Parking Authority To Raise Meter Rates In Popular Neighborhoods

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Beginning on Wednesday, the cost of parking at a meter in the City of Pittsburgh is about to go up.

What used to cost $2 in downtown Pittsburgh will become $3 and that’s just one of several changes. On the South Side, Oakland and the North Shore, the rate will double.

City Council approved the increase in December and the Parking Authority will vote on it at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.

After that, the city will begin programming its meters to accommodate the increases.

The additional revenue is expected to help offset the ailing pension fund, but it’s not clear exactly how much that will be.

In addition, the Parking Authority is expected to approve adding additional hours of parking in enforcement in the same key areas, such as Oakland, Shadyside, North Side and South Side.

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One Comment

  1. critter says:

    A 6-year-old unsupervised boy, playing in the Arlington Heights section of the city, was hit by a vehicle just before 6 p.m. Monday.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      This surprizes you??

  2. redrock100 says:

    Democrats at their finest

    1. mary says:

      I hate to tell you it is not just the Democrats, REPUBLICANS TOO.

  3. Thanks ( c ) says:

    Thanks Tom Murphy ( c ) thats where this all started years ago.

  4. Baker6 says:

    where was daddy?

  5. Cleanstreet says:

    I live in one of these neighborhoods. I think there is more money to be made from enforcement rather than from raising rates (although I’m not opposed to the rate increase). Drive through my neighborhood and see cars parked on top of stop signs and fire hydrants, blocking crosswalks and driveways, etc. Just enforce the laws that exist. And while I’m complaining, has anyone else noticed that there seems to be more clogged storm drains than usual? I know it’s been a rainy spring but do you think it’s because Luke’s cronies sweep the streets so infrequently?

  6. lol says:

    AInt it nice the working class has to work more to pay off the Pension funds for Politicians and other buraucrats whenever we cant afford to retire ourselves?

    Across the US its the same mantra our Politicians want to rob us, and bail out their rich buddies so that they dont have to lose their billion dollar Rockstar Lifestyle, while they tell the rest of us were in a recession and we have a deficit.

    Wonder why we have a deficit? These crooks blew our money, looted social security, now they want us to pay for THEIR pensions.

    This parking fraud is just a microcosm of that rob the middle class mentality.

  7. paul moschetta says:

    Speaking of Pension funds and politicians, if this country, was that intent on finding revenue and reducing our debt, why don’t politicians contribute to their own health care and retirement, like middle America has to do? Do people realize that our legislative level of government, pays absolutely nothing for healthcare nor contributes anything towards their retirement? Middle Class America, those who pay the majority of our taxes in revenue, continuously struggle while the rich become richer and the politicans get over.

  8. 1-2-3 says:

    This is going to hurt business inthese areas, the meter police will be out in full force preying on those that don’t have pockets of change in their pockets. All to pay the high pensions on our corrupt city government and unions.I’ll shop at the malls with free parking.

  9. Daniel says:

    You need to understand that the politicians blew the city employees money who have paid into this fund for decades with not one cent in interest. The pension’s that these people will receive are not free. If you had worked for 25 years and paid an average of $175.00 out of your wages every two weeks into a pension fund would you not expect it to be there when you retire? Tom Murphy started this downward spiral and now Mayor Luke has to fix it. They should have leased the parking garages like he wanted to but council had a “better” idea and this is it. The fund has to have an injection of well over 100 million dollars by September 1st by the way or the state will still do a take over.

    1. No lie says:

      You paid $ 114K into the fund, what are your yearly benefits ?

      1. Daniel says:

        Nothing until I reach age 50 and can retire….still paying in. Why do people not want others to have a good retirement? People say “my company does not do that for me?” Then perhaps the employees of these companies should become unionized and get a good retirement plan….And the yearly benefit is based on the final year of service.

  10. One small voice says:

    The Parking Garages belong to the people of Pittsburgh .They are not for the discretion of a few to pay out Pensions. What next, a parkway toll road to pay excessive pensions.

    1. Daniel says:

      You are right the parking garages do belong to the citizens. And the citizens elected the politicians to represent them who increased the rates. And who is responsible for paying for police and fire protection? And medics? The citizens. With that responsibility comes salaries, pensions and benefits which by the way have become much less attractive the past few years. An $800 dental bill which the insurance only covers $123.00 and no the dental insurance is not free. And the loss of disability insurance for the police? Would love to see the citizens complain about that.

  11. A Good Cop says:

    And by the way the City of Pittsburgh police are not covered by Social Security. So your tax dollars will not be spent to pay those benefits. The pension is all they have. And they have paid for it already before they collect. People complain that crime is up but do not want a well paid and highly trained police force. If most citizens knew how many police were actually on patrol they would cringe. Is that the fault of the police? No. The fault of the citizens? No….the fault lies with City Council and The Mayor.

  12. john says:

    why not punish the commuters they have no choice but to drive in or take the bus which takes three times as long.

  13. JustSaying says:

    So, they’re going to pay me 3.00 per hour to park downtown $hitsburgh? Oh wait, they’re going to CHARGE me 3.00 per hour to park downtown??? Bwaaa Haaa! Glad I don’t go into the city, that’s like overpaying for a meal you know is going to be horrible!

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