise…may you should try that sometime. For now try reading a book to help rid the world of your ignorance, jerk.

  2. Cool Cat says:

    At least they live for another day.

  3. Rob says:

    Everyone, drivers and cyclists alike, are responsible for sharing the road and doing their best to ensure the safety of themselves as well as those around them. Cyclists have the right to the road at all times in all places (with the exception of highways). Paths can only get you so far and are often shared with pedestrians.

  4. Thomas J Duttine says:

    I read that the truck right turned in front of them. So they would have had very little time to react. I do hope they find this driver. I also hope that ALL people read this and remember to be careful!

  5. Jack says:

    Most cyclists understand the laws; many drivers do not. Drivers need to respect cyclists.
    The “hit and run” aspect to this case is another issue. Criminal behavior by the driver!

    1. Hoss says:

      Negative, Jack. Many cyclists ride in such a manner that proves they do not understand or obey the rules they are supposed to follow. Cyclists, by law, are considered vehicles when on the road. Just as much as a car or truck is considered a vehicle. As such, they are supposed to stop at stop signs, not blow through red lights, follow turn lane signs, etc. Lance Armstrong wannabes who do not follow the rules of the road jeopardize their safety, and the safety of others.

      1. Thomas J Duttine says:


      2. MBP says:

        Negative, Hoss. Many motorists drive in such a manner that proves they do not understand or obey the rules they are supposed to follow. Motorists, by law, are considered vehicles when on the road. Just as much as a bicycle or Amish buggy is considered a vehicle. As such, they are supposed to stop at stop signs, not blow through red lights, follow turn lane signs, etc. Etc. including not hitting other road users, and if they do hit someone, not fleeing from the scene. Mario Andretti wannabes who do not follow the rules of the road jeopardize their safety, and the safety of others.

  6. Mary says:

    Let’s just hope that the child of the driver doesn’t end up in Children’s needing the help of one of the physicians he put in the hospital.

  7. Angel says:

    I will pray for the doctors fast recovery. It is a shame that no one has patience. If you are running late already what the heck is another five minutes. Now these poor doctors that are saving our children lives are now in the hospital. As the gas price remain high there are going to be more people with their bikes on the roads. Several states already have a small portion of the road just for them (bike lane only). I wish Pittsburgh can take that into concideration with PennDot. I would love to ride a bike to work but idiots on the road make me scared.

  8. Rachel says:

    I have witnessed numeous bike riders who have total disregard for the rules of the road. They are always going through red lights and do not stop at stop signs. It is very frustrating to be driving a car behind them when they will not move over, especially down the hilly streets of Larenceville. What is the big attraction about driving a bike on the dangerous and congested streets of Pittsburgh? It must be some kind of thrill that escapes the rest of us. If riding a bike is such a passion, why don’t you take it to North Park where the speed limit is 25 mph and there is a designated bike lane? I guess that would take too much “common sense” to think that way.,

    1. KG says:

      There are a lot of cyclists who disregard traffic laws, knowingly or unknowingly. The same can be said for drivers. Down the hilly streets of Lawrenceville (and all over Pittsburgh), a cyclist can easily go over 25 mph–the speed limit. If that’s the case with the people you want to pass, you should slow down.

  9. sharon says:

    Someday we’ll look back and say what where they thinking attempting to have bikes and cars share the road. Just like when smoking was acceptable. I personnally think it’s ridiculous as bikes provide a driving hazard on the roads.

  10. Nikki says:

    This comment like many others is absolutely disgusting. Someone is hurt because a drive was in such a rush that they decided to fly around cars, hit a cyclist which caused a collision, and all you can say about this is “brain dead idiot”. Rididng on Washington Blvd is bad, it’s drivers that are in such a rush that they can’t wait 10 seconds and need to rush. You, sir, must be the idiot for tihnking this way. It’s quite a shame and I pray you’re never in this situation and if you are people act more humane than you did.

  11. ken adams says:

    @cbs4game and others… you must be the brain dead idiot to leave a comment like that. you must be a cowardly @#%hole too. to rush past 3 bikers and another car then cut them off – that’s called illegal. and gutless to run away – real big of them.

    i don’t ride competitively or on the road, but there is no reason not to treat them like other cars – in this situation they were on the road and just trying to make a normal turn any other car would be entitled too.

    also goes to show you, you don’t need to have any common sense to post idiotic comments like these either.

    1. dr michael says:

      I agree, an act of a coward to hit an innocent biker and leave the scene. You reap what you sow.

  12. ken adams says:

    @ sharon – excellent analogy – comparing smoking – something that directly causes the deaths of thousands of people and lets rich tobacco companies get richer – to this event. wow, how ridiculous – barely worth the minute it took me to type this. you must be an impatient driver too.

  13. ken adams says:

    you are an absolute moron and must be a complete coward too like this person who hit them and didn’t even stop.

    you also don’t need any common sense to leave idiotic comments like yours. what’s your idea of exercise? stressing your brain by doing grade school math?

  14. Sharon says:

    Thank you – it was a great analogy. The point was that there was a time when smoking was acceptable and no one thought about the health implications. Just like now when some of you have the expectation riding a bike on major roadways is ok and that the no one will get hurt. That’s what I call ridiculous. We teach our children not to ride their bikes on the streets so they don’t get hurt. Oh, let me guess…you must be a biker rider?

    1. ken adams says:

      No I don’t ride much at all. There is no reason competitive road cyclists can’t be on the roads with cars and expect to be safe. Is it a little dangerous?.. maybe, but so is driving a car or running or potentially anything we do. What’s sad is that disillusioned people like you have cynical attitudes and say things like this. If we were all patient and courteous, it wouldn’t be an issue. Just cause we drive a car on the road doesn’t mean we own the road. And I see plenty of kids riding bikes around neighborhoods with helmets and with their parents watching, yes it is not raod cycling, but there is a middle ground and I wouldn’t think anyone would say if they were driving through a residential neighborhood – “Wow, how dare these 10 years olds be riiding their bikes a mile down the road in the street to go to a friends or whatever.” That would be ridiculous.

      1. sharon says:

        End of conversation, you’re too judgmental for me.

    2. ken admas says:

      I am so sorry that the facts got in the way of your argument.

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