Open Hydrant Causes Landslide In Homewood

HOMEWOOD (KDKA) – People in one Pittsburgh neighborhood opened a fire hydrant to keep cool on Monday, which caused a landslide and knocked out power.

According to firefighters, people on Brushton Avenue in Homewood left the hydrant open for several hours.

The water saturated the hillside and caused it to give way.

A fence that once ran along the sidewalk is now about 10 feet below it.

A tree fell into power lines, which knocked out power to nearby homes.

Several traffic lights on Frankstown Avenue were also affected and showed green in all directions.

Mohler Street below the slide is currently closed.


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One Comment

  1. Dena K says:

    I thought only firefighters could open hydrants?

    1. Truth! says:

      Nope. All you need is a wrench.

      1. Donna says:

        maybe this winter the “good” people of homewood will set some public structures on fire to stay warm…this seems to be the trend !

    2. Andy says:

      Once they use a pipe wrench on the hydrant the tool the firefighters use to open it won’t work. That hydrant will need repaired. At taxpayer expense..

      1. postman says:

        This firefighter knows what you’re talking about. Fire hydrants use a special wrench. However, our wrenches will work just fine after they’ve been opened with a pipe wrench but might require a little tap from a hammer. …not a big deal.

      2. Dan says:

        And you wonder why the police dont want to go out there and deal with these people? Jordan Miles probably opened the hydrant !

      3. Vern Henry says:

        Any large open end adjustable wrench will work.

  2. JParker says:

    Where do they think they are Brooklyn? G-H-E-T-T-O

    1. Danielle says:

      Brooklyn isn’t a G-H_E-T-T-O.

      1. Gomalio Fung says:

        The HELL you say??

      2. guest says:

        by every standard, brooklyn is a g-h-e-t-t-o

  3. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Now not only do taxpayers pay for housing and everything else NOW we have to pay to repair this….The clown that opened it should be fined…BUT no one saw ANYTHING!!!!

  4. Truth! says:

    Easy fix to that problem… SHUT OFF THE WATER!

  5. Hoss says:

    Brilliant! Open a hydrant to cool off. Which leads to a landslide. Which leads to the power being knocked out. No fans, no refrigerators, no freezers. Nicely done, citizens of Homewood

  6. MsCynic says:

    Idiots, causing problems. Use your garden hose to cool the brats off – Oh, wait, then YOU would have to pay for the water!!! Selfish inconsiderate idiots!! Someone needs to pay for this who was involved in this!

  7. Karma says:

    Well maybe if our tax dollars were used to keep our city pools open insteadof building random stadiums for teams who only win at having the best logo in the league then people would have other means of cooling down.

    1. u9 says:

      dont destroy the existing pools that was paid by tax payers for homewood who 4% of the population has a job.

    2. phillysmart says:

      hey Karma you obviously were not raised in the city …first as a resident of a large city when my four kids needed cooling I skimped an dsaved to take them to the lake the ocean or a pool…second I don’t think its the taxpayers obligation to make sure minority kids are kept cool…maybe you like paying more taxes but I don’t …and last but not least, you assume these people can handle amenitioes like pools …news flash they can’t…they are uncivilized and ignorant sadly by the legacy handed down by their parents

  8. kristy says:

    it would’ve been good karma if they wasted all of the hydrant water and their homes caught on fire. these hoods should be held accountable and, at the very least, fined, but we know that won’t happen.

  9. Karma says:

    Its not at all surprising what some people would say anonymously but dare not say in an open forum. Everyone enjoy this beautiful day looks like it’ll be another scorcher

    1. winning-duhh says:

      Of course we wouldn’t say it in an open forum, we would get shot by an AK-47 that was stolen.

      1. Karma is a beehatch says:

        Or charged with a ‘hate’ crime for expresing opinion. Get real ‘Karma’ I bet you want to have card check also. Cant say anything about the ‘urban’ lifestyle and culture or your a racist, even if it is true! People like yourself who discourage open and honest debate are the problem. You poverty pimp.

    2. Gomalio Fung says:

      OK, Boy George. Are you a Karma Chameleon, like he is?

  10. benzoid says:

    To me it look like a leprechaun to me….

    1. iwantdagold says:

      EXCELLENT!!! -benzoid, tha says it all. Could be a crackhead….


      It’s Barry O’Bama, The Usurper-In-Chief

      1. seraphim0 says:

        And this had exactly WHAT to do with the article? Way to be an idiot…

  11. Dorian Redman says:

    The cloak of anonymity has made the racist tongues of the city bold. Kids do foolish things in every neighborhood, no need for mudslinging…..pun intended

    1. Taxpayer says:

      I call BS.

      I’ve never in my life seen a fire hydrant opened for anything but a fire in my white suburban neighborhoods.

      We’ve never had car jackings, the street lights aren’t shot out, no one robs the grocery store.

      And it’s not the white kids from the suburbs driving down to the ghetto committing all the crime.

    2. Andrew P. says:

      Not every neighborhood. Irvine, CA for example. Named by the FBI the “Safest City in America” SEVEN years in a row. I have never seen a fire hydrant opened in my city for anything other than fire dept training (I would say “…for anything but a fire”, but I haven’t personally seen a structure/vehicle fire in this city). It’s less about a person’s color or creed, and more about the way they view their role in society. Is that fire hydrant there for you to stay cool, or is it there to save lives and property? If you can’t stay cool, sit under a tree. There! Problem solved.

  12. Me says:

    I’m pretty sure it rains there? Maybe the fence should be buit correctly? Not to mention proper drainage on the street to suit.

    1. Zeke Blake says:

      There is a MAJOR difference to a massive storm which can put 1-2 inches an hour, and an open fire hydrant designed to pour how many GALLONS a second into an expectant fire hose to put out a fire?

    2. Andy says:

      That hydrant is built to put out over 2,000 gal per minute. That’s about 120,000 gal per hour. Article says it was open a few hours. I am surprised it did not do more damage. No fence, hillside, sidewalk or house could stand against that much force.

    3. moron, party of one says:

      Oh imagine that, it was someone else’s fault. In this case the people that built the fence did it wrong. Maybe someone should check out who “Me” is, they may have been the one who opened the hydrant. Hmmmmm……

    4. Laurant Guyotte says:

      Drainage from rain is different than a pressurized stream of water spraying in one area on a hillside. Can you imiaging the amount of rain it would take to equal the force and amount of water generated from a fire hydrant If they want accountability don’ fix anything until someone is arrested. There are laws about tampering with a fire hydrant because any open hydrant takes away the pressure of every other one creating the potential that the fire dept. may not have the water to fight a fire.

  13. asyn says:

    i see how all the surburban racists can make comments on a webpage….because you can avoid getting beat up…but you know all the white suburban drug addicts go straight to homewood to buy crack/heroin…so everyone is getting support, whether it’s welfare or a dope habit….instead of complaining about how your tax dollars are spent, which the lawmakers profit way more than the hood ever will, why dont you figure out a better solution….be a neighbor…help someone and try to make a difference…

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      What more do you want??

    2. i need hooked on phonics says:

      suburban racists but according to your post only whites do drugs. Hmmmm…who it the racist???? Nice grammar by the way, ever heard of capitilization??

    3. Laurant Guyotte says:

      So are you saying that all non white people are violent thugs who will beat you up if they disagree with what you say? Not only are you a racist toward the ” white suburban drug addicts” but you are a racist in generalizing that all non white residents of Homewood are radical violent gangsters. Pot calling the kettle black. Pun intended.

    4. phillysmart says:

      Beat up…is that your solution?…your just feeding the stereotype of violent anamilistic and ignorant behavior…maybe you should try making a difference …like teaching your kids to get educated and wealthy …like looking at reality and see why many people feel this way? …get a life man its in fronnt of you and like many blacks are afraid to see it…I’m beginning to think its genetic disposition

    5. Rick vonBerne says:

      So, that’s how Homewood deals with Freedom of Speech – beat those who say what you don’t like – even if it is the truth.
      You know the politicians are crooks and liars – they have been promising to make blacks equal by keeping them separate and beholdin’ to the massa – yet you vote for them and expect them to change something.
      Their welfare system broke up the nuclear family in the black community with home visits, to see that husbands/fathers were not living in the home, to qualify for benefits. Once massa made marriage and fidelity unnecessary, it heralded an age of half siblings with different fathers being cared for by single mothers.
      Of course drugs are being used to keep you in line. It keeps you stoned, so you can’t think things out. It occupies time – the junkie figuring where the next high will come from, the dealer worrying about the competition, the law, etc. It splits people into little groups. It yields great rewards that the youth are corrupted by.
      Gangs appeared to offer protection, but rivalry takes a heavier toll.
      The US Dept of Education released a report that showed a dropout rate of 50% in the inner-city high schools in major US cities. That’s the euphemism for black schools. They see dealers, rappers and sports figures make millions and figure they’ll be next.
      Even your own politicians use you to get elected and become part of the massa. Why should they help you? Then there would be no need for programs and entitlements and no need for them.
      Now, sir, the ball is in your court. Any change will have to come from within your community, because outsiders (particularly whites) perceived as ‘the enemy.’ That attitude is dangerous and an overreaction in one place could quickly spread across the country.
      1) vote out the phony politicians who are there to maintain the status quo.
      2) demand the legalization of drugs with the control to remain in the community, not the drug companies, as long as they remain in the community.
      3) promote education as necessary to work in the recreational drug trade.
      4) get the message into everyone’s head that our mutual survival depends on cooperation and trust.

      Without the guns needed to defend clandestine empires and gang turf, the streets will become infinitely safer. Legitimizing drugs will add millions to salaries and investments to the community, providing opportunities for new industries and more jobs. Employment could rise from today’s 4% to 50, 60 or 75% in just a few years. The young would see there was hope for them in the real change that was taking place around them and apply themselves.

      Or you can continue to nurture the slavery thing and blame everyone else, until a crowd/cop confrontation turns deadly and carefully edited video of the most inflammatory part of the incident goes viral. Are you ready for a civil war? That’s not the difference I want.

  14. William R. Smith says:

    are dey white folks? just curious….

    1. Nope says:

      hahahahahahahahaha…yeah right. Since all white people are rich they would have been at their lake home. hahahahahahahahaha…wait, I am white and I am not rich. What the he!! happened.

    2. Gomalio Fung says:

      No, dey not be what fowlk.

    3. bob yates says:

      Homewood is a predominantly African American neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, officially divided into three neighborhoods: Homewood North, Homewood South and Homewood West.

    4. bob yates says:

      everything dey touch dey destroy is right!
      imagine a world without dem.

  15. Joe Blow says:

    What’s a fire hydrant?

    1. Whoa is me says:

      Its a thing that shoots out water to cause landslides.

      1. jones says:


    2. Andrew P. says:

      Fire Hydrant: a small structure/device placed by those who pay taxes to allow those who don’t to cool off in the summer.

      1. kristy says:

        good one! hahahaha!!!!!

  16. kristy says:

    the bottom line is that this stunt is ILLEGAL. what if there would’ve been a fire and the hydrants were bone dry? quit making excuses for their irresponsible behavior. hook up a garden hose or sprinkler or stand in an ice-cold shower if you’re so dang hot.

    1. LA Tax payer says:

      >what if there would’ve been a fire and the hydrants were bone dry?<
      That happened during the 92 LA roits
      Soo many buildings a blaze there was no water to put them out
      Plus the fact those cry baby rioters were shooting the firemen

  17. LeRoy says:

    Has the entire country gone Ghetto?

    Rhetorical question, just saying.

  18. Registered User says:

    Homewood, sounds like a nice place to live.

  19. Mark Matis says:

    Just another bunch of Obamas doin’ their thang. What else would you expect?

    1. Where are the Obama bumper stickers? says:

      I would expect the deficit to go up, unemployment to stay steady and a bunch of liberals telling us everything is getting better. Oh wait, we already have that, never mind.

    2. Nunya says:

      If only they had just gotten all their well deserved Obama money, they would be fine. Remember social equality begins at their home at our expense. And for you race card players I mean poor and lazy vs working and proud, not black and white.

  20. ostlandr says:

    In civilized countries, the city/town/village attaches special sprinlkers to a few fire hydrants on scorching days. These limit the water use, but still keep the neighborhood kids cool and gives them something fun to do.

    1. phillysmart says:

      Or you can find a lake a pool or a garden hose….people have endured summer heat for many years without causing landslides

    2. Andrew P. says:

      you know what’s fun? playing in water provided at someone else’s expense.

      you know what’s NOT fun? watching your home burn to it’s foundation because other’s allowed their children to play in water provided at someone else’s expense.

      1. kristy says:

        these type of people don’t care. they’ll just get into another section 8 housing development that us “workin’ folk” provide them.

  21. Joefrompgh says:

    I am white, lived in a poor WHITE neighborhood 50 years ago and WE had the hydrant on EVERY DAY. How else does one cool off in the city??? Huh??? This racial stuff is what it is…. RACIST.

  22. Gemini/ Rochelle says:

    R u kidding me… you hateful hateful ppl, this wasn’t nothing but a child, and what in hell does that have to do with, crime or what we don’t deserve… DO NOT PLACE US ALL IN THE SAME BOAT. I am a working mom and have been over the last 24 years, living in Homewood, I have 5 children and 3 in college and two with full scholarships, 1 severing our country, so please don’t classify all of us in the same dam boat. Most of you are dam cowards to not include your dam name, and so dam petty, and so what some 1 spells something incorrectly, so what does that make you a better person. Wow ppl get a grip, ppl, steal commit crime and do drug everywhere… CBS should put you pp, on blast and let your co-workers, neighbors and etc, what type of ppl u really are…..

    1. phillysmart says:

      We are not placing all of you in the same boat…in fact I feel sorry for many good hard working minorities who are succeeding because they are dogged by the stigma of far to many who are uncivilized and ignorant. One thing you can do is stop making excuses and speak out against this type of freeloading. being poor is not a crime nor should it be an excuse

    2. Anon says:

      I Imagine Homewood could have used a dam

    3. kristy says:

      are YOU kidding ME?! “nothing but a child?!” no wonder kids today are the way that they are. no respect for people and property. maybe YOU condone this type of behavior by your youth, but ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. next time, this “child” will be dealing drugs and/or god knows what else, and you’ll STILL be defending him.

    4. xavier zelano says:

      we can’t put you all in the same boat… the boat is not big enough

      i am just kidding Rochelle!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, you sound like you are a good mother, and i agree this water hydrant mess is being treated as something far worse than it was…

  23. phillysmart says:

    If you read the news reports of this weekend you will see that “urban” people seem to be out of control all over the country. And I guess we are suppose to put up with it and opay for it because they are black? But Obama and Holder want to crack down on police abuse and civil rights violations? Imagine what it will be like then. thank god for the 2nd amendment because anarchy , chaos and civil war is inevitable if things don’t change quickly

  24. alrightythen says:

    So glad I eliminated all of Pennsylvania from the businesses I have opened. I would NOT have wanted to hire any of you evil, racist, hateful people. Your comments show why yuo lost the steel industry and all those jobs.

    1. TheTruth says:

      Wow, we feel hurt. Please tell us more about all of your successful business that you’ve opened. Thanks for the laugh.

  25. daryl d says:

    Can’t we just get along. Fat chance HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa

  26. baltimore aureole says:

    And you STILL doubt global warming? People in pittsburg have never been forced to illegally open fire hydrants until this point.

    1. Andrew P. says:

      did someone put a gun to a person’s head and demand that the fire hydrant is opened? No? Then how was it opened by “force”?

      You are trying to make an excuse. And yes, I still doubt the theory of global warming (mostly because it’s still just a theory).

  27. Dave says:

    No one was “forced” to do anything. Someone took it upon themselves to open the hydrant. I grew up in the city without air conditioning or a community pool, and I never would have thought to vandalize property that wasn’t mine. We used our hoses if it was that bad. Regarding global warming, obviously, you haven’t been in Pittsburgh the past two winters; otherwise, you know that we have had excessive snowfall and cold temperatures. So much for that fallacy.

  28. Shaniqua jones says:

    Wat? Da welfeer don’t pay fo no ear condishinning?

    1. Andrew P. says:

      Nope, only 20in rims (but apparently only 3 of them), and plasma TVs. What doesn’t it pay for? Childcare and household cooling. So obviously, they need to up the welfare checks.

      1. kristy says:

        it also pays for cell phones.

  29. critter says:


  30. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Now that the hydrant has been locked, residents are complaining that this was a popular place to watch fireworks on the fourth. Now they don’t know how this will hurt that…..I don’t believe this person actually said that!!!

  31. MustafaJohnson says:

    I want to stop stereotyping but these people and their actions make it impossible. The reason stereotypes honk people off is because most of the time they are accurate.
    Trouble with the entitled groups today is they think it’s their right to open hydrants or take grocery carts home. It’s all about the entitlement mindset.

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