Should Palin Run For President?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Terry Madonna, political science professor at Franklin and Marshall, joined KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino to discuss whether or not Sarah Palin should run for President in 2012.

Madonna doesn’t believe that Palin will.

What do you think ?

Listen in to Robert Mangino and Terry Madonna.

  • joefrompgh

    I hope she runs and gets the Republican nomination. That would be the grand prize for a party that is so out of touch with the people. We need to stop their re-socialization of America to the middle ages. Bring her on; we Democrats are ready!

    • James Gurksnis

      by that are you talking about the GOP? I think if she runs, Obama will prevail mightily.

      • joefrompgh

        You betcha!

      • Tired of Obama

        ANYONE IS BETTER THAN OBAMA !!!!!!! Let’s Pray to God we get a Republican!

  • johnny

    yes yes yes I think she should run it will be great entertainment seeing her yet again make a total fool of herself as she seems to be good at it run sarah run!!!

  • V Schmitt

    Caribou Barbie rounds out the GOP clown list of candidates perfectly. Im sure the terrorists are hoping she runs too.

    • The Holy Blowfish

      Couldn’t agree more…..Looks like a 3 ring circus……Should she run ???…..Hmmmmmmm,Should I play in traffic ?…Should mice befriend cats ?,Should one drink gasoline ?…….NO !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freddy

    Yes . That way when she wins she will quit halfway through her term like she did with her last job. What was her logic again she could do more for America without her title as governor ? But she really just wanted to cash in.

  • John

    Much better than the dope we have in office now. Palin 2012!

  • kristy


  • Freddy

    Honestly all jokes aside I don’t understand why anyone would want the job . Regardless of who is in office they can never do anything right to make anyone happy . The democrats and the republicans never agree on anything . The pay is lousy . Its a no win situation for whoever takes the job.

  • Duigi

    If she get s the republican nomination I will vote for her although I don’t believe she’s running. Sarah is doing a great job doing what she’s doing now and getting the lib’s all excited wondering what she’s doing.
    She’s too smart to run and deal with the abuse. As Johhny said above, about making a fool of herself when in reality the left will try to make her look like a fool but giving her former running mate ‘do nothing Joe’ a pass enery time he opens his mouth and inserts foot.

    • Freddy

      What exactly is she doing now besides cashing in with her books putting peoples pictures on her website with a bullseye on them and 5 minutes after any democrat says anything she spins it as a negative? She may represent your America but not mine.

  • GJD


  • Noname please

    Funny how the incompetent libs are calling Palin stupid! She is infinently smarter and more sophisticated than Obama! Talk about a fool, he’s a national embarrassment not to mention an arrogant, loser who has no previous accomplishments to speak of. For those of you who voted for him to prove you’re not racist, vote him out to prove you’re not stupid!

    • JoeFromPGH

      He’s hardly an embarrassment. And I’m not stupid. Maybe if those who hate Obama would open up their eyes, they will see someone who has done a great job in a sea of turbulence.

    • Beyond Borderline Idiot

      Well said Noname , but you have to understand that libs like Joe are too much of a borderline idiot to realize how stupid they are.

  • T FalconVegas

    I trust Sarah Palin

  • jimmy

    this chick is hot.

  • JustSaying

    I’m a republican and I hope she doesn’t run. She would be a very poor choice, one that I could never vote for in good conscience. Her track record shows she is a quitter, especially when the heat gets turned up. As to the difference between the republican and democratic parties, democrats think the government should provide a handout whereas the republicans think it’s more about providing a hand up!

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